Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Felting Soap

I learned how to felt soap on the same farm I learned to knit
Liz, Leanne's sister, held a great class, several of us attended
and we learned the unusual craft of felting soap.
It was such fun, working outdoors, laughing of course,
and comparing our creations with each other.
And the view of the alpaca's in the field wasn't bad either.

That was a few years ago and I have been longing to felt soap again.
The plan was to gift felted soap with my handmade washcloths this past Christmas,
but I ran out of time so I used homemade soap...
that was made in someone else's home.
Now that the holidays are over and I have plenty of time,
and all of the supplies,
I decided yesterday would be a good day to felt some soap here at home.

It was not as easy or as fun as I remembered...
I took pictures along the way but honestly, I doubt many of you would be interested.
So I will spare you that - for those that are interested or curious,
there is a great YouTube video here.

Supplies...this Roving Wool I purchased in Rhinebeck


It took me several hours to felt 5 bars of soap.
Two did not "felt"/adhere to the soap and will probably end up in the trash.

I will gift these 3...I still need to come up with a tag and a way I would like to wrap them.

Now - the purpose of felted soap.
The theory is that you don't need a wash cloth or a luffa,
the bar of soap will last longer...
but most importantly, they are pretty.


  1. I hope the lucky receiver of the felted soaps realize how precious they are!
    I’d never heard of felted soap before!

  2. Hello, I did not know about felted soap. It is nice to hear it last longer and they do look pretty. What a neat craft idea.
    Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day.

  3. These are fantastic! Nicely done! And ohhhh that roving is gorgeous! I love felting!!! Aloha!

  4. Oh - they are pretty! I've never seen these before - they are wonderful! Someone is going to get a lovely gift! x K

  5. Oh wow! I was going to ask what it was for, but you told us. How wonderful! Debbie, you are so multi-talented you put most of us, oh okay, ME to shame.


  6. Debbie, these are wonderful! As always, you are such an inspiration, and those who receive these will be very lucky!

  7. Great idea, Debbie. I have never heard of it!

  8. I have never ever heard of this either-- very cool!! Has the snow melted yet??

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  10. I have heard of felting soap before, but it sounds like a lot of work to me.....and I tend to be lazy and want to sit in my recliner to do my crafts. LOL

  11. I have wanted to know what felted soap was and why you used it. I am so glad you cleared up those questions for me. I think they look very neat. I always enjoy seeing what you are doing. Very pretty Debbie.

  12. Mrs. F.G. Has a bunch of felted rocks sitting here. They're good for paper weights, and yea, they're pretty.

  13. Hello Debbie!:) Nice to "see you"! What a great idea to make soap last longer, feel softer to use, and look pretty too. I have never heard of this hand craft before.It's a precious gift for anyone, as it's a real labour of love. Always learning new things from you Debbie.:)

  14. There was a felted soap demonstration at our county fair last year. My daughter participated and made a bar. I put it in my shower over Christmas, and my older daughter and her husband were here for a week. Apparently they showered in my shower because that night separately each approached me and said something is wrong with the soap in your shower. They both thought it was moldy. I thought it was funny.

    1. oh that is so funny - i will stay away from the color green!!!

  15. Wonderful idea, and these are my favorite colors too!

  16. I enjoyed seeing and reading about this - and yes, they are pretty.

    All the best Jan

  17. I haven't heard that term in years. I wonder if some roving was not all wool;
    can that even be possible? I'm loving the look of the color of the slip stitch work,and with Alpaca, it's got to be soft! Pretty!

  18. Oh wow, that is so cool, I have never heard of felting soap. They do make a very pretty presentation, and something so original and something someone has never had, great idea for gifting. Good luck on finding a way you want to package them :)