Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Homemade Christmas!!

I have been trying to make most of my Christmas presents this year.
I LOVE giving and receiving homemade gifts.
So thoughtful and meaningful, every handmade gift I have ever
received, I still have.
Each special gift I give, is near and dear to my heart.
I finished two more hats. 
I really like this Alpaca Fiber and 
the way it forms a pretty natural pattern.
It is fun, easy to work with and makes a super warm hat.
I think I have completed twenty two in total.

In addition to the hats...

 I made these sugar body scrubs for the ladies...

 and these adorable S'mores Kits,

for the little ones.
I used one Hershey Bar,
2 large graham crackers
and one extra large snowman peep.
The kids are going to love them.

And I hope one day, soon after eating them,
they will sleep again.

I am still working on my "Keep Warm Kits"
Many have been shipped, hand delivered and given to friends.
Information on how to make "Keep Warm Kits" can be found here
on my blog entry.

As Christmas draws near,
I am excited to see my hats keeping all my loved ones warm and cozy!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Saturday Critters ~ 53 ~

My Dark Eyed Junco's have returned for winter,
and I could not be happier.
With the exception of cardinals, this is the prettiest
bird when it is surrounded with snow.

 This Junco was much darker then the second one that visited.

This one was more gray then black!! 

Sharing my Junco images from November 29, 2014 with 
Eileen at Viewing Nature With Eileen
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Friday, December 19, 2014

Six Words Friday ~ Merry ~

Merry Gingerbread Houses
Peddlers Village, Pennsylvania

Sharing these festive Gingerbread Houses from Peddlers Village
that we saw on December 14, 2014 with 
Adrienne at My Memory Art ~ Six Words Friday
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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Good Fences ~ Edition 39 ~

Happy Thursday kids, it's once again time for some good fences.
You are going to have to concentrate on this one,
in order to "find" the fences.
This is a little more like a "Where's Waldo"...
so have some fun and see how many fences you can find!
A Season of Lights

The Water Mill

Surprise hugs...

 Water Mill

The Village is decorated beautifully,
Victorian style with thousands of lights!!

We visited on Sunday December 14th.
As we were leaving Peddlers Village,
the Christmas countdown clock looked like this...
Christmas in 10 days, 55 minutes and 56 seconds!!

We had dinner at Earls, it was just amazing!!
And lucky for me, one additional fence.
So how many fences did you find??
Sharing Peddlers Village lights and fences with my good friend
for Good Fences
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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The 5 Dollar Chicken!!

We interrupt the "Holiday Happenings"
to once again talk about Costco's five dollar chicken!!
I know we have done this before, but humor me please,
I am sure I could feed a small village on "one" of those chickens.
Night One...We enjoyed hot, fresh, sliced chicken,
with stuffing and mashed potatoes.
I did not make a vegetable, I only have so much room in my belly,
and I'm not giving up any of that space for a vegetable.
I did not take a picture, it was good but not the stuff pictures are made of.
Night Two...Chicken Pot Pie
I have never made one before,
I found this recipe but did not have all the ingredients.
I became Martha Stewart and this one I photographed.
Chicken Pot Pie, On The Fly!!

You will have to look closely for the ingredient line-up...
I don't even remember what I put in!
Chicken, cubed potatoes, carrots, celery and corn,
and chicken stock of course.
I did not have an onion so I used Mrs. Dash Onion & Herb Seasoning
and that really pumped up the flavor.

If you don't see it in the pot,
perhaps a look at the kitchen counter will clue you in.
I did not have corn, per say...
so I used frozen green giant white corn and just through that in,
sauce and all.
No milk, so I used heavy cream, that can't hurt, right.
When all was said and done, it looked like this.

I used a refrigerated pie crust, easy-peasy and it was delish. 

Now here's the real kicker,
can you believe it ended up filling 2 pie dishes?!

 We ate three quarters of this one and I froze the other one.

so if you are counting with me,
this chicken produced three meals for five dollars.
All I can say is WoW!!
This was really yummy...comfort food at it's finest!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Georgian Court Estate

Back in 1902, Georgian Court University, located in Lakewood New Jersey,
was the home and estate
of railroad magnate George Jay Gould.
For about 30 years, the family vacationed and entertained
guests during the winter months at the 155 acre estate.
Years later, the Sisters of Mercy purchased the estate to
house the growing Mount Saint Mary's College.
At the families request, it was renamed
Georgian Court University so the estate could retain
it's Georgian Court title.
Saturday, Mom, Sandy and I had "High Tea" in the Mansion.
Here's a peak inside...

The mansion was exquisite.
Much of Georgian Court's original gilded glory remains on display
or in use to this day.
We dined on...
Linzer Tarts
Warm Apple Cider
Finger Sandwiches
Assorted Pastries and Hot Tea

It was a wonderful Christmas Celebration!!!