Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Arrow Acres Farm...

On Saturday, I went to visit my Alpaca...
They aren't really mine, but when I walk around the farm, I pretend they are mine.
I love them...but what I love more is the feeling I have when I am on this farm.
Every member of the family greets you with a huge smile,
they are genuinely happy to see you.
Us girls talk about girl stuff, yarn and knitting...
Don takes everyone who visits for a tour.
He tells them all about the Alpaca and offers you carrots so you can feed them.
Dee shows everyone how to "spin yarn".

Sister Liz knows how much I love birds,
she helps me find this blue bird so I can capture a picture.
Leanne is here, she is the patient soul who taught me how to knit.
I love her!

They all call me "Purple Debbie" can you handle how cute that is?

So "any who"...I took a few pictures, really I did...
* hehehehe *

They are playful...

and roll around in the dirt!

I wanted to see them on Saturday, because they were getting their haircut on Sunday,
and they look kinda' different.
It is best for them - so they can tolerate the summer heat!

These five Alpaca had been sheared at a show the week before...

this is how they look after a haircut.

"Laying in wait"

If you ever visit the New Jersey shore, be sure to stop by
in Wall Township, New Jersey
Family run, it is unlike any farm you will visit!!



  1. They're funny fellows. There's a few at the sugar camp when we go there -- at least in good weather.

  2. It sounds such a lovely place Debbie, I remember some of your other posts. The alpacas look so cosy with all their wool still on but, yes, can imagine how much more comfortable they'd be after a shearing for summertime. Cheers now!

  3. Hello Purple Debbie, I love the alpacas. They are all adorable. Awesome closeups. The bluebird is a pretty one, great capture.
    Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  4. Such cute creatures...with a face a mother can adore

  5. What a great place, Debbie! Love the alpacas, woolly or sheared!

  6. Aren't they the sweetest things? There is good money in Alpaca wool.
    The farm just south of where my sister lives has them and two Llama.
    I like the Alpaca's better.

  7. HAHA...they are too cute! Adorable! Do they use the wool/fur for yarn like sheep? I love it.

  8. It sounds delightful!!!!

    My daughter is a knitter and spinner. She and a daughter in law go to a weekend, where the people stay, and go to different farms, on the weekend. So she is more familiar with all of this, than I am.

    Looks like fun!!!!!

  9. They really are beautiful aren't they, purple Debbie? I'm so glad you found that wonderful farm,
    learned how to knit, made new friends. It doesn't get much better than that!


  10. They are adorable whether sheared or not ~ and your photography of them is excellent ~ thanks,

    Happy week to you ~ ^_^

  11. Bless their little wooly hearts!!! Adorable - either way!
    I can see why this is your 'Hapy Place!'

  12. Hi Debbie, well if I was coming to New Jersey, I would want to see your first! Then I would go to that lovely farm. I think they are the cutest animals in the whole world. I love that they call you purple Debbie. That's cute. I am glad you got to go visit. I love the pictures.

  13. awww, so so cute. love it!! they are so puffy. i wonder if they are warm? hot even? it has been a warm few days lately. hope you are good. we have the AC on .... love the old truck. ( ;

  14. WOW! Those fellas are just too cute. Their little faces are adorable.

  15. LOVE those Alpaca! What a wonderful place and I can just feel the good vibes coming from it!

  16. just love these pictures!--makes me just want to sink my fingers into their deep wooly soft coats!!--they look so soft! What sweet and gentle looking creatures! Hope y'all had a real nice holiday!

  17. It is truly a joy to hear how much you enjoy your trips to see the alpacas Debbie. I have fun just looking at your fabulous photos. They sound such nice people there.

  18. That's a fantastic bluebird photo! The perch is awesome! Those silly alpaca faces make me smile!

  19. I like how they have given you a nickname and so neat to have a place to go to that you feel right at home :)
    I just love the way they look when they have all their fur but I understand how it is important for them to have a good shave for the summer, it reminds me of our first dog we had that was a cocker spaniel and terrier mix, he needed a shave every summer because he had such thick hair :)

  20. Just a 'few' pictures, eh? I'm sure!

  21. Oh Debbie i cant wait to hear all about Mystic Seaport! Please take LoTS OF pictures for us ok!!? Ive missed many of your posts and tryin to catch up--- dang kidney stones reared their ugly heads!!

  22. I forget how funny alpacas look!! I just want to cuddle them. They probably spit though. No wonder alpaca yarn is so soft. My brother in law has llamas, but they are not that cuddly looking.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed this Sally, I prefer them to lamas, they are softer and fluffier!!

  23. I would love to visit there some time. When we lived in Spokane, Wa there was a small farm of Alpacas too think they are such a beautiful animal. They look so fluffy and I would love to touch them. The before and after shaving photos were awesome.
    The Bluebird is so lovely. I like the idea of viisitng this friendly farm.]

  24. I had a feeling that you'd be call that! You are the purple girl and one fantastic photographer too, this was just like being there. Each one of these lovely fur babes are just adorable.

  25. I love that place (feel almost as if I actually have visited it because of your posts... if I were ever lucky enough to visit in person I'd feel right at home.) Those alpacas are beyond cute.

  26. Hello Debbie!:)I'm so glad you shared more Alpaca photos, which are as always, first rate shots. They are adorable creatures, and have the cutest faces. As I have mentioned before it would be a real treat to visit Arrow Acres Farm. Your Blue bird capture is very beautiful. I always think of you as Purple Debbie anyway!!!:)

  27. Definitely a place I'd love to visit.
    Love all of your photographs, they look so cute.

    The blue bird was nice to see to.

    All the best Jan

  28. What a wonderful place to be, Debbie!
    These little ones are just adorable.
    Before and after their salon day. :-)

  29. I love their faces! How cute!!!!