Friday, May 26, 2017

Delicious Orchard

When I visit Delicious Orchards I usually photograph all of the amazing 
fruits, vegetables, breads, cheeses and bakery items.
I love this place, we visit often and you can see pictures all of the fresh foods they sell here.
When we went last Sunday, I decided to photograph their nursery flowers for a change.
In addition to the foods they sell, they also have a pretty big nursery out front.

The first image was my favorite...which flower did you fall in love with?

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Yarn Along

The official Yarn Along has ended.
But at it's conclusion, I thought I would, on occasion, 
post an update on what I am knitting.
I am still knitting wash cloths for Christmas gift giving.

Pictured is the set I am working on now.
The light green washcloth is finished, I just started it's mate, the dark green one.

Each gift will include two wash cloths and one special bar of soap.

I was going to felt this soap but it's wrapped so pretty,
that I decided to leave it as is.
I do have some soap that I will be felting, I will share that process with you all.

These wash cloths are super fun and easy to knit...
and I love how they look and feel when they are finished.
I am using Luna Cascade Yarns
Peruvian Cotton

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

What I'm Crushin' On...

I have a lot to talk about today, as my life is full of fun - marvelous things...
First up, and this may be the best...

White Corn on the Cob from Florida
We purchased this at Delicious Orchards and it may be the best corn I have ever eaten.
Sweet, crispy - extra butter, it was amazing.
We will definitely be going back for more.

Chicken Kabobs also from Delicious Orchards
The hubs prepared his secret, yet world famous potatoes and onions to go with.
The potatoes and onions are sliced and layered with...
you guessed it, butter...
cooked in foil packets on the grill, the potatoes on the bottom get crisp,
and the slices on top are creamy and buttery.

Kitchen Towels my sister Kathy bought for me...
they go perfectly with my red tea pot...

and I think we could all agree -
Life is better in Flip Flops!

These Nature Valley Granola Cups are a real favorite,
just recently discovered.
They are both crunchy and creamy and are toped with pieces of almonds.

Oreo Chocolate Candy Bars
I am not a candy bar lover, a chocolate lover or an oreo lover -
But seriously - these are amazing!
If you try one you will for sure regret it or if you are like me,
you will be so glad you did!

This is my new Bird Bath...

On sale for $ 24.99 in Christmas Tree Store, I wish I had purchased two.
What I love most about this bird bath is that the glass bowl stays clean.
No scrubbing, I just have to "hit it" with the hose and then replace the water.
And remember to place a rock in the center, for the birds to land on.

My great niece, Lorelei, who celebrated her 3rd Birthday.

And last but not least,
my Knockout Roses that are gorgeous this year.
I have learned that "not" pruning them the way the garden center said to is better,
much better, for their growth and health.
I have always pruned these hard as soon as new growth appeared in early March.
I didn't get to it this year so I lightly pruned them in late April.
They are so much bigger with at least 5 times the blooms.
I love the way they are climbing up and over the deck rails.

oooooh and I hate to be redundant, but...

I still have a huge crush on my iRobot!


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Mourning Doves

I have two Mourning Doves that hang around my feeders,
and I have always wondered why they are called "Mourning" Doves.
Mourning being an expression of deep sadness, 
mine surely don't seem sad.
They make the loveliest "cooing" sound 
and always hang out and sleep on the rails of the deck. 

They enjoy the bird bath for both drinking and bathing.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Did you guys start your Summer vegetable garden indoors?
I always start mine indoors, with seeds...
because for whatever reason, that feels so much more rewarding to me.

These are my tomato plants,
Marglobe, Celebration and Container

And this year for the first time I did this.
I placed a sliced tomato in to a pot and covered it with soil.
I read about doing this on the internet, and so far it is working out well!
This tomato was left over from a sandwich - you can see the mayonnaise on it.

I don't usually have any casualties...

but all I could salvage from this plant was one small shoot.
I added a few more seeds and I will hope for the best!

My other cucumber plant is doing great and my peppers are very slow to start.

And are you wondering about my orchid??

Well it is in full bloom right now, 

I counted 17 blooms total on it.

Soon the vegetable plants will go outside into the pots on the deck -
and annuals will be planted, in and around the yard!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Saturday Critters ~ 179 ~

The squirrels and rabbits in my yard have gone mad.
Running around endlessly - chasing each other - acting like crazy animals.

Then Junior seeks refuge in "the tree" rest in the shade.

Then he turns his focus on me...
"do you see me here" - "I could use a few peanuts"

There is a whole family of bunnies running around...
it is imposible to get a picture of them, they are busy, busy, busy!!

Between the birds, squirrels, bunnies, chipmunks, ducks, raccoons, moles and snakes,
I feel like I live in a wildlife preserve...
right here in the burbs! 

Sharing today's images with 

Friday, May 19, 2017

House Tour...

I love my home...
I received a few comments and emails about having a closer look around...
- so here it is -
Home Sweet Home!!

Coming in - looking back on the front door...
On the wall to the left of the front door 
some of my favorite pictures are displayed, gallery style.

The entry way is large with a pretty tile floor.

The entry way leads right to the sunken Family Room..

This is a gas fireplace...with a cool remote,

this is the left side of the family room and it steps up in to the kitchen.

The Kitchen...
these are the original wood cabinets and they are still beautiful, after 32 years.

This side of the Kitchen is open to the family room.

This side has an open doorway to the right, that leads in to the Dining Room,
that we use as our Home Office.

All the beautiful light in the Kitchen comes in through the greenhouse.
We recently replaced all the glass...
and without the bird poop it looks great!!

This is the other side of the entry,
the front door is on the right.
I bought cute knobs in Pier One Imports and attached them to the banister, 
making it into a pretty coat rack.
We didn't need one but I really like how it looks!!

Living Room

Living Room looking into the Dining Room/Home Office

This built in cabinet is to the left of the front window.
I have some of my collectables in this one.
The bottom open shelf has scrapbooks and blog books,
also some of my memory jars.

That back wall to the right has mirrors floor to ceiling.
This room has high ceilings, the entire house does.

This built in cabinet is to the right of the front window.
The top shelf has wedding memorabilia on it.
The second shelf is devoted to Scott's childhood memorabilia,
the third shelf is for Michael.
The bottom, open shelf has pictures of the boys from their teen years.

Dining Room/Office

We work in here every day, it needs to be functional and it is.

Downstairs Powder Room

We have a total of five sky lights in the house,
and a lot of windows.
The natural light they all provide is amazing!

One day soon I will show you upstairs, downstairs is prettier! thing I forgot to mention, the hubs built this house in 1984, when he was just 25.
He also built our first house when he was just 18.