Thursday, January 17, 2019

The Winter Bucket List

Things are going very well with the 

Winter Bucket List

I have surprised myself with all those red "x's" on the list...
In the upper right corner of the page I wrote a note to us "Have Fun", we sure have.
But we need some snow to finish things up...and it just may be coming this weekend, fingers crossed.
We got a small dusting the other day, not even enough for pictures.

The hubs went in to Home DePot for some work supplies,
and saw these Paperwhites were on sale, half price.
There were only 3 in the box, I planted them on Thursday January 10th.

A few days later, when we were food shopping at Stop & Shop,

 I saw these Amaryllis on clearance for a dollar. 
Would you believe that, one dollar, one hopped straight in to my shopping cart.
But why only one??
For a buck-a-roo, I could have been a real sport and picked up a few.

I spread the paperwhites out wider and on Saturday,
 I put the Amaryllis in the same dish, in the center. I think everyone is happy...
here's hoping we have some pretty blooms in the house soon!

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Yarn Along

I finished the Donnie's Hat I have been working on, 
AND I found someone to gift it to.
If you don't know the "hat story", this will mean nothing to you.
If you know the hat story, you get it,
you know that every single person I know or am related to, has a hat, made by "moi".
one of my favorite nieces is engaged to a handsome police officer,
he came along after the hat surge,
and can you believe it, he doesn't have a this one is for you Gabe.

I adore these tags that the farm includes with their yarn,
this yarn was made from fiber from Spacie, Swag and Vaunesse.

Soft, warm and so cuddly, I'm sure he will love it!

I signed up for a class at the Coop, this coming Friday, to learn how to crochet.
In my younger life, 
I crocheted a lot, I even made blankets, so I am hoping I will pick it up quickly.

This I did, because as you know, I need another hobby!