Saturday, January 6, 2018

Saturday Critters ~ 212 ~

Unless you live under a rock, on an island, without television,
you know it snowed in New Jersey on Thursday.
The Jersey Shore, Ocean County where I live was hit the hardest.
The news reported 18 inches, but here, 
perhaps because of the wind, I think we have more.

All of my neighbors snow seems to have blown onto my property...
if it was not so freakin' cold out, I would go out and measure it with my trusty yardstick...
but alas, I will not be going outside any time soon.
There will be no snow angels, snowmen or snow ball fights.
Nope folks, not this snow storm!!
The river is frozen, the temperatures have been in the single digits,
and my heat has not cycled off in days.

There was no shortage of entertainment here, I filled the bird feeders four times,
and I do believe, I fed the entire county.
Getting pictures with the driving snow, freezing with the window open, 
was a bit challenging.
So here they are, my feathered friends during the blizzard of 2018...

The male cardinals, downy woodpeckers and house finches seemed to be dominate,
but I had all the usual suspects.
I saw one dark eyed junco but could not get a picture.

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  1. Truly amazing captures Debbie! Such beautiful birds and I just adore wrens! You have made my morning and even the sunshine has made an appearance at just this moment!! Have a happy Saturday :)

  2. Lovely photos Debbie. The cold here is also keeping me indoors. Today's temperature -22°C -8°F. The wind chill makes it feel colder. Stay safe and warm.

  3. Fantastic shots! I love the brilliant red of the cardinals - especially with the snow blowing. It really is so very very cold! Stay warm!

  4. It might have been a blizzard but it was bird paradise for you, Debbie. Fantastic creatures and photos!

  5. Gorgeous! I love taking photos in the snow! I'm sure your customers appreciated the multiple feedings. Your wren looks just as grumpy as the ones I have here! LOL! And the rock I live under happens to be quite nice, thank you. ;-)

  6. Lovely shots you captured! I braved this bitter cold to feed the birds. I love the snow, but if you can't go out and play in it, or build a snowman, then it's just no fun at all! So we sit inside by the fire and birdwatch! Great post! Always love your shots!

  7. This storm is unbelievable and glad I don't live in a area that is affected by it but so glad you take care of the birds, they are beautiful and am sure grateful. Stay warm!

  8. We missed that storm, but we have plenty of snow on the ground, and it's darn tootin cold.

  9. Hello, Debbie. Your birds photos are just beautiful. The Cardinal really pops with their pretty red color. Nice variety of feeder birds. My hubby would be yelling at me to close the window, you letting cold air in. Thank you so much for linking up your post! Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  10. Those wonderful photos are worth every second you spent with the window open and the freezing cold coming into the house!
    Stay warm - a comfortable chair, a warm blanket over your feet, a hot cup of tea, a good book to read...
    Have a great week-end!

  11. Wonderful shots today.

    Floridians are officially getting honored for winter participation this year. How exciting. I will frame my certificate and hang it in the front hall.

  12. Wonderful shots! Do those birds ever try to fly in your open window to try to get a little warmer? Hope you are staying warm.

  13. Such beautiful photos of beautiful birds! You really do them justice!

  14. Wow, you will I'm betting get us many lovely photos of this new winter adventure you are experiencing. Stay safe and warm and dry of course. These bird critters are enjoying themselves I can tell and so are we! Happy weekend to you.

  15. Beautiful photos, especially the cardinals. Stay warm!

  16. Debbie, great photos of just what the little ones endure out there!! It is so brutally cold...stay warm and safe...:)JP

  17. An Amazing job you did on these Debbie, they are just fabulous, you sure are an expert when it comes to your bird shots!!
    Love the first where you can see the snow coming down around him, Greg and I can't get over how big they can puff themselves up during this cold streak we have had!

  18. The Cardinals,especially,look cold and somewhat unhappy.The birds are fortunate to have a friend like you.

  19. Bright clear pictures as always! Glad you got some real snow too!

  20. Wow, that is some storm on the East coast!Hope it eases up for you soon.

    I actually miss a good blizzard now and then. I grew up on the Canadian Prairies. Nothing like that here on Vancouver Island.

    Your bird photos are gorgeous, especially the cardinal.😊

    Stay warm and safe Debbie!

  21. It's waaaaaaaaaaay toooooooooo COLD, mercy sakes alive, we are freezing here and I know it's worse up where you are. I do not like winter one bit. I DO LOVE your amazing bird pictures tho!!--and share them with my hubby. I've just started feeding our feathery friends here and I am just loving watching them, so thank you for inspiring me to attempt this! I didn't even know what kind of seed to buy, so just bought random till I noticed they were coming!--and eating!! I also put out fresh water each day especially now since everything is frozen solid and i bought a suet thing which I've seen maybe one or two birds seem to notice it. We've been through one bag of seed and bought more today. The little bird with the black head, I think he is about the 4th one up from the bottom of your post, what is he?--I am pretty sure we have those here. We also have big blue jays, brown thrashers, and a pair of pretty cardinals and alot of little flighty brown birds. New at this I have no idea what most of these birds are.....LOL LOL LOL but am sure enjoying them. Thank you for all the bird pictures, I am so fascinated by them!

  22. Amazing pictures !! Great photography.Adorable birds.
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  23. Bless those brave and beautiful birds and bless you for taking care of them and sharing their gorgeous portraits.

  24. Bless your heart, Debbie for feeding these little ones.
    In return, I think they were posing for you, and what gorgeous photographs you made here.
    I love seeing cardinals in the winter. That little "pop" of red in all of the snow is always so beautiful.
    I am glad that you are safe. It was one nasty storm.

  25. Absolutely stunning pictures! You really should publish a book!

  26. Marvellous photographs Debbie, and good job on keeping the feeders full.

    All the best Jan

  27. These truly are amazing photographs of your bird friends. You are so awesome to bring them in to the feeders and then capture their photos.
    The Cardinals colors are so brilliant. They area all fluffy and beautiful.
    You got a lot of snow. I wouldn't be out in it even if it wasn't in single digits. I'm for a warm fireplace and hot chocolate in weather like this.
    Sending warm thoughts your way! Hugs~