Monday, September 25, 2023

Tropical Storm Ophelia

 Ophelia has been swirling around the east coast for days.
It has been raining since Saturday and is expected to rain all day today.
We have been dealing with strong winds, heavy rain, and flooding.
They are reporting beach erosion on the news. 
I have not gone out, although I would have enjoyed a peak at the ocean.
I have enjoyed my inside time, as I made sure I had plenty of yarn and other projects to work on.

I prepared the ever important Fall Bucket List,
you can print your own here.

Saturday was the perfect day to make this 
Pot Roast
and it was amazing!

I also made Pesto, I think it was a flop...more on that another day!

I started to do a little Christmas Shopping.
Books for the little ones from Amazon.
I like buying books from Amazon because they are always in excellent condition.
On every occasion, I write a note on the inside cover.

I completed several Jigsaw Puzzles on my computer, they are so fun, here is a picture of my favorite.

My Kansas City Chiefs played the Chicago Bears at a great time on Sunday, 4:20 and they won...
41 - 10
it was a lopsided game but I still had my jersey on, #15, and enjoyed watching it!

I finished 2 more pumpkins,
The leaves I knitted a few years ago.

Sunday, September 24, 2023