Sunday, May 21, 2017

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Did you guys start your Summer vegetable garden indoors?
I always start mine indoors, with seeds...
because for whatever reason, that feels so much more rewarding to me.

These are my tomato plants,
Marglobe, Celebration and Container

And this year for the first time I did this.
I placed a sliced tomato in to a pot and covered it with soil.
I read about doing this on the internet, and so far it is working out well!
This tomato was left over from a sandwich - you can see the mayonnaise on it.

I don't usually have any casualties...

but all I could salvage from this plant was one small shoot.
I added a few more seeds and I will hope for the best!

My other cucumber plant is doing great and my peppers are very slow to start.

And are you wondering about my orchid??

Well it is in full bloom right now, 

I counted 17 blooms total on it.

Soon the vegetable plants will go outside into the pots on the deck -
and annuals will be planted, in and around the yard!


  1. You make me want to start a garden!

  2. I don't grow veggies but good for you.

  3. I'm lucky if I keep the grasshoppers from eating the flowers!
    Your orchids are beautiful. We used to have a neighbor who had
    that green thumb like you. :)


  4. Debbie.... I have never heard of using a slice of a tomato to start a tomato plant. I look forward to hearing more about it. I started three heirloom tomato plants this year for the first time in a long time.... I have so little sun. So far so good... to plants are loaded with tomatos. One has a few blooms..... I am in a more southern time zone.

  5. Hello, you do have green thumb! I love your orchids! Lovely blooms! Happy Sunday, enjoy your day!

  6. Wow, Debbie yours is doing good. I'm going out to check on my stuff too, it's been so stormy and rainy here. You do have good luck with your plantings and after seeing your outdoor pots I added more of them too.

  7. Wow for the orchid! I've never seen a tomato planted like your part slice.

  8. You have a green thumb my friend. Your orchid is beautiful. I salvaged one several years back from the 'manager's special' cart at the grocery store which I believe was their way of saying 'last call before going to the dump'. Much to my surprise after those last couple of blooms went away it sat dormant with beautiful green leafs for a number of months then bam! a stock of buds. On at least one occasion I had 8 or so blooms and it continues to hang in there - but never 17, maybe one day. Well done.

  9. For one....I don't grow veggies! haha...When I was younger I had a garden, loved growing my veggies and making pickles but now I do as much as I can to make my life easy since the life of Fibro set in. But I love that you and others do gardens! I do have a tomato plant in a pot out back thanks to my brother who potted it and gave it to me! My friend Chris also does a big garden with LOTS in it....I will benefit from that! I just need to stick to flowers!

  10. My husband has started plants, from seed. But not this year.

    How interesting..... Planting the tomato slice... Never seen anything like this. :-) Do keep us updated, on its progress!!!!

    It is actually cold up here, today! Glad he planted the front flowers, on Sat. It's not comfortable enough, to kneel out there, and plant today. ,-)

  11. Debbie, your orchid!!!!
    It is gorgeous!
    I did start my plants inside this year. They went out into the garden a few weeks ago, so they did have to be covered a few ties due to frost. Hopefully any frost is behind us now, and they seem to be doing well. Time will tell. :-)
    I have never heard of planting an actual tomato, but you can bet I am going to try it.
    Have a wonderful week ahead, my friend!

  12. I am fascinated about the thought of planting half a tomato!

  13. I have a few tomatoes out, but my garden isn't far from in full swing. Planted flowers this weekend, finally. Your orchid looks gorgeous!

  14. Incredible orchid! Love the colour. Our tomatoes go straight in the ground, after June 1st. But the season is so short that we buy good size plants to start with.

  15. We got rain! I'm spreading the good news! Lol

  16. My seedlings did great. I just forget to label them. My orchid is also looming, but not 17! Wow!

  17. Wow. That orkut is stunningly beautiful Debbie.

  18. You have an amazing green thumb ! I've never started tomatoes from seeds-- how intriguing. We used to just scatter seeds for everything else directly in the ground. Mother's Day weekend was just about the perfect time there ( when the kids were small helping to start the garden was my gift after breakfast that they (and their dad) cooked. Anyway, things grow pretty fast in Oregon and that worked for us. But the tomatoes always came from nursery starts.

  19. Looks like your garden is on the way to another successful year.

  20. Love your green thumb Debbie. Your tomato slice is intriguing.

  21. They are looking good, hmmm I never heard of growing tomato from a piece before, but they do have seeds :) We bought little 6 pack of the green peppers since I didn't get around to starting them and I would like to be getting some peppers pretty soon, but we did plant the carrots from seeds right outside and they seem to be coming along pretty well. Hoping the bunnies in the yard don't find them.
    Your Orchid is just lovely, wow it has really filled out and of course your favorite color :)
    Have a great week!

  22. I really should get going, but I just have my foot and knee in fairly good shape. I should hire someone to turn the veggie garden over for me!

  23. Wow, that orchid is fantastic! Don't think I've heard of planting a slice of tomato. Interesting concept.

    1. it is new to me also patti - fingers crossed - i will post an update here!!!!

  24. Very nice - and what a neat trick with the tomato! I need to get some flowers planted, and maybe some herbs. I like the idea of gardening a teensy bit more than the actual digging and weeding :-/

  25. It will be interesting to see how the tomato grows ...
    Well done on all of your planting.

    Your orchid is spectacular!

    All the best Jan

  26. I love how you approach everything in a "no fuss" way Debbie ☺ Starting off plants like you've shown here is so nice to see. Good idea for tomato slice... easier even than drying the seeds etc. Love your exceptionally pretty orchids too - so healthy. Cheers!

  27. How interesting putting the tomato slice in the pot; I have never heard of this idea. Your Orchids are beautiful. You are going to have a wonderful crop of veggies, Debbie.

  28. You are my inspiration for starting a patio garden. Mine did quite well last year even though I didn't start it with seeds.
    I do want to know how the tomato slice does. I'm smiling on this one. ~ Your photos were awesome and especially of the beautiful Orchids. Blessings and hugs!