Friday, March 22, 2019


Do you remember when we had lunch at 

Of course you remember this cute little cafe'.
But just in case you missed that post you can read the delicious details here.
The staff and servers here are so amazing and attentive...
when we came for lunch they told us to be sure and come back for breakfast,
so we had too, what else could we do...
Breakfast was even better than lunch, their specialty as they told us, and they were right.

I had Jim's Favorite Hash
Chopped bacon, onions and sweet red peppers, cheddar, sour cream, avocado, and 2 eggs any style.
This was so good but I could only eat half.

The hubs had a breakfast burrito
Sausage, 3 egg whites, spinach, onions, peppers and sautéed spinach.
This came with hash browns and fresh fruit.
The hubs was only able to eat half of the burrito, 
we brought the other half home and it heated up nicely the next day.

The hot chocolate with whipped cream was divine.

It was late morning on a Friday, and not very crowded!

You may remember the entire decor is marigold minded.

They serve "huevos rancheros" and I think that is my sister's favorite breakfast.
She is visiting next week, I hope I get the opportunity to bring her here.

Located on Route 71 in Spring Lake Heights,
if you are ever in the area, you have to give it a try.
Tell them Purple Debbie sent you!

Thursday, March 21, 2019

A Little More From The Philadelphia Flower Show

The show was quite beautiful...
If you missed Part I or Part II you can view those pictures here and here.

These arrangements were more modern looking 
and did not seem to adhere to the peace and love theme of the show.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Yarn Along

No yarn today, I am still working on my 
Needle Punching
I have made great progress, and I am super happy with the way they are turning out. 
These will be gifted for this upcoming Christmas,
tree ornaments that will make nice gift tags on top of my Christmas presents.
They will even be easy to mail if I wanted to send one to a far away friend.

I am excited about this project!

I received three designs, two of each...I am working on my second snowflake.

You may remember that I have these wood ornaments to mount them on.

I have this cute bag which holds all of my supplies!

So who's crafting, and what are you making?

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The Backdoor Garage - Classic Cars

Every story has a story...
We were out and about on Friday, breakfast at Marigold was up first.
More on that meal tomorrow.
After we ate, we had a few "serious" errands to run, you know, work related.
I came for the ride with the promise of breakfast, 
and the thought of knowing I would keep the hubs company during his boring running around.
Driving on a road we drive on all the time,
passing an unassuming building we pass all the time...the hubs saw it.
The garage door was open, and inside...classic cars for as far as the eyes could see.

He didn't have to be asked, 
he knew he was going to spin the car around.
It meant we would be late for an appointment but he didn't seem to care,
he was interested too!!

Well folks, that building was filled with a treasure trove of cars, classic cars and epic stories.
Look what we found...

The store fronts constructed behind the cars have significant meaning to the car in front of it.
The mechanic was on site working, he took us around and explained all the details to us.

1929 Duisenberg J. Convertible Sedan by Murphy,
this vehicle is valued at 2.5 million dollars.

Ford Pick Up

1935 Auburn 851

The Elegance at Hershey
1933 Pierce-Arrow Sports Coupe

1933 Lincoln KB Convertible Sedan by Dietrich

1939 Laguna V-12 Drophead Coupe

Inside is also decorated like this...

The first few paragraphs are as follows
"Driving past Route 71 and Brooklyn Boulevard in Sea Girt, those passing by may spot a large building nestled behind the local business Total Hearing Care.
Garage doors wide open on either side, people often ask with childlike wonder, 
is it a business, a museum, a movie set?
Curious minds are invited to come inside and take a look around.
Welcome to the Backdoor Garage,
where visitors are transported back into time.
A time when people enjoyed relaxing on their porches with good friends or having conversations at the counter over old-fashioned ice cream sodas.
It's also a time of Hollywood glamor and romance, and of course, classic cars".