Monday, August 29, 2016

Darby Smart

Do you remember my monthly subscription to 
Darby Smart is a subscription in which once per month 
you receive a craft kit, all supplies and directions are provided.
I cancelled it not because I didn't love it,
but because life became too busy and I had 4 kits sitting, that I was not able to get to.
This winter, when I have more time, I plan to resubscribe!
July 14th was a particularly hot day and I had a little time to kill,
so I pulled out one of the kits and enjoyed some crafty time.

This kit included 2 black canvases to make 
Two Metallic Abstract Wall Pieces

The instructions are found on line...these are the suggested abstract patterns,

I choose a sun and the ocean for mine and this was super easy.

Here it is all finished up...
this is not really my thing, not something I would hang in my house, I don't think...
but it was a different medium and fun to learn.

I have one additional canvas, I am giving a little thought to what I want to do with this one.

Darby Smart, fun crafts, delivered right to your door, all supplies are included!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunflowers at Sunset...

I posted this picture on Facebook a few nights ago and it received rave reviews.

Only a few minutes after I photographed the sunflowers, 
the sky appeared darker and the sun gently set.
It looks different every single night, but it always looks amazing!