Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Lancaster Yarn Shop

There are so many yarn shops in Lancaster, Pa.,
one on every corner.
They seem to be "almost" as popular as the quilt shops.

I decided to visit one, so as to not obsess over it,
 and to for sure purchase some yarn to 
make something to memorialize our trip!!

I choose Lancaster Yarn Shop,
it was a great choice.

I asked the owner if I could take pictures, she said Yes...
the rest is history.
I was like a kid in a candy store,
lets take a look inside this adorable yarn shop!!

And did I purchase any yarn you ask??
Well yes, yes I did!!
More on that tomorrow!!

June 25, 2015

Monday, June 29, 2015

Hydrangeas From The Garden!!

If I were not so tired right now,
I would go outside and photograph my gardens,
specifically my hydrangeas.
My 7 hydrangea bushes are stunning, just stunning.
Last year they did not bloom because of our harsh winter here at the shore.
This year they have exploded with blooms and colors.
If you close your eyes and dream about them...
I am sure you will be able to see them.

I love cutting them and bringing them inside.

 When I purchased this pretty basket with vases,
I knew I would use it for my hydrangeas.

It did not come with "Easy Arrangers" which I knew I would need.
I call them "frogs" and they were not easy to find,
even on-line.
I finally found them, ordered them and received them,
now I am seeing them everywhere I go...
isn't that always the way.

 You place them on top of the jar/vase...

 and then you "mold" the frog to fit snuggly over the top,
this helps the flowers to stay put...
well, not really!!
But with a little lot of work and patience,
and if you don't move it or breath on it, they stay in place!

 And they look lovely, just like this!!

 For me, it's all about details...and these details, I loved!

 It came with 3 vases but because of the size of the blooms,
I was only able to get 2 back in.
The other is on my desk.

 Seashore memories...

I love the way blue looks with yellow!!

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Up, Up and Away...

in my beautiful, my beautiful balloon!!

A Hot Air Balloon Ride...
it is the experience of a lifetime...a view and feeling like no other I have ever experienced.
Our "experience" was on June 25th, we were celebrating our 37th wedding anniversary.
What a great way to celebrate!

We arrived at 6 a.m., as the sun was rising.
We had so much happy anticipation as they inflated the balloons.
Two balloons were going up on this morning.

And have you noticed my beautiful Guernsey Wrap
it was a cool morning and I was thrilled to wrap myself up in it!

let's get to the good stuff, pictures,
 they tell the story better than I ever could!

 We look like peanuts standing up against the balloon.

 This is the inside of the balloon, as it's being inflated.

 Side by side, our balloon is the one on the right,

 both balloons were spectacular.

 We rose with the sun, it was such a magical moment.
The entire ride was about an hour.

 I like flying low best, as you can see everything perfectly.

 The fields...

  The farms...

  The landscapes...all manicured perfectly!

This is a picture of overwhelming joy,
our cruising altitude here was about 7,200 feet.

Next are a few images from our descend...

You never know where you will land,
on this day, we landed in a Pottery Barn parking lot...nice!

If you have a fear of heights, which I do, you will not feel afraid.
There is no physical connection between the earth and the balloon like there is in a tall building.
The feeling of complete freedom alleviate any apprehension or anxiety.

The balloon moves at the same speed as the air, there is no feeling of motion.
The sensation of ballooning is the complete absence of sensation.
Tranquil, Calm, Relaxing, Weightless...are the only words I could use to describe this experience!!

Many thanks to our pilot Kyle Lucas and our "clean-up" crew, you guys are amazing!!

This will, perhaps, become a new anniversary tradition!
Have fun while you're here, you won't be here forever!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Saturday Critters ~ 80 ~

The Deer of Lancaster, Pennsylvania 

 Mr. Buck...he never moved.

A Seneca White Deer

 with long, beautiful, flowing eyelashes.

 A Fawn

These beautiful deer were behind a chain link fence...
at a petting zoo.
As much as I enjoyed seeing them,
they were so docile, so motionless, it bothered me.
I wish I had spotted them in the wild, where they belong.

Sharing images of the beautiful Deer with,
Eileen at Viewing Nature With Eileen

Tomorrow, I am going to share pictures from our balloon adventure.
Get Ready!!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Six Words Friday ~ Toast ~

"Toast"-ing thirty-seven years of wedded bliss!!

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June 25, 2015

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Good Fences ~ Edition 66 ~

I hit the fence jackpot during my recent trip to 
Cape May
Almost every house had a fence and the landscapes are gorgeous!!

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for Good Fences
Stop by and consider joining in the fun, any fence or gate will do!