Friday, June 21, 2024

Shell Garden

 Social media accounts hold so much information on places to visit and what to do at the Jersey Shore.
Little things...bigger things, 
even posting when certain events have been cancelled for rain or wind.
I found information on this small "shell garden" on-line and just had to go and take a peek.
This garden was right in my hometown, only a few minutes from my home...
and since I have been decorating shells, I had to go see it.

This was the shell I brought to place in the garden.

- my shell -


- what a beautiful idea -

Thursday, June 20, 2024

The Farmingdale Enchanted Forest

Quite by accident and much to my surprise, 
we stumbled upon this Enchanted Forest in Farmingdale, NJ...but really in the middle of nowhere.
This is a quaint, self guided walking tour through the woods of the town of Farmingdale.
There are dozens of really lovely handcrafted fairy houses, and fun activities for the kids to do.
I have never seen anything like this and what a joy it was to walk through.
There were lights along the trail, they were on, 
but we were there at 7pm, it closes at 8pm making it difficult to see the lights.

This is not what I saw during my walk through this garden, this is how it felt...
- magical -