Monday, July 27, 2015

Raising a Butterfly!!

I hadn't really thought about it, I didn't set out to raise a butterfly.
But there it was...
a caterpillar eating and resting on my "dying" dill.

I did a little research and it's not a bad idea to bring them indoors.
Only 2% of all caterpillars survive in the "wild".
They are easy to care for and feed,
and with just a little attention, they will easily thrive,
and become a beautiful butterfly.

I brought this little one indoors on July 20th...

 I used The Joyful Butterfly site as a guide in getting started
and double checked that information here as well.

 You need to include some sticks, which it loves to climb on.

 Since I found it on my dill, it was easy to determine what to feed it.

The container needs to be cleaned everyday for now.
And a little eats and poops a lot.

And based on it's appearance and the fact that it was hosting on my dill,
I am pretty sure it is a Black Swallowtail.

I will surely keep you posted!!

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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Family...The Bigger Picture!!

All the family came up from Florida last weekend,
and we had a family reunion of sorts.
Celebrating Addie's birthday and the love of family,
it was awesome to all be together again.

Not everyone was able to attend, but most of us were together.
Chuck's dad lives in Florida and he had three children
with his second wife, all of whom live in Florida.
Everyone came up, kids in tow,
those three have five of their own...
and when we are together, it's like we are together all the time.

Tyler, Mallory
Addie, Anthony, Timothy and Katie

 a little pushing fun...

with great success!!

 Mallory is such a good sport and what a sweetie!!

 This is Timothy, with a capital "T" for trouble!!



Anthony, Addie and Timothy

Addie's cupcake, birthday cake!!

 The Gang

Mallory wanted silly faces but not everyone got the memo!!

Last shot of all of us, it was such a fun day!!
Love you all!!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Saturday Critters ~ 84 ~

The Goldfinch Galla...

We always have a lot of pretty Goldfinches in the yard.
But this summer,
it's as though they have exploded on the scene.
It has become one of the birds I don't even get up for anymore,
I am not taking anymore pictures of them
because it is one of the birds I have way too many pictures of.

They are easy to photograph, when they land, they stay put
and are not easily scared off.

Here they are on July 10th...

and again on July 13th

These are the males, they are a much brighter yellow
than the females.
I have not been seeing many girls but the boys are abundant!!

Sharing images taken on July 10th and July 13th 2015 with
Eileen at Viewing Nature With Eileen

Friday, July 24, 2015

Happy Birthday Addie!!

Can you believe my grand niece Adelina Rose
turned 3 last week. in the world did that happen.
I love her, I adore her, it would not be possible for me
to love her more....
She is the light of my life and the sparkle in my eye!! 

 and I think she knows it...
* smile *

 And don't even get me started on this one

 Lorelei Grace

 This may be one of the cutest faces 
I have ever seen.

 Her personality matches the color of her hair.

 She's a bit of a firecracker...

Happy as can be, always on the go!!

Most of  our family was there, 
I will share the bigger picture on Sunday!!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Good Fences ~ Edition 70 ~

 I found this pretty gate in Smithville, NJ

It was parked next to this cool truck!!

 Pretty truck...

who wants to fight me for the truck??!!

Sharing these images taken on April 11th in Smithville, NJ with
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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Vegetable Garden...

then and now!!
I am thrilled with the progress in the garden thus far.
Most all of my garden plants were started with seeds.
It always feels so much more rewarding
when you start your plants indoors with seeds!

On May 22nd, 
we moved everything outdoors and the garden looked like this!!

By June 7th, we are really growing and look super healthy!!

Don't you just love those garden markers??
How in the world could you remember what's planted there,
without those markers?
And half price, they were a "I must have"...
* smile *

See, garden markers, a must have, especially when they are that cute!!

We started the potatoes on the 7th,
this is our first time growing potatoes,
and I am just a tad excited!!

Here's what's happening on June 13th...

 and on July 12th...

we picked our first cucumber.

On July 17th, this is what I'm looking at...

We've got some really yummy stuff coming...
and are you wondering what I did
with that beautiful cucumber??

Wonder no more...

it became a delicious cucumber sandwich with fresh dill,
from the garden, of course ~