Friday, November 24, 2017

House Tour...

I usually decorate the house for Christmas over Thanksgiving weekend...
- but -
we were not home for Thanksgiving, our little get-a-way continues for several more days,
so we decorated before Thanksgiving, when we had the time!
I only decorate the main rooms, 
nothing upstairs and I no longer decorate the railings to the upstairs.
First is the Family Room, 
this is my favorite because the green and red match so well in here.
It's a huge room, with an 18 foot high slanted ceiling.

Pretty much everything goes and is replaced with a Christmas themed item.

Next up, the Living Room
I use golds, blues and snowmen in this room because those are the natural colors in the room.
Red and green just doesn't look good!!

I have decorations in the entry way, kitchen, and even in the bathroom.
But I think you get the idea.
We will decorate outside when we get home from our trip.

The hubs helps a lot with this, I could never do it alone.
Many Thanks to the hubs!!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!!

- From The Jersey Shore -