Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The Mohonk House - Part 2

Riding up to the Mohonk House was so exciting. 
We have never been to this resort and we did not know what to expect. 
The road leading in was "steep", long and winding...my ears started to pop,
 and I got pretty excited. 
The view was magical, mystical...

We arrived early to check in but our room was ready,
that's always a great way to start a vacation.

- the next few pictures are of the room -

- it was so quaint and unique -

- it had a fireplace -

- it was tiny cozy and no t.v. -

The hotel featured a movie each night, current movies and we watched one 
"15:17 To Paris"
A 2018 movie, a true story, and I really enjoyed it.

We went horseback riding on day 1,
you know how "they" say when you fall off your horse you should get back on,
I agree with that...I did and I had an amazing ride.

My horse was Andes...

The hubs rode Remy...
Remy and Andes are boyfriend and girlfriend...

Our guides name was Sophi, she was so nice...
The other guides name was Sarah, she was behind us...
both girls were so kind and helpful,
both naturals on a horse.
And did you notice the purple boots? 
The stable required closed toed shoes, I'm like closed toed shoes, 
what are those, I don't have any...
but then I remembered my pretty, purple snow boots...and they became riding boots!

The view from the trail was breathtaking, I think?
I dropped my glasses during the fall so my vision was "off" "a little blurry"!
Sophia sent a text to the stable - the glasses were found - all's well that ends well!

Now don't tell anyone I fell off the horse,
let's just keep that between us!!

Monday, September 24, 2018

The Mohonk Gardens

The gardens and flowers at the Mohonk House were beautiful!

More on our adventure tomorrow!