Monday, July 22, 2019

Becoming A Butterfly

All butterflies must go through 4 stages to become an Adult Butterfly!
Larvae - Caterpillar
Pupa - Chrysalis
then they become an Adult Butterfly

The next 5 pictures were taken on July 11th,
during their eating frenzy.
These were taken right after I had cleaned the cage.

The next 2 were taken on July 13th.

They eat like crazy, and then suddenly stop.
For 2 days they look for the perfect spot to spin
a silky cocoon and molt into Chrysalis.

At this point I have 15 in Chrysalis.
If you are interested in reading a more detailed article about the transformation,
How Does A Caterpillar Turn In To A Butterfly
is a good article.

This is the first Butterfly that emerged on July 19th.
After they emerge, you must leave them in the cage for 2 hours so they can dry their wings.

When we brought it outside, it hung around for a few minutes, and then flew off.
It came back and flew by as if to say "thanks, life with you was good"!

This is a picture of the second butterfly to emerge on July 20th.
We brought it outside and it took off immediately after just this one picture.

It is so satisfying to watch them fly off, and to know that you were a big part of creating them.
And let's not forget how beautiful they are!

Friday, July 19, 2019

Saturday Critters ~ 292 ~

My Coneflowers look amazing this year.
Not only have they tripled in size, 
but they have done a great job in attracting bees and butterflies to the garden.
Started with seeds,
 just a few years ago, they look outstanding in the backyard surrounding the deck.

The Coneflowers are just as beautiful as this wild Black Swallowtail,
it is not one of mine, although I did release one yesterday.
More on that tomorrow.

Next up, a Bumble Bee...

I am always amazed at the perfect lines and symmetry of a Coneflower,
a beautiful flower only mother nature could create!

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