Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Yarn Along

It seems like I have been knitting a lot...
but I don't see too much progress.

maybe I am having too much fun!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Yard Critters

I have a lot of critters in the yard beyond birds!
I have several squirrels that "live" here and I am "kind of" ok with that!
They are fun to watch and their antics are so cute and creative.
The hubs has tried to out wit them,
but so far they have out matched him in a few ways, but he has not given up.

I yell at them continually..."that is not for you"
I have a whistle I blow, but they are unimpressed.
The hubs has greased the shepards hook, but so far, nothing works.
I fill the hummingbird feeder, they empty it...and so far, I too am loosing the battle.

I have cute little chipmunks running around.
You can see this one is missing a patch of hind hair and I have named him Dale.

I find Junior like this when it is really hot, 
he is a drama queen...
he will also strike this pose when there are no peanuts left on the deck rail!

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Confusing Domestic Ducks, Ducklings And Other Things!

Most often, Ducks are pretty easy for me to identify with my field guide and detailed books.
But every so often I get a strange looking one, one that doesn't look familiar...
that I can't find in any of my books.

This duck was one of them and the duckling, to the right, was extremely unusual to me.
I have never seen a baby duck so dark in color.

Domestic ducks are born from interbreeding between species.
This duck may be a product of a mallard and another species mating.

This duck had four other chicks that had what I believe to be normal coloring.
They were small, yellow and fluffy.

The chicks were adorable and super fun to watch!

I also saw a lot of...

Female Red-Winged Black Birds

and a lot of Males as well.

And there were a lot of beautiful Mallard Ducks too!

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Saturday Critters ~ 288 ~

The hubs likes to walk at our local reservoir, 
they have a beautiful walking path that is well maintained.
I either sit in the car or on a bench and knit.
He sent me a text that our local Great Blue Heron was there, looking for dinner.
This Heron can be seen here most of the time, 
and is use to being around people.
 It is blue gray overall, the sexes are similar so I do not know if this is male or female.
This is one of my favorite large birds.

There is something about each one of these pictures that I love!

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Friday, June 21, 2019

Locks Of Love

We have them is it that I did not know!
I don't usually walk the boardwalk to view the inlet...we use the parking area.
But, at the end of the boardwalk, facing the inlet, on the chain link face, there they were, 
- Locks of Love -

The next time we visit, we will bring a lock.

This was Friday, June 14th, the waves were huge and the water was filled with surfers.
The beach replenishment has been completed, and the beach itself is huge.
Now, it is too high and too far for me to walk...and I have heard from my friends,
that all of the sea glass has been buried.
My friend Melissa did not find one piece on a recent walk!

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Ducklings And Other Things

During my last trip to Lake of the Lilies, 
on June 14th, beside seeing the 
I was privileged to see a family of Mallards.
Female Mallards, also know as hens, generally lay up to one dozen eggs.
With only four babies in tow, I suspect several others were lost to the "circle of life".

Led by mom, they swam toward me at first, as if she wanted to show me her babies...
 then gently and quietly floated away.
What a thrill it was to share this space with them, if only for a few minutes!

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Yarn Along

I have skipped a week or two, or four of Yarn Along...
I have been know I have, I can't exist without sticks and string in my hands.
what have I been knitting you ask?

I finished the Neapolitan Cowl I was working on when I last posted,
it is the second of it's kind.
These will make really nice Christmas gifts for my nieces this year.

I started another one while I was in Texas,
I purchased this yarn there as I had not brought enough yarn with me.
It is "hazel knits", lively dk, hand dyed yarn, 90% merino, 10% nylon.
This was a great project for traveling and airplane knitting...
it requires knitting and purling only.

My hands have been busy and that helps me with my thoughts and recovery. happy activity!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

The Capital, Austin Texas

Oldest son Scott lives in Austin Texas.
 During a recent visit, we went to see the Capital of Texas which happens to be in Austin.

All of the statues were incredibly gorgeous!


Here we are with oldest son Scott

This outing has inspired me to take a trip to see the Capital of New Jersey,
Located in Trenton, New Jersey. 
I see it often as we ride past during trips,
but I do not remember ever seeing the inside of it.
Perhaps on a school trip when I was younger, but not in my adult years.
The Capital of Texas is gorgeous.

We had a really nice day with Scott!