Thursday, May 5, 2016

Good Fences ~ Edition 111 ~

Today for Good Fences I am sharing an unusual fence the hubs and I passed out in Pennsylvania,
on our way home from Longwood Gardens.
In front of the fence, is a beautiful Red Bud Tree...they were in bloom at the time.

The fence lined the path down to this pretty, old brick building.
It was late in the day, the building was closed so I'm not sure what it was.
There was also a winery on the property, it was also closed.

Sharing today with my good friend

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Starting with Seeds!!

I love to grow things.
I enjoy the excitement of planting a seed and waiting for it to break through the soil.
Late Winter, early Spring, I start my vegetable garden indoors.
It's not big, not too many plants...keeping it small, keeps it manageable and fun.
I like to start with seeds, rather than plants, I find it so much more rewarding.
Back on April 10th I started my garden, you can take a peek at those "dirty" details here.

Today, everything is growing well, especially with the lack of sunshine here.

The tomato kit I bought at Christmas Tree Store is doing the best.
There are more than ten plants and they are all very healthy!
These kits are a $ 1.50 and they are always the best producers,
and the tomatoes are always delicious.

So far, I have 5 healthy looking cucumber seedlings.
We love cucumbers, 2 years ago, with this brand of seeds, we got at least one cucumber per day.

Only one eggplant so far, but one will be enough if this is the only seed that grows.
I think I planted three seeds.
This is one of the kits from Christmas Tree Store but I have never tried the eggplant in the past.

This is the brand of tomato I planted last year, these are seedless and have a wonderful taste.

So here's the garden round up...

these are the healthiest tomatoes,

and these two cucumber plants are doing best.

A view from the top, so far, so good!!

And just a little p.s. in case you were wondering,
we went back to check on momma swan this weekend, no babies yet.

All the ground cover is growing up around her and she is very difficult to see now.