Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Yarn Along

I started knitting a new washcloth this week using some yarn I purchased in 
We stopped there during our last trip to 

I forgot to ask the woman to unwind it into a pretty ball,
so the hubs and I did it - it was a BIG hank and it took f.o.r.e.v.e.r.
We had a nice conversation as we did it but after 39 years of marriage,
let's face it, there isn't that much to talk about.
But sitting face to face, untwirling the hank, we made things up and had a great time.
Next time, I doubt I will forget to ask to have it done.
If you don't knit, I'm sure you have no idea what I am talking about...
the moral of the story, 
don't buy a hank of yarn without having it unwound.

So here it is, the washcloth and the ball of yarn.
I don't love the is scratchy to work with and forget about frogging.
There is no way to rip out any mistakes...
but you can't really see if you have made one, although I am pretty sure I have made a few.
The woman recommended this yarn for washcloths...
I think I have enough yarn to make one for every single person on earth.
I kid you not.

I only worked a few rows on my cowl, I like having 2 projects going at the same time.
I also cleaned out my yarn baskets this week.

90% of this yarn is leftover yarn from past projects.

Here it is in the bottom of the orange basket.

This purple basket is filled with yarn for future projects.

I'm not sure I have enough "future" in me, to use all of this yarn!

I need new carpet in this room and the thought of having it done scares me.
I can't imagine how difficult it would be to move out all the furniture in these 2 rooms,
and replace it.
Living room and dining room, and they both need to be painted as well.
I'm only mentioning it in case you noticed...
I know!


  1. Hello, you have a lot of yarn. I love your pretty baskets, they are beautiful. Don't the carpet people move the furniture too?
    Have a great day!

  2. Morning Debbie~ I love that you have enough wash cloths to supply a lot of folks with them. That is neat. My thing was scraves. I had so many knitted or crocheted. They were hanging on a hanger in my room till about a yr ago and I gave them away. I was not going to ever wear them and I was trying to LET GO of something so I could say....I did LET GO. HAHA..that is a biggie for me. I bought some yarn to knit me a hat and as of yet it is still untouched! inspire me though. I used to have a mess load of yarn from left over projects and what I used to do with them was make a scrap afghan. Starting with one ball till it was gone and no matter where it stopped I would pick up with another color...and so on and sso on. They are big hits with others.....Enjoy and knit on.

  3. You can always do as my MIL did, put the yarn in the attic. It’s great insulation.

  4. Whoa there, Debbie. I love all the colors! You do such beautiful work. :)


  5. When I was young I always knot my Grannie these fir Christmas. She loved them

  6. I taught myself to knit many years ago, but haven't started a project in ages. You have some beautiful yarn for your future projects.

  7. I did not notice it. I need new carpet too. It ain't gonna happen though. :) I love all of your yarn. Its like that with me. I have wool that will out last me I think.
    I was listening to someone talk about how if we are working with material we don't like the feel or the color we will never use it up. I thought that was so interesting. Because I have colors and textures I won't use. I wonder if that is what will happen with that yarn? I don't like scratchy either. Have a lovely day.

  8. Wow!
    You do have a lot of yarn, and it does look good in the colourful baskets.
    Happy Knitting!

    All the best Jan

  9. You have an assortment of beautiful yarns! Your washcloths and yarn balls bring back lovely memories of my mom. She was always knitting or crocheting something. As far as your home, all I ever notice is how absolutely beautiful it is!

  10. I love the colours of your remaining yarns from past projects. How beautifully they combine. I'm thinking they would look fabulous knitting into something. =) You did make me giggle. The picture in my mind's eye of you and your husband winding that huge hank of wool into an organised ball is funny. I don't envy you moving furniture to lay carpet and then put it all back again....huge job!

  11. Is the scratchy yarn supposed to be like a loofah washcloth? I never knew that you could have a hank of yarn wound into a ball at the store - that was sweet of Chuck to help you out with it! New carpet - ugh - I know exactly what you mean...

  12. You had me laughing, trying to find things to talk about while you are winding the yarn, I never heard of having them wind it for you, but then again I mostly by mine in the big box craft stores, we have one nice yarn shop in town but I haven't bought much from there.
    I didn't notice the carpet until you mentioned it, but I think I have you beat, we had 2 cats and 1 dog on this carpet and all that goes along with it, and we said once they were gone we would either replace the carpet or go to wood floors, and it has been over a year and we still haven't done anything about it just for the reason you mentioned, the thoughts of putting all the furniture somewhere to have it done hasn't had us out getting it done.

  13. You certainly have enough yarn to keep you going for a long time. But just think, if you give all those leftovers away, you can go out and buy more!

  14. Your yarn stash looks like mine, Debbie!
    And I am so glad I am not the only one with more than one yarn basket. :-)
    Bless your sweet Chuck for helping you with the yarn. xo.

  15. I am so where you are. We need to recarpet and paint and it all looks too exhausting. We had our carpets cleaned not long ago and that was a project. I'm just too tired.
    You do have a collection of yarn; I loved all the colors. Your washcloth looks good. I didn't know you could ask to have the yarn wound into a ball. I do know what it is lik to do that one. I love that it was a fun way for two of you to have a unique conversation.
    Blessings and hugs!