Thursday, October 10, 2019

We Stop For Deer

Have you ever seen those bumper stickers,
"I stop for                    "

They never say "deer" but we really need one that says deer!
We stop, we turn around, we back get the picture, pun intended!

This was a drive past, u-turn, drive and u-turn situation, but I got the shot.

Standing in the middle of an open field, it was still there when we got back.
I only got one picture...

and it took right off.

There was only one, perhaps it's family was there in the woods.

I wish they weren't afraid, I would love to spend more time with them!


  1. They have very good reason to fear humans, Debbie. I visited Bhutan several years ago where the bulk of the population is Buddhist, hence vegetarian, and there is no history of hunting. Wildlife is much more approachable.

  2. I agree about a sign, Debbie. When I visit over home in W. FL, they do have signs. More than one time we saw deer crossing the road.


  3. Beautiful photos, I’ve only ever seen deer in Nova Scotia. There are none on PEI. It was a thrill to see them.

  4. Outstanding! Thank you for turning around and you got some great shots. I agree with you, they do need a sign for deer.

  5. oh my, what a GORGEOUS picture of the deer!!! I love them, they are so shy and gentle and dainty looking!!! Love their eyes. You got a great shot before it ran off!!!

  6. Wow, you got a great shot of that deer. I enjoy looking out for them when we are driving. We hit one a long time ago and we felt very bad. We do have signs that say: "Watch for Deer for the next so many miles.
    Blessings and hugs!

  7. Sometimes one photo is all you need. That's a beautiful one! It pays to turn around (well, maybe not EVERY time). LOL!

  8. I stop for them too! Nice shots.

  9. I have the same luck quite a bit, but you did get that one great shot though :) Even the ones of it walking away are neat!

  10. Beautiful photographs Debbie.

    All the best Jan