Friday, January 26, 2018

What I'm Crushing On...

It's been a while since I have shared a few of my "new" favorite things...

Winter decor for the front door, purchased here on Etsy.

Refrigerator Cake made and decorated by the hubs,

looks like this on the inside.

Flowers from our trip to Smithville, purchased to memorialize the trip.

Corn Muffins, toasted in the morning by the hubs.

Hot tea and knitting.

Cutest towel ever, reminds you that someone loves you.

Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Lotion...
I have been using it all winter and it is amazing.

Handmade Jersey Girl Soap

Amazing Winter Flip-Flops with Fur

My newish coffee table...

that opens up for storage and pulls forward for eating and ease of working at your computer.

My new favorite game
and having your husband play with you, when he doesn't really want to.
He lost and plays again just because it makes you happy.


  1. The cake looks amazing. Also, I never would have toasted a corn muffin, that looked good too. That coffee table is cool!

    1. Hey its Ted here.

      I've got another >> 2 plans for you to download << today.

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      The first project is an "old fashioned" push-along toy

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      >> Download the free plan here <<.

      The second project is a neat porch swing

      Kick back and relax with this fun-to-build weekend project. The smooth, gentle glide of the porch swing will keep you daydreaming for hours.

      >> Grab plans to both projects here <<.

      These are one of my favorite projects to work with and I hope you have fun with them.

      Enjoy making sawdust,

      Ted Mcgrath

  2. Hello, the cake looks yummy. Is it ice cream? The toasted corn muffins look delicious too. We have a similar coffee table that lifts up. The soaps and hand cream sound lovely, but I have an allergy to perfumes. The Bananagram is like scrabble, looks like fun. Enjoy your day and weekend!

    1. it is chocolate wafer cookies and fresh whipped cream. i taught him how to make it and he always does it now!!

  3. Some great new things to love. :)


  4. How fun!! My hands get so dry that it makes my thread catch. I bet that would be wonderful. I love your favorite things. Have a nice weekend Debbie.

  5. your snowman sign is SO CUTE. i love christmas so so much. and what a yummy cake. made my mouth water a little.
    thanks for sharing! be blessed, debbie!

  6. The cake looks delicious and I love those furry flip flops :)

    My daughter loves Word with Friends on Facebook, I found it's a sneaky way of teaching her spelling, maybe she would like Bananagram. I might have to find that game.

  7. Everything gives a sense of cozy comfort, Debbie.

  8. Your hubby is just amazing, you got a winner there in that man that's for sure :) Love the fur flip flops!!

  9. Nice things. Love the furry flip-flops! That coffee table looks handy too.

  10. I loved your title; so cute. You rne Christmas Door Decor is awesome. I must say your Hubs is a man of many talents with the cake, muffins and of course, all other things he can do. I could go for hot chocolate and crocheting. I'm dream in of that moment. I loved the sweet towel. Thanks for sharing your favorite hand lotion. I may try it. My hands need some help. I love the homemade soaps. My neighbor next door gave me some for Christmas. Wow, fur flip flops so unique.
    I really like your Coffee table and how you can use it. I must get this game if it can help my brain.
    Blessings and hugs for this fun one!

  11. from Japan ;Thank Thank you as always nice newsletter.

  12. You had me at refrigerator cake! LOL! I do like your coffee table...very nice!

  13. Well, I think your snowman sign is really cute, I love it!
    Your coffee table looks great too.

    All the best Jan

  14. I adore all of your favorites but most of all, I love the way you stage your photography. These are such lovely shots, as always!

  15. I get such a kick out your 'crushing' posts -- so often it's the little things in life that make a big difference, if we stop to think about it!! The fur flip-flops made me laugh out loud. I don't think they'd work to keep my toes warm in your weather, but that's just me -- and cold toes are one big reason why I'm here! We played BananaGrams with our Colorado son and DIL last time we were there and we had so much fun laughing. Bill is the only one of us who doesn't play WWF and he used to hate Scrabble, so he was at a definite disadvantage ... but he was such a good sport (it isn't too often when 'he who can do everything' comes in last. I have a feeling that's true of your hubby too!). I've been meaning to buy that game ever since last June -- gotta go to Amazon now.

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