Monday, January 22, 2018

A Walk Through Smithville

Only about 40 minutes from home, we visit Historic Smithville, NJ frequently.
Located on Lake Meone, with sixty quaint shops, cobblestone paths, 
several restaurants and a number of specialty historic buildings,
it is a great place to wander around for an afternoon.
The Village Greene has a cute train and carousel for the little ones.

It is a beautiful village filled with lot's of ducks and wildlife.

The Wood Ducks

Male Mallard Ducks

The Overshot Waterwheel

Lobster Traps

We had a wonderful meal at the 
Historic Smithville Inn
It was a warm January day, the sun was full and the sky was blue...
you couldn't ask for more!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Simple Formula For Living

Live beneath your means.
Return everything you borrow.
Stop blaming other people.
Admit it when you make a mistake.
Give clothes not worn to charity.
Do something nice and try not to get caught
Listen more, talk less.
Take a 30 minute walk everyday.
Strive for excellence, not perfection.
Be on time, Don’t make excuses.
Don’t argue.

Get Organized.
Be kind to unkind people.
Let someone cut ahead of you in line.
Take time to be alone.
Cultivate good manners.
Be humble.
Realize and accept that life isn’t fair.
Know when to keep your mouth shut.

Go an entire day without criticizing anyone.
Learn from the past, plan for the future.
Live in the present.
Don’t sweat the small stuff...
- It’s all small stuff -

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Saturday Critters ~ 214 ~

He's been hanging around the yard...
a part of me is excited to see him, the other part of me worries about my little birds.

The Red Shouldered Hawk

Friday, January 19, 2018

It's "Chilly"...

It's chilly outside which makes it chili weather inside.
I made a big pot the other day and it was so simple because some of the prep work was already done.

The last time I made chili, I bagged one half of the red pepper diced,
the other half of the green pepper diced,
and one sweet onion, also diced.
Having that in the freezer, ready to just dump into my cast iron pot saved a ton of time.

Additional Ingredients...


Once the onions and peppers are soft,
I push them to the side and add chopped sirloin from the butcher.
I always use chopped sirloin, it's so worth the extra few dollars,
the texture and taste can not be beat.

Break it up, or take out any aggression you might have.

Brown it up...Then dump everything else in and then forget to take any more pictures.
Yep, I do this every time!

The only thing I like on my chili is oyster crackers.

I served it with hash-brown potatoes 
because we had them and they were getting close to their "use by date".
These Bob Evans hash browns are really, really, good and are seasoned nicely.

I also made a pot roast last week with mashed potatoes and carrots.
It was so good and the gravy was awesome.

I used this non-traditional method of cooking it in the oven,
in a bag, with the seasonings provided.
I put carrots and pearl onions in the bag with it,
this is a really easy and delicious way to cook a pot roast!
Use a rump roast, they are the best.

I made these cupcakes for the hubs during the snow storm.
The red sugar ones are "hearts" it's a little hard to see!

Thursday, January 18, 2018


Winter can be as beautiful as it is frigid and
it is those frigid temperatures that have kept me indoors.
A few days ago I went out searching for a pretty winter scene, and came up short.
All of our snow has melted, the trees are bare of their leaves, 
the river is frozen and I did not see what I was hoping for.

The river is starting to melt...

revealing a tiny reflection...

I watched a mediocre sunset...

And saw a few seagulls,

resting on the ice.

And it was all beautiful, in it's own way!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Yarn Along

It has been a busy knitting week for me.
 I am still working on my 

Honey Cowl

I have made great progress and I really like how this stitch pattern looks close up.

I was able to get to the farm this past weekend,
Liz spun this extra fiber into yarn for me.
Don't you just love these colors?

I got the yarn I needed at the farm to finish up the 
Cider Press Hat 
and got it in the mail for Mike's girlfriend Lila.
It was a good knitting week.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Just Outside My Window

The sun came out briefly...
I took 42 pictures of him and he seemed to be enjoying it.
The Male Downy Woodpecker
posing nicely, showing off both profiles and some of these pictures highlight his claws/feet nicely.

* winking *

You can thank me in the comments for "not" sharing all 42 images.
I had so much fun with this little guy,
but I have to wonder if even the birds are getting sick of me.
Hanging out the window, talking to them...
in most of these pictures, he was only about 2 feet away from me.
Use to be the woodpeckers were pretty skittish, 
but not this one, he wanted to be sure I got his best side!!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Saving Memories!

In keeping with yesterday's theme of saving memories...
you may also remember that I print my blog into a book, every three months.
I have done that since I started blogging back in 2010, so I have quite a number of books.

I keep them here and there, scattered about the house.
I number them, here is 1 - 8.

These shelves are in my home office/crafting room!

Books 9 - 14 and 15 - 22 are here...
along with some scrapbooks and a few memory jars in the back.
Souvenir golf balls and Disney Pins are in the dish.

Also you can see my postcard book, 
if you are not familiar with that, you can read about it here and here.

I keep my most current blog books on the coffee table, along with some other, fun to look at books.
I always keep one scrapbook, open on the coffee table as well.

I don't create these scrapbooks much anymore,
as my blog works as my scrapbook.
I still have several years of pictures to put in to books like these from before I started blogging.
For when I have spare time.

I use this site to print the books.
I receive an email when they are running a special, 
and usually take advantage of the discount they are offering, 20 - 30% off.
A typical book for three months is about 450 pages with large pictures.
If you are interested in more information about printing your blog,
I shared a more detailed post here.

The weather has gotten cold again and after being spoiled with 60 degree temperatures last week,
we are back down to single digits today.

I always wonder, am I the only one who prints their blog?
Let me know in the comments!