Friday, November 27, 2015

Good Fences ~ Edition 88 ~

Down by the seashore...this time every year,
there is a furniture store that transforms itself into a 
Christmas wonderland of shopping.

This is a "Where's Waldo" of sorts...
I found 7 fences but there might be more.
See how many you can find.
More on this shopping experience on Sunday!!

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Donnie's Hat

Last Wednesday as promised, I started my next up
 Christmas present,

  a Donnie's Hat.

Easy peasy, I thought it would be done for today's yarn along,
I am close but no cigar or hat should I say.

I am ready to go onto double pointed needles and I cannot
remember how.
I have knitted about 40 hats,
 no kidding, really...but it's been a while soooo youtube it is.
I'm sure it will come right back to me.

I want to share an image of last week's finished project, my

 400 Yard Scarf

After washing and blocking, all the curling came out
and it looks better than ever.
And it's all ready for wrapping for the special recipient.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Setting Sun

The sunsets in New Jersey have been nothing short of amazing.
On Saturday we decided to go to my favorite spot on the Metedeconk River
to capture it's beauty.
I was sure it was going to be spectacular.
I texted my "sunset" friend Andee...
"sunset, heading to my favorite spot".
She was dropping her son at a birthday party
and said she would be sure to bring her camera.

  It was pretty...but not what I was expecting...

even with all those clouds,
no real color, and I was a little disappointed.

The next day, it was cloudy and around 3 o'clock, it started to rain.
Around 4, it stopped and the sky was full of departing clouds.
We were driving home from an early dinner out,
I wanted to go to the river, 
but it was too early and I did not want to ask the hubs to
go and just sit there for 45 minutes.

 We went home and at exactly 4:45...the sky looked like this!!
I texted Andee, "it gorgeous, right now"!!

 I can not put into words how amazing and colorful this sky was,

 the camera did not really capture it, it was breathtaking!!

November 22 and 23, 2015

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Havens Homestead Museum

This museum is less than one mile from home, we pass it everyday,
and I have never visited.
Every time we drive by I tell the hubs that one day I would like to stop,
and photograph it.
He always says the same thing,
"do you want to do it now, do you want me to turn around??"
I always say "next time".

We stopped on Friday, it was a gorgeous day,
the sky was blue and the temperatures were near 60 degrees.

It wasn't open but the images I wanted did not require that.

Restored 1827 homestead of farmer and fish peddler 
Josiah Curtis Havens,
the museum is maintained by the historical society in my home town.
The property contains many historic items from our area.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Jenkinsons Aquarium

Friday, Chuck and I visited Jenkinson's Aquarium,
a small Aquarium in Point Pleasant, NJ.

It was so nice to get out of the house and walk around
this tiny, beautiful aquarium, located right on the beach in Point Pleasant.
So clean and well kept, we had the place all to ourselves.
The staff was so friendly and helpful,
filling us in on all the "dirty details" of taking care of the critters.
We had a blast.

 I had a really hard time getting any good pictures.
There is a long green eel in this one.

 This "shipwreck" is in the center of the first floor.

 A nurse shark.

 The hubs...

 Turtles sunning themselves!!

 The Bounty Ship

 The seals live here in this newly renovated area,

  Luseal and Seaquin, both rescues,

 this is Luseal.

 The view from the top floor,

 a screech owl,

and a cute penguin!!

You have to walk really slow and read every sign to spend an hour here.
It's small, really small but perfect and delightful for me!! 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Saturday Critters ~ 101 ~

She visits every day...

 she is not the prettiest bird that visits...

 but she is the sweetest...

 She always lands here first, she checks the feeders,
waiting her turn, never chasing anyone else away.

 She is the Female House Finch
She eats a variety of seed but sunflower seeds are her favorite.
She sings a pretty, distinctive song,
and comes to the birdbath to drink and bathe!!

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