Monday, August 20, 2018

Why We Love Stonington

It's a charming seaside village, a peninsula...
From the point of Stonington, you can see three states, 
Connecticut - Watch Hill, Rhode Island and Fishers Island in New York.

Stonington has Noah's and we love Noah's!

They make the best blueberry pancakes I have ever eaten,
they are so light and fluffy!

I ordered hot chocolate, and never expected this...
- get out of town -
this is the best hot chocolate ever, look at those chocolate swirls,
with fresh whipped cream!

Everything was so good, we went back the next day for another breakfast.

This was awesome!
Toast, avocado, a thick slice of fresh tomato, white cheddar...
crisp, and I mean super crisp bacon and one egg - sunny side up -
And the orange juice, fresh squeezed, of course!

Stonington has this beautiful lighthouse,

built in 1840.

Perhaps a sailing class.

The air was crisp, the breeze was cool...the view was spectacular!!

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Raising Swallowtails - 2nd Update

I have been taking pictures of the caterpillars almost every day,
but I have not shared an update since August 9th.

We found them on August 4th, I wrote about it and shared pictures here.

They were just tiny black specks with a white stripe through the center.
8 of the 9 are pictured here.

By August 9th, 5 days later, all but 2 were this size, 
I shared an update on that day that you can read here.

Here is a picture I took on Sunday August 12th.

On Monday the 13th they looked like this...
you can see 1 of the smaller ones climbing the back wall.

We picked and preserved a lot of dill, 
and decided to take them with us to Connecticut.
We are home now and that went very well.

On Thursday the 16th, 
they had stopped eating and were starting to pick spots for chrysalis. 
These 2 choose an awesome spot..."not"
they are are "almost" right on the zipper.

By yesterday, 

all but 2 had gone into chrysalis.
The entire process, in home, took a total of 13 - 15 days.

Good news, good news...
I went outside yesterday to get dill for the two caterpillars that have yet to chrysalis,

and I found 6 more babies and 1 tween.

I said, "plant some dill, perhaps you will get a caterpillar or 2"!
Mother Nature said, "nice effort, we will give you all of them"!
- hehehehehe -

round 2 begins!!

and a big p.s....I went out for dill this morning and found...

7 more, help, I need a bigger home!!