Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Tree...

It's Spring and...
the trees at my house are filled with leaves again. 
"The Tree" that my birds land in, before hitting up the feeders, is now filled with leaves.
This presents a small problem for me, 
as it is not so easy to capture those pictures I am able to capture all Winter.

My yard is filled with Catbirds right now...
they migrate in Winter and return mid-Spring.

This is a favorite bird of mine - when they visit, 
I always think it is my friend Theresa from Texas visiting me.

This is a great branch that the birds often land on - no leaves.

The Red-Bellied Woodpeckers almost always stop first in the evergreens.

This Male Downey Woodpecker lands in the exact same spot...

and the Male Cardinals often land right on the deck - which makes getting their picture much easier.

I have a shepards hook outside this window, for my humming bird feeder.

My Mocking Birds sit on this for long periods of time.

The House Finches do as well,

this is a male!
These birds have patterns and habits, 
watching them you can really learn a lot about them.


  1. Amazing photos!!!! Simply amazing....

    And I finally clicked on your "The Nest" link, and enjoyed the house tour. Your home is amazing toooooo!

    Gentle hugs,
    Luna Crone

  2. Beautiful photos, Debbie, as always!

    I sure miss our Theresa - wish she hadn't stopped blogging. :(


  3. Hello, Debbie! Even with the leaves your bird photos are beautiful ! The catbirds are a favorite of mine along with the woodies! Have a happy day!

  4. I wonder what they are thinking!

  5. It might be better in winter, but it is fine and dandy now too.

  6. Your birds are just delightful.

  7. Great photos of the birds, Debbie. I aspire to do as well as you with them.

  8. Hi Debbie! What a star you are at taking photos of your varied garden visitors. Your captures are all delightful. You must have used your new lens for these beauties. That last image is just stunning!:)

  9. aw, little fluff buckets always give me a smile.

  10. Great pics! I love looking at birds. Used to sit on the deck in the morning and watch them, since I have had it screened in, its harder to take the pics now. I have the hummingbird feeder on my crape myrtle bush in front of the deck. I saw my first one the other day! Keeping snapping the bird pics, great job.

  11. I feed my birds all year long. Some people don't feed in the summer because the birds can find seeds. Maybe out in the country that is true, but here? I'm not taking any chances. :-) Do you get Red Breasted Grosbeck--so pretty. I have a couple.

  12. Great details on these birds. Love it!

  13. Debbie, they are adorable, and your photographs of them are just beautiful.
    The Catbird is such a sweet little thing.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  14. Great shots! We have a few of those around here

  15. Awesome pictures, regardless of leaves!

  16. Beautiful birds. I just saw my first of the year Catbird today.

  17. These are awesome photos of the different birds. The colors are so beautiful. I loved to hear about the places they like to land and pose for you. I love how birds do have patterns and habits. It shows the hand of our divine creator. Your bird photos are some of my favorites. I still think you should publish a book of them.
    Blessings and hugs~

  18. You do really well at capturing photos of the birds even with all those leaves Debbie. In the first two pics the gorgeous red leaves are like a frame to the birds. I'm amazed at the variety of your buddy visitors. Cheers now 🐨xx

  19. A wonderful collection of photographs - a joy to look at.
    Thank you

    All the best Jan

  20. It may be harder to get the pictures but I will have to say, the gray of the bird with those colorful leaves is a stunning picture that's for sure, just love it. Our cardinals aren't as shy either they will come right up to the deck :) I am kind of bummed because the crows, black birds have been taking over pushing our little birds out. One of the gals in my group said to get one of those bird houses that keep the squirrels away and maybe the weight of the black birds will close it and the little ones can eat out of that feeder.

  21. We're waiting for catbirds, too!
    Amazing photos.

  22. Such gorgeous photos! The Red-bellied! Love it!