Friday, July 23, 2021

A Little Of Everything - And A Little More On The Side

 Life here on the Winding River has been good... 
- full -
here's a peak into what's been going on!

We sold and closed on our Lakewood Property, the property where we had the fire.
You may remember that the hubs rebuilt the part of the building that was destroyed by the fire,
the property and buildings were in tip top shape as we sold it.
We made the decision several months ago, preparing all of the paperwork took a bit of time.

The plant on the back of the mailbox is doing well,
I really like the color!

Have you ever had Toaster Strudel?
A guilty pleasure I allow myself every so often.
It's like a Pop Tart, but so much better.
Hot and flakey, filled with fruit, this one is mixed berry.
I took this picture of the clouds a while back, before the hospital...
I thought these clouds were pretty interesting.

Garden Haul
I planted yellow summer squash, but this is what I am getting.
A very strange combination of yellow squash and zucchini.
The pepper is suppose to be red,
since picking it and leaving it on the counter, most of it has now turned red.

Dried egg shells promote growth in the garden.
I have plenty...
I am afraid to put them in my garden, my plants are all huge.

I was able to make a coffee cake this morning.
The hubs put all of the ingredients on the kitchen table, and it went together pretty easily.
It was delicious!

Tough times don't last...Tough people do!

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Thank You For Being My Friend

While I was in the hospital, the hubs brought me the mail that was coming to the house.
My good friend Liz sent me this coloring book with these great twirly pencils... 
to occupy my mind and hands.
Such an awesome gift, I have enjoyed the art of coloring so much, and this is one GREAT book!
And the twirly pencils are wonderful too, 
I have never used these pencils and I really like them.
I finished one...

for Liz.
That's me in the purple and she with the pig tails.

Her sons Grant and Wade made these cards for me.

Yesterday, she brought this spaghetti pie for the hubs and I for dinner.

Omgoodness it was so delicious, enough for both of us for two meals.

And my good friend Leanne, my knitting teacher and Liz's sister
made me this delicious loaf of homemade bread!
I could have eaten the entire loaf by myself, extra butter please.

What wonderful friends they are...

Did I mention the food was great but the visit was even better...
it was so good to see them, and Leanne's son Chase too!

What great laughs we had...thank you both for being my friend!