Friday, January 24, 2020

Skating On Thin Ice

I accepted the hubs offer yesterday, 
to go out to do errands, he said we could stop at Lake of the Lilies.
We stopped there first because the sun was out,
I did't know the lake was frozen.

Almost immediately, I saw a 
Great Blue Heron
on the edge of the lake but once he saw us he took off in to the lake.
But not so easy he soon found out...I had fun watching him slide around on the ice.

To say that he was aware of my presence is an understatement.
He kept eyes on me almost continually.

According to the North American Native tradition, 
the Blue Heron brings messages of self determination and self reliance. 
They represent an ability to progress and evolve.
Blue Herons have the innate wisdom of being able to maneuver through life,
 and co-create their own circumstances.

His chestnut coloring was much more visible today...
Was he spreading his feathers like this to keep warm or impress me?
I was impressed!

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Yarn Along

This Yarn Along is not going to be as exciting as last week,
it's actually quite depressing.
I was pretty far along on my February Hat by Kate Gagnon Osborn
when I noticed I had made a mistake pretty early on.
Of course the first thing I did was text Leanne and put the pressure on her...
"should I rip it out? or just keep going".
Of course, she is so very kind, her response to the first picture I sent...
"What mistake? I don't see anything"
I sent another picture, her second response...
"I still don't notice a mistake. Soooooooo that shows you! Don't rip it out!!!
I sent a third picture pointing at the mistake, she had to come clean, her exact response...
"OMG. Leave it. It's hardly anything at all. DO NOT RIP IT OUT!!!!!!!"

You know I ripped it out, almost back to the beginning, 
I was able to save the brim.
But I have made great progress since ripping it out, it was a great motivator...
I think it would be done if I hadn't...
But, I am so happy I did as now it is perfectly, perfect.

February Hat by Kate Gagnon Osborn,
free here on Ravelry.
Knitted with yarn from Arrow Acres Alpaca Farm 3 ply DK Alpaca Yarn.
This hat is for my niece Sarah, matching the one I made for Kalmia.

It is almost finished. 
It is the only knitted project I am working on right now,
I would like to get it done and mailed so she can get some use out of it this winter!

Here is a close up of some of the detail in the hat.
It looks complicated, but it's not.

Once I finish this, I will be back to my cables.