Friday, December 15, 2017

The Winter Bucket List

December 21st is the official first day of Winter.
But once the Winter Bucket List is written and up on the frig,
it's officially Winter around here.

Here it off the press,
I prepared it several weeks ago.

Here it is today, we have already crossed 8 fun things off.

This is my favorite Christmas is hand painted and at least 32 years old.
When my boys were little,
we counted down the days till Christmas every year on this very chalkboard.
Ten days until Christmas, tomorrow starts single digits.

We took a wonderful Christmas trip to Pennsylvania,
the decorations were beautiful!!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Dance For Joy!!

Every Christmas season, our local dance studio
Dance For Joy
presents a special selection of dances for all to see.
They have large glass windows in the front of the studio, they decorate them beautifully.
The dancers perform inside - for their audience which watches from outside.
So grab a cup of hot cocoa, bundle up and enjoy the show!

They perform about eight dances, all done in different costumes, to Christmas music.
It's kind of like "live" Macy's window's.
This is so fun and the dancers are so beautiful and talented.
We go to this show every year, and it is one of my favorite events.