Tuesday, September 22, 2020

The Egret Explosion

 Saturday, was the explosion of Egrets...everywhere we went, we saw Egrets. 

A total of three at this lake, in Spring Lake, this one was really interested in posing for pictures!

I was surprised to see this Egret up on the grass. They are usually found in the water catching fish. Crossing over a bridge on the way home, I counted seven Egrets in the water below us. There was no shoulder or safe area to pull over, so no pictures of them...but don't think for one minute, I wasn't thinking about a safe way to pull it off.

The hubs said, "it's not happening".

Pictured here is a Great White Egret, seen in New Jersey only during the summer.

It is a stately, pure white, heron like bird that uses its dagger like bill to capture prey. 

Monday, September 21, 2020

Lorelei, Lemonade, Lake Of The Lilies & More

ohhhhh her shirt, "So Extra"!

When your day starts with hugs and kisses from this little one, your day is bound to be perfect...

and when you are thirsty, lemonade from these girls tastes extra delicious!

Look at these cuties selling Lemonade and Cookies.
Addie, Lorelei and their friend GG!

The next stop was Lake of the Lilies...

where I saw two beautiful Egrets.

Someone has an itch!

I have never been lucky enough to see two swans touching bills.

The lake was filled with beautiful Swans, definitely ready to have their picture taken.

A Female Mallard, there was not a Male in sight!

The all popular, one legged stance...while sleeping of course!

I saw one American Coot
This is a dumpy waterbird that visits here during the winter.
I was surprised to see it here at the lake, this early in the season.