Thursday, October 31, 2019

Searching For Autumn

Autumn has been a no show around the Jersey Shore.
Until just recently, there has been almost no color in the trees.
We've been looking...
drives in the car in search of falls beautiful colors, have turned up empty.

On October 15th, we found a little color in Colts Neck...

and we found some really beautiful, well cared for horses as well.

 we found these pretty trees in Spring Lake while riding the bikes.

We also found more scarecrows in town, 
I thought these were really well done.

Our last stop was to ride the bikes up to the beach to see the ocean,
yep, it's still there looking as lovely as always.

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Peddlers Village, Pennsylvania

On our fall Bucket List and because we go every year...we hit
Peddlers Village in Pennsylvania to see their incredible scarecrow display.
It is a contest, visitors vote, that part was over, but I enjoyed seeing how well they all did.

42 acres of really beautiful outdoor shopping in colonial style buildings,
I think the cobblestone pathways may be my favorite part.
So get ready for some very cool scarecrows and way too many pictures.

There were at least a hundred scarecrows, it's hard to believe but I only shared my favorites!

This is a great place to visit any time of year.
They are always hosting some type of festival or special event.
There are a lot of good restaurants as well, but we chose to eat in nearby New Hope. 

We had to eat like real people, at real people time
because they do not open until 5 pm.

This bread may look ordinary, but it was the best I have ever eaten.

The same with the food, it was incredible.
We split a strip steak and I am so glad we did.
It was more than enough and it gave us plenty of "room" to enjoy the sides.
The steak was served sizzling!

oooooh the sides...
This loaded baked potato casserole was so very good, served pipping hot!

Live music...

the decor was really beautiful,

 in its former life, the building was a church.

So what was my favorite part about this day, it's hard to choose...
it may have been my nap on the ride home!
No, seriously...walking around the village with my sweetie was my favorite part,
but Marsha Brown was a very close second.

If you are ever in the area, eat here, the food is amazing!

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Halloween Happiness In Hershey

The trip to Hershey and Chocolate World was so fun...

but one of the funnest things we I did while I was there was the 
Trick-Or-Treat Hunt
I'm sure this was designed for the kids but when I asked about it, 
the young girl told me it was for everyone,
- score -
So I picked up my paper bag, my hunt instructions and off I went!
The hubs followed but I noticed he kept his distance...
hehehehe, he was in-to-it, he just did not want anyone to know!

There were riddles inside the colored paper signs,
they were super cute and so fun to answer.

We found all 6, the prize was a large candy bar.
I don't eat candy really, I just wanted to participate in the scavenger hunt,
the hubs had no trouble getting rid of it.

Two more shots from inside Chocolate World.
This trip is always so much fun, I'm sure we will go back during Christmas time!