Monday, May 8, 2017

Happiness Comes In Waves...

I'm not sure I could live anywhere else...anywhere more than ten minutes from 
the beach, the ocean, the shore, the sea.
The sand and the salty air...
I have grown up here and when I need fresh air,
the only requirement is it must have salt in it.
The last few weeks we have visited more than a few times.
A few weeks from now, the beaches will be filled with out-of-towners, vacationers,
and we will have to share our beloved beaches and I am not good at that.

When the hubs and I go to the beach, we search for sea glass...
...did you know that?
- hehehehe -

This is Seaside Beach

We always find the most sea glass here.
My favorite beaches, these are the beaches I went to as a child.

Here is the hubs searching for sea glass...

This is the pier that was destroyed during Super Storm Sandy
it is nice to see it restored/rebuilt.

As I stood at the waters edge, exhausted, 
the ocean was burping up the glass...
When I knew I could go no further, 
these two pieces appeared right at my feet.

This was the haul for the day, a very good haul, 
99% of this glass was very smooth and must have been in the ocean for many years.


  1. I do too! Search for glass, (well and any other good finds) it's like playing the life of a pirate, in search of treasure!

  2. OHMYGOSH!!!!!!!! The haul, just for one visit? and that beautiful Cobalt Blue!
    Could I rent out your basement for just one month? I would be at that beach everyday!!
    I so love and miss the Ocean--it's been 7 years since I've seen it.
    BTW--how do you get your scooter or yourself down to waters edge?

    1. hi judy, i am able to walk from the boardwalk to the waters edge and search a little. i walk a little, rest a little...chuck helps me!!

  3. That looks like a sea glass mosaic!

  4. I love the sea glass though I have never found any here.

    How do you use it, Debbie?

  5. It seems like its getting harder and harder to find sea glass here in California. I love your haul.
    I think that is why I haven't moved. I don't know if I could live in a state that didn't have an ocean. It would be nice though to be as close as you are.

  6. I have a belt sander...I could make you all the seaglass you ever wanted... giggle

  7. found some great pieces. I love sea glass but never had it in mind when I was at a beach. Not until lately have I thought about doing things with it. A friend from Mass. sent me several pieces of glass but never that big. Next Calif. trip I will look for some on that side to the US. Like you...I grew up here, I stay around here. I love Calif. and that is where I was born, my son stays one me about coming there to live since I am retired, but I could not live there on what I bring home! TN wages and retirement is not what folks in Calif see! haha

  8. Wow!
    That was a great haul.
    Lovely to see.

    All the best Jan

  9. i too was at the beach this past weekend!
    so beautiful. so beautiful.
    the ocean is one of my favorite places to just unwind and breathe in the goodness of god.

    thanks for sharing the much sea glass! :)

  10. I'm behind on commenting. For some reason, my phone makes it difficult. First, I wanted to check in on your M.S. post last week. That's a big one. My great uncle had M.S. and I watched it progress throughout my childhood and adolescence. Not easy, especially not for him. A cruel disease. I have no words. (I do have his dresser, which is all banged up on the bottom from his wheelchair. I like that. Always reminds of him when I see the damaged wood.)

    As to living by the beach, that's a hard one. I think our beaches are different. Yours is warm in the summer, no? Cold and foggy here often. I just moved back to the beach, and while I love the serenity of the ocean, I am not enjoying the wind and cold. Adjustments.

    xox Andrea @ This Knitted Life

  11. Beautiful beaches and stunning photos!

  12. Oh my friend these photos are lovely. I love the thought that you can visit this area often that you loved as a child. I enjoy your posts of gathering sea glass. The clear ones are lovely. I am so happy that they could restore the peir that was distroyed.
    Blessings and hugs for this one!

  13. By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea!
    You and me, you and me, oh how happy we'll be!
    When each wave comes a-rolling in
    We will duck or swim,
    And we'll float and fool around the water.
    Over and under, and then up for air,
    Pa is rich, Ma is rich, so now what do we care?
    I love to be beside your side, beside the sea,
    Beside the seaside, by the beautiful sea!

  14. This makes me smile knowing you are happy and smiling. Hug xo B

  15. I would love to live as you do! Really and truly. Or in the mountains. But God put me in Texas and here I'll stay. I love to visit you and love your beach posts!

  16. Wow!!all that in ONE VISIT!!?? Wow--its all so pretty

    1. YeS!! we found that all in one visit. maybe about 2 hours!!

  17. Wow you have found quite a bit, that is so neat that when you were exhausted a few pieces just came to your feet :) That is great they have rebuilt the pier. I do remember the beaches there can get quite crowded, glad you were able to get out before the crowds came!

  18. You are lucky to live that close to the Ocean. The sea glass is so pretty. I'm liking the pale blue piece in the shot above.

  19. Oh my, I never dreamed you could find so much at one time!! I would love to live near the beach. I've only been a few times in my life. The last time I did look for sea glass but only found two pieces.