Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Mirror Images...

The ride to the beach on Friday was scenic.
The Ocean is to our left, the bay and these lagoons were on our right.
No sunshine was needed to make the view spectacular. 

This ride on January 20th included a lot of stops!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Seaside Heights...

I spent my Summers at the beaches in Seaside, New Jersey.
We were a beach family and spent almost every Summer day here in Seaside.
On Friday, the hubs brought me down here to hunt for sea glass,
something he knew nothing about until he met me.
We went early in order to catch low tide.

The ocean was calm and peaceful, you could smell the salt in the air.

The hubs always goes out ahead of me, because he thinks he will find more glass than I.

At some point I came across this...
a pretty piece of glass the hubs found and left for me in the sand.

He obviously had zero confidence that I would find it on my own.

The clouds were amazing.

This was our take...
the piece in the center is heart shaped and a pretty shade of sea foam green.

January 20, 2017