Monday, March 8, 2021

Odds & Ends

It was time to switch out the decorations from 
Winter to Easter

I have the front door mat and mailbox cover 
in the same pattern as this flag.

I needed a new house plant, I neeeeeded it...
We stopped at
and I found this pretty Calandiva plant and this beautiful pot.
In no time, this plant will have pretty pink flowers. 

In the greenhouse where we shopped the air is well circulated,
we wore masks and the place was empty while we were there.

I found this parking lot in town in which all the parking spaces were 
decorated with pretty pink hearts.

This yummy cupcake with blueberry filling,
topped with white chocolate chips came from...

Simona's Bakery
This bakery was Featured on Food Networks Guilty Pleasures
Their baked goods are amazing!

I saw this military plane in the sky on Saturday.
Our property in Lakewood is close to 
and we often see military planes flying overhead.


  1. hi there Debbie, I LOVE your Easter decorations, especially THE FLAG!!---so bright and cheerful! I loved the post one or two back as well.....the beautiful blue jays taking baths....they seriously looked like they were enjoying that so much, you got some great shots!!--their expressions cracked me up, LOL!! Happy Monday!

  2. Your new plant is gorgeous! Can't wait to see the flowers and loved the pot too.

  3. Dear Debbie!
    Happy Women's Day!
    The flag is wonderful and the pink kalachoe is also a very beautiful flower. A cupcake with a blueberry filling looks delicious.
    Have a nice Monday, Debbie:)

  4. It's so nice to change things out for Spring! And I can't wait to see all the new plants and flowers at the garden center! Enjoy your day!

  5. I have gone to the basement a couple times working on laundry the last couple of days and even though I tell myself to bring out the St Patty's day and the Easter door hangers I keep forgetting. St Patty's day will have come and gone before I remember! haha....

  6. It looks like spring there. I am envious! Of spring and the cupcake.

  7. Yes, it's time for me to take the Merry Christmas off the door... and put out a little spring and Easter stuff! And I have to say that I really like that pot your plant came in...

  8. Oh that cupcake..
    Those hearts are cute.. perfect way to put a smile on someone's face.
    I like your new plant.

  9. What a lovely adventure today. I do need to get my decorations down for Easter. However, I haven't got my Christmas up where it needs to be yet. At least it isn't in my house. I love your Easter decorations.
    Your plant looks lovely. I think it is time for spring. I love the little heart on the parking area; so cute.
    The dessert looked yummy! Just what what I don't need today for sure. We have had family here for a wedding; so lots of food and now I'm in trouble.
    That is a beautiful photo of the plane.
    Blessings and hugs!

  10. I do like your Easter decorations ... lovely.
    That cupcake looks very yummy :)

    All the best Jan

  11. Have been hearing more air traffic lately. Am concerned.

    1. this is a military plane but i have also heard more people are flying these days. even with the vaccine you are not protected 100%. flying would not be an option for me!!

  12. That cupcake looks amazing and good.

  13. Love your bunny decorations, glad I stopped by I was wanting to get mine up before my surgery and I forgot to do that today. I can see why you needed that plant, you will have to share it all blooming :) Oh that cupcake looks delicious. Hubby is going to make me a carrot cake for my birthday :) I can't believe how close we were 15 years ago we were stationed at McGuire AFB.

  14. Oh my. That cake looks amazing :0)

  15. Ft. Dix is still open? I'd heard it had been closed long ago. I spent six glorious weeks at Ft. Dix for ground defense training back in the day. I'll never forget the green eggs for breakfast.