Sunday, December 9, 2018

One For The Books

This year the music room at 
Longwood Gardens, 
transforms the way we look at trees and books.
It's here where creative paper and book embellishments were transposed into stunning 
Christmas decorations.

Music - Book Room

Books dangling in the fireplace, 
book pages transformed into beautiful poinsettia's on the mantel.

Paper poinsettia's on the top of the bookshelf! 

A Christmas Tree created with books.

Longwood, each letter created with a book!

Ho, Ho, Ho...Holiday...Jingle Bells, each created with a book.



Snowflake...both created with a single book.

Butterfly...I Live In The Garden, I Just Sleep In The House


Poinsettia Flowers

Wreath of Paper

This intricate paper work and book art is created by local artists 
Dannielle and Lee Vincent.
Dannielle has handmade dozens upon dozens of folded book art, book sculptures, 
framed book art and paper ornaments for the Music Room!
An entirely self taught artist, 
Danielle learned her craft watching on-line tutorials.
She watched videos for about a month before she tried her hand at her first piece,
which was a simple heart...
over the years, her designs have become quite elaborate.
Each piece handmade, Dannielle dexterously folds each page according to exact measurements.
What's stunning about her work, is the precision and patience that goes into every piece!

I hope my pictures do it justice, it is extradorinaiy, to say the least.
I think this room was my favorite this year!

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Saturday Critters ~ 260 ~

Continuing from last week with more birds from my yard.

Male Cardinal, always the star of the show

Blue Jays - doing what they do best.

The Robins are still hanging around, when they usually/are suppose to migrate.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Longwood Gardens At Night

We stayed until dark at Longwood Gardens,
we wanted to see inside the Conservatory at nighttime.
It was magical!

We also wanted to see all of the outdoor Christmas lights.

Wildlife Christmas Tree 
made from lighted birdhouses. 

Gardener's Tree

Hanging Orbs Light Display

Christmas Tree Walkway

This is one of the most beautiful places we visit,
I recommend it to every one!

Thursday, December 6, 2018

The 1906

Dining in Longwood Gardens is extraordinary, their restaurant,

Fresh flowers from the gardens decorate the table.

Bread baked in a flower pot is served warm before your meal.
Thank goodness each person gets their own,
the bread is delicious!

We each got the Filet Mignon, with Horseradish Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans,
the meal was divine.

For desert, I got Creme Brûlée 

For the hubs, 
The Chocolate Flower Pot
mousse, coffee ganache, chocolate cake, buttercream and vanilla ice cream.
The entire desert is edible, even the pot and the flowers,
 I brought the flowers home!

We sat on the outside deck, which is now enclosed with a plastic tent.
It is well heated...this was our view!
The food at this restaurant is exceptional, 
they have a new menu for the holiday season, and there is plenty to choose from.

Next, a peak inside the gift shop...