Saturday, June 30, 2018

Saturday Critters ~ 237 ~

While riding "The Morgan" on Lake George

I was privileged to see a bald eagle along with its nest.
The captain of the boat said their were 2 young eagles residing there also.
It's hard to see, I know, but it was such a thrill for me.

After passing the nest, one of the adults took flight, can you see it?

He landed in a nearby tree, you can see the back of his head here.
The boat was moving quickly, and it was impossible to get a good picture,
but for me, it was just so exciting to see!

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Friday, June 29, 2018

Lake George...

There's always a kink or two in the armor,
don't you find that...especially when you are on vacation.

There was the kayaking incident, 
yes - let me tell you about the kayaking incident.
The nice "very young man" who loaded us in to our kayaks gave us some great tips,
tips I was sure we didn't need.
I'm like "we have done this before - we aren't novices".
He gave us the cliff notes, 
told us to stay right always - and to follow the path around the island we were on.
Of course I asked how long, he said 
"us guys do it in about 20 minutes, it should take you two 40 minutes, TOPS".
He pushed us in to the water and we were all smiles!
He never mentioned, and we never noticed all the boats and jet ski's on the lake,
creating some pretty choppy water.
We should have turned around, like the hubs said 100 times, but I am stubborn,
yes I am and I wanted to take the 20 minute ride around the island.
My kayak had a mind of it's own, I was ready to kill the husband for his loving advice,
and my hands were red and swollen from hitting the kayak.
Worst of all, I was going in circles!
As you have probably already figured out, after 2 hours, I had to be rescued, 
- how humiliating -
BUT, there is a silver lining...
my rescuer was so cute and so very kind, 
he got a good laugh when I told him I was glad I had shaved my legs that day.
Long story, very long, 
if you visit The Sagamore, don't believe a word the kayak boys tell you!

There where a few other funny stories, 
we ate in the wrong restaurant and froze our butts off, 
they need better signage at this hotel.

Then there was the "making s'mores incident"...
the little guy running around with a stick, with half a hot marshmallow on it.
You guessed it, smack dab into my favorite "new" white shirt.
That's interesting, sticky and difficult to remove.

The hubs had fun though and made me the perfect s'more.

There's more, but I think I will leave it at that...
we had a wonderful time and for obvious reasons, there is no picture of me in the kayak!

Thursday, June 28, 2018

The Sagamore

We slipped away for a few days,
to celebrate our 40 year wedding anniversary on June 25th.
We selected this beautiful hotel and spa
The Sagamore Resort
on Lake George, in upstate New York.
We have never visited this area in the past and it was exceptionally beautiful!

This is a view of the front of the hotel...

the gardens were magnificent!

Above and below are pictures of the hotel lobby...

it is regal looking but very child/family friendly.

It has 2 beautiful pools.

The grounds were huge and because it is on a bit of an incline,
there were a lot of steps and there was a lot of walking to get around.

Here I am, the back of the hotel behind me.

Here's Chuck copying my pose, not really, I copied him.

The hotel is on an island, surrounded by mountains.
We had a room with a lake view, the view was breathtaking!

The hotel was built in 1883, it has a fascinating history.

Of course, this trip was not without it's "faux pas"!
I have a few "interesting" stories I will share tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Yarn Along

We were away for a few days, 
this week was more about having fun than knitting, lucky me!!

The Gallatin Scarf 
with yarn by Backyard Fiberworks is still on my needles.
I worked primarily on this this past week and have made great progress.
It is bigger than the round knitting needle I am working on,
so it does not lay beautifully flat right now,
it will when it is done.

Here's a close-up of the lace work...
So far, so good...I can't make a mistake knitting this part of the pattern...
I have no idea how to fix lace knitting.
That would require a text to poor Leanne, who always helps me when I am in distress,
I have not had to text her in a while!

I must add that I love this piece and the color,
I might make another one for me.

I am still working on the blue 
Chevron Baby Blanket
I started this blanket on June 6th and I am on the home stretch,
4 blocks of color = 40 rows to go.
This pattern is free on Ravelry, 
I am working with Berroco Vintage Yarn, which I love knitting with.

- and can you believe it, I know someone who is pregnant - 
so now I am covered, boy or girl!

And I am so thrilled to have this to look forward to...and no, it's not me!!
* hehehehe *

Monday, June 25, 2018


This Male Cardinal stands out in the yard, not only for his bright color, 
but also for his missing crest.
Some birds molt in late summer or early fall and loose their head feathers.
When they do, they become secretive and less active,
so I have been surprised to see this little guy every day, bouncing about on the deck rail.
It is also a little odd to see this now during early summer.

I did a little research and it could also be mites or lice.
Poor little guy!

Sunday, June 24, 2018

The Hydrangeas....

- they are gorgeous both inside -

- and out -

- Have a Happy Sunday -

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Saturday Critters ~ 236 ~

I needed pictures for today's Critter Post,
I only share "new" pictures here on my blog.
Often when I am taking pictures I think, why do I bother?
I already have some pretty good pictures of whatever bird I am photographing,
but I still do it, because I enjoy their company.

There is a certain amount of pleasure I derive from holding the camera in my hands,
watching the birds movements and listening to their song.
I never use a tripod.
For me, it is as much about the birds as it is about taking their picture.

Friday, I put out some sunflower seeds, fruit and jelly, I opened the window
and shared some special moments with my feathered friends.

Male Cardinal

Female Cardinal

American Robin

House Wren

Female House Finch

Male House Finch

Blue Jay
Looking quite disappointed with my spread - he prefers peanuts but I'm out!

Mourning Dove

I have better pictures of the Gray Catbird but I liked this one of him enjoying the jelly.
I always think of my good friend Theresa in Texas when I see them, 
Hi T,
I miss you!

And Junior here just can't stay out of the action,
if you look closely, you can see some jelly in his tail feathers!

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Friday, June 22, 2018

Maple Leaf Farm

We pass this nursery all the time...
I started seeing commercials on television for I knew I had to go.

I talked the hubs into taking me to Cheesecake Factory for an early dinner.
is only a hop, skip and a jump away.
Unbeknownst to him, I knew our end destination would be here,
I just had to get inside.

I was not disappointed but they do not sell my kind of decor.
They have a lot of pretty rustic art, garden items, bird houses and feeders, 
but I have enough of those.
Still, it was fun to walk around, look around and take pictures.
There was not another living soul in the place, 
so I did not have to give anyone the stink eye to get them out of my way for pictures.

For Leanne...she knows why!

The Sweet Shop was closed...I did see a little tear in the hubs eye.

This is the only item I might have purchased but didn't.

The greenhouse was huge...

and hot, very hot, I didn't last long!

Have you ever had a store like that?
One you could not wait to get inside and it wasn't all that?