Friday, October 18, 2019

Hershey, Pa.

We slipped away to Hershey, Pennsylvania for a few days of fun and relaxation,
except we forgot to relax. 
We went for the AACA Antique Car Show they were hosting and 
have been hosting since 1955.
This show is considered to be the largest show of it's kind with more than 1,500 show cars.
Arriving in Hershey late in the day Friday, later than expected after flying past the exit...
(I said I wouldn't tell, so pretend you don't know),
we checked in to the Hotel Hershey and settled in.
We were both starving, 
so we had an early dinner and set out to see what kind of trouble we could get in to.

We heard from one of the shuttle bus drivers that some of the cars were being auctioned off at 
The Hershey Lodge
 I thought, ooooh I would love to watch a car auction, so off we went.
We didn't get in, and just so you know, those things are not so easy to get in to,
sneak in to, or charm your way in to.
We did however get in to/sneak in to the tent where the vehicles were being held before auction,
just as good, maybe better!

All of these cars were auctioned off, some at a fraction of the value!

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Yarn Along

I started my fifth and final 
This is the last one I will be making 
as I now have enough to gift one to each of my nieces for Christmas.

I am knitting with Mad Tosh hand dyed yarn
100% merino wool, dk weight
- the color is calligraphy -

I leave tomorrow for Rhinebeck, New York for a fun girlfriends weekend. 
15 girls, all fiber "chicks with sticks", knitters, crocheters...staying for 3 days in an Airbnb.
We talk, laugh, cook, eat and drink...and a few of us get a little knitting done.
Saturday and Sunday you can find us kicking up our heels at the 
If you click on the link, the logo for this festival, the green vw van,
was designed by my knitting teacher and good friend Leanne.
She is so talented, what an honor, she is so deserving!

- so that's it...the shenanigans begin tomorrow -