Friday, October 25, 2019

Hershey, Pa...Part II

Do you remember our trip to Hershey, Pa., before Rhinebeck, NY,
the one I wrote about here.
Well I was not done sharing pictures from that trip and I have a lot more for your viewing pleasure.

I usually try to "share" things in the order that they happen, 
but I was so excited about my sheep and wool festival, 
I just couldn't wait to tell you all about it.
Back to Hershey...the cars were amazing!

1933 Chevrolet 

- inside -

I think you should know, I know nothing about vintage cars...
the only thing I know is that I love them.
Sometimes one of the owners will approach with me because I have one of those faces,
I listen intently as if I understand, but I don' me, they are just beautiful cars!

Many thanks to my amazing husband for 
making sure I got to the show and for being sure that I had the time of my life!
This was the best weekend ever!


BeachGypsy said...

I love those old cars too! Can you imagine driving one of those around back in the day? I loved the previous post too!!---the group photo of y'all on the steps is so so cute! Love how alot of y'all have hats on, you know how i love hats. The colors there are so amazing....the oranges, the reds, even the greens mixed in...just beautiful fall color....I loved seeing it. And seeing you and your friends, alot of y'all, wearing your pretty creations to the events.

eileeninmd said...

Hi Debbie, I am the same, I know nothing about cars. These cars are beautiful, they remind me of movies like the Great Gatsby. Cute photos of you and your hubby! Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy weekend!

Marie Smith said...

Love the yellow ones the best. That’s all I know, the colours I like. The insides of those vehicles are quite something too.

Changes in the wind said...

Love how they added the extra info on the 1933 Chevrolet:)Some real beauties.

Kinga K. said...

So pretty❤

Carol Henstra said...

You guys look great. My hubby had a severe Stroke on his left side. He is unable to again not sit or walk ever . Only by a hospitial lift. I cannot bring him to live with me again. Having to find him a Long Term Home. So glad you two can get about to all your adventures and trips. On the brighter side . You guys make a beautiful couple. We have these cars come to a town in Minden. Ontario. On Saturday night. Show and tell at the Kawartha Dairy Ice-cream hang out. Open house for all to see these beauty of cars . Great pictures you have.

Judy said...

So beautiful It is a real art and takes dedication, not to mention lots of money, to restore these cars to their original beauty.

Lisa Resnick said...

wow! assume cars...!
clipping path

Sally said...

I always love seeing the old cars you guys go to look at. And, every time I remember our mother talking about one they had 'back in the day' and that she always had to sit in the rumble seat. :)


Lowcarb team member said...

I know nothing about cars either! But these are rather nice, great photographs:)

All the best Jan

Margaret Birding For Pleasure said...

I love old cars and these ones are brilliant Debbie. I hope you have a great weekend.

Brian King said...

Absolutely gorgeous cars! I would be there quite a while just looking at the details on each one.

21 Wits said...

Any and every time I can catch these kinds of shows we do! Such beauties here.

Conniecrafter said...

I am with you and know really nothing about them but always good to see the old cars being taken care of and so future generation can check them out.
My favorite is always the ones with the wood on them, just so cool! That is neat the guy that is drawing them, we saw a girl drawing a bridge when we were on our vacation, so neat to see people with such great artistic way with them! Glad it was such a great weekend.

LeAnn said...

I'm like you, I love Vintage Cars but I don't know that much about them. I just think they are all beautiful and unique. Thanks for sharing all the photos; I almost felt like I was there too.
Sending loving thoughts and hugs!