Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Cattus Island Park

The Environmental Center here at
Cattus Island County Park
was destroyed during Super Storm Sandy.
They did an amazing job rebuilding it.

Even the Butterfly Garden received some beautiful updates and 
some new plantings.

This pretty bench and beautiful arbor are new.

Here's a look inside at the new exhibits in the Environmental Center,
it wasn't very crowded...hehehehe

Outside, 530 acres and 7 miles of trails, the park boarders on the Barnegat Bay.

This was a fun afternoon and a beautiful day!
May 28, 2017

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Arrow Acres Farm...

On Saturday, I went to visit my Alpaca...
They aren't really mine, but when I walk around the farm, I pretend they are mine.
I love them...but what I love more is the feeling I have when I am on this farm.
Every member of the family greets you with a huge smile,
they are genuinely happy to see you.
Us girls talk about girl stuff, yarn and knitting...
Don takes everyone who visits for a tour.
He tells them all about the Alpaca and offers you carrots so you can feed them.
Dee shows everyone how to "spin yarn".

Sister Liz knows how much I love birds,
she helps me find this blue bird so I can capture a picture.
Leanne is here, she is the patient soul who taught me how to knit.
I love her!

They all call me "Purple Debbie" can you handle how cute that is?

So "any who"...I took a few pictures, really I did...
* hehehehe *

They are playful...

and roll around in the dirt!

I wanted to see them on Saturday, because they were getting their haircut on Sunday,
and they look kinda' different.
It is best for them - so they can tolerate the summer heat!

These five Alpaca had been sheared at a show the week before...

this is how they look after a haircut.

"Laying in wait"

If you ever visit the New Jersey shore, be sure to stop by
in Wall Township, New Jersey
Family run, it is unlike any farm you will visit!!


Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day...

In memory of many, In honor of all...
Thank you for your service!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Bay Head Beaches...

When the waves pick up and the foam comes in...

it reminds me of the tourists.

The out-of-towners have come and they have taken over. 
There will be no more long short walks on the empty beaches.
Our hunts for shells and sea glass are over until the Fall.
The beaches are no longer free to enter and on our favorite beach,
you must pay to get on until 9 pm on weekends.

But there are other perks to living at the shore during summer.
We have the boardwalks, movies on the beach, fireworks, putt-putt, festivals, 
concerts, craft shows, peddle boats, parks - and so much more.

I am excited to live in a place where other people come to vacation!

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Saturday Critters ~ 180 ~

The sun has been missing in action a lot this week.
We have had a lot of dark skies and rainy days.

Even with the dark skies the camera has seen a lot of action...
I have noticed that my Male House Finches are redder,
brighter and more beautiful than usual.

The Mrs. is soft and pretty - a lot less flashy.

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Friday, May 26, 2017

Delicious Orchard

When I visit Delicious Orchards I usually photograph all of the amazing 
fruits, vegetables, breads, cheeses and bakery items.
I love this place, we visit often and you can see pictures all of the fresh foods they sell here.
When we went last Sunday, I decided to photograph their nursery flowers for a change.
In addition to the foods they sell, they also have a pretty big nursery out front.

The first image was my favorite...which flower did you fall in love with?