Saturday, April 30, 2022

Saturday's Critters #437

 I have not stood at the back office window in some time now,
camera in hand, photographing the birds.

On April 27th, I had but just a few minutes to spend with the birds.

The Catbirds are back, they leave during the fall and return in early spring.
They are quite abundant in the yard, they are playful and very easy to photograph.

I see these Chickadees all year long, they are quick at the feeders,
and not quite as easy to photograph.

These are the White Throated Sparrows.
I took these pictures on April 27th, they are usually gone by then...
but I am still seeing at least 2 of them.
In the second picture the "white throat" is very evident. 

The Male House Finch, numerous at the feeders, year round.
Also very playful and easy to photograph.

This Yellow-Rumped Warbler was here all winter.
I took this picture on March 28th, right before it left for the spring and summer.
It will return next winter.

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Friday, April 29, 2022

Kites At The Pier Festival

 When we arrived in Long Branch for the Kite Festival most of the large kites where on the ground.
There was not enough of a breeze to keep them up in the air.
It was also cloudy, hazy, no sun in sight.

This is an annual festival, held on the beach in Pier Village, Longbranch, New Jersey, 
where there is generally a bit of a breeze.

They were really struggling to get this stingray in the air,
there was no lack of effort.

The clouds parted, and the sky became a beautiful shade of blue.

Still not enough of a breeze to get all of the kites up in the sky.
People had traveled here from as far away as New Hampshire and Maine, 
such a shame it was not more of a success.

We had a really nice afternoon.
We brought the Zingerwe actually keep it charged, in the car, so we were able to take a nice long walk.
Once the sun came out, it was a beautiful day.
The boardwalk here is so nice, 
there are so many great shops, restaurants and a carousel, which I photographed to share on another day.
We stopped for Pete and Eldas pizza on the way home.
Delicious thin crusted pizza but it was so loud I came home with a headache.
I love their pizza but in the future, 
we will get take-out and eat it at the beach as it is so close to Ocean Grove.

Thursday, April 28, 2022

The Spring Blooms In Longwood Gardens

 A single bloom can often be just as lovely as a garden full of blossoms.
Spring, may be the most wonderful time to visit 
As the earth is waking up,
 the grass has turned green, the trees are blooming and tulips line the walking paths.
There is a scent of perfume in the air.
(This sounds like a brochure, I am not usually this formal, or am I?)

I think this is our favorite time of year to visit the gardens, but Christmas is also spectacular.
I like spring because the display is primarily outdoors and all about flowers.

So let's get to the pictures, right, it's what we all adore.

The Trumpet Tulips

Next the Anemone Flowers, 
they come in a wide variety of shapes and colors.
They primarily featured this color which was my favorite.

Blue Poppy Anemone

An Eastern Redbud is white, I have never seen one before.

A close-up of the Chimes Tower.

- deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light -

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Spring In Longwood Gardens

may be the most remarkable place to visit during spring.
Enter the conservatory at the east end and this view will take your breath away!

Outdoors you will see...

- The Italian Water Gardens -

- 2 silly kids in the gazebo -

- trumpet tulips -

Thousands of tulips line the garden paths, 
they are organized into 15 divisions based on the flower shape, origin and color...

one grouping more spectacular then the one before it!

This part of the path was lined with hyacinth, still in bloom.

This was a great, quiet path for taking pictures.

Chimes Tower

Chloe and Lucinda

- a garden is a delight to the eye, and a solace for the soul -