Sunday, May 19, 2019

Lake Of The Lilies

The Swans are back at Lake of the Lilies and they were not camera shy when I visited!
In fact, it seemed to me like this one was posing for my pictures.

As I turned to leave...
this Swan turned it's head and flicked the water...

and decided to play hard to get...

I'm so happy they are back!

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Saturday Critters ~ 283 ~

On a recent trip to Lake of the Lilies,

 I was very surprised to see a Lesser Yellowlegs.
This is an elegant wading bird with long, very bright orange-yellow legs.
It's bill is thin, long and straight.

I was also surprised to see the Least Sandpipers as well...

there were so many, you can see in this picture, just how tiny they were.

They moved a lot more and a lot quicker, they were very difficult to photograph.

I saw a lot of great wildlife today that I will share pictures of in the upcoming days!

Many thanks to David at Travels With Birds for helping me to identify these birds correctly!

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