Thursday, April 30, 2015

Good Fences ~ Edition 58 ~

Last weekend was amazing, filled with so many wonderful adventures.
We went to an art show, and because I talk to everyone, 
I hear about the coolest places. 
One of those conversations led me here...

From The Garden Inc. Local Honey

Every single corner of this store was amazing.

Outside was no different!

No question, I will be returning...

 their homemade soap is amazing!!

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

What's On My Needles!!!

When I say that, I feel like a knitter. A real knitter.
So are you ready to see my most challenging project to date.

The Guernsey Wrap

I took this class on April 25th, 
Leanne's finished wrap, is on the table, to the right.
It's always wonderful to see the finished project, before you start.
It gives you a great image of what you are creating,
and working toward.

 I brought little sandwiches, brownies and sweet tea,
as we "work" through lunch and we need a power source!

This is my wrap, as I left class...

 here it is yesterday... 

and now today,

 it has so many beautiful details.

I LOVE the pattern, the way it looks 
and I can't wait to wrap it around my shoulders!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Let's Knit...

some more, because I don't knit enough!!
I keep saying to myself, "what did I do before"?
I'm not sure.

Exciting news, 
I have taken two more classes, on "my" Alpaca farm
and I am having the time of my life!

Wonderful people, new friends and the perfect view!

First up, The Lace Headband 

 This class was on April 22nd, 

 not too difficult,

and I learned a lot of new stitches.
It's much easier to learn new stitches, 
when you are working on a small project.

 I finished it pretty quickly, with only a few mistakes.
I think the pattern is beautiful.
This now needs to be "blocked" so it does not look so wavy,
and I have to put the button on.

I also finished two more hats,
these are now, mindless, quick and easy projects.

So ya' feelin' me now...
I have been knitting for less than one year,
what in the world did I use to do??

Tomorrow, I will show you my newest project,
"it's what's on my needles now".
(I have always wanted to say that!!)

Sharing today's knitting fun with
Stephanie at The Enchanting Rose
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There are lots are very talented and creative people there!!

Monday, April 27, 2015

The View From Right Here...

In the Fall, the hubs plants the Spring Bulbs.
More than 300 tiny little bulbs that will bring surprise
and delight in the Spring!

It's a spiritual way of saying, 
we will plant you, we believe in you and we will see you in Spring.
You will pop up and surprise us, saying 
"I am strong and I survived winter, 
now I prosper and I will bring joy to so many"!!

Thank you Chuck, for always bringing me so much happiness.
For making my life prettier and so much better.
For spoiling me.

And thanks also for cleaning those ceiling fans,
"you" the best!!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Sunday Drive ~ Part II

Last Sunday, you may remember, we went for a drive.
You don't "need" a destination...
and in these here parts,
you will always find something wonderful!

We did the tree search thing, that I shared with you here.

We also went to the Scone Pony because...
it is the best bakery on the planet earth.
They do not allow pictures, use your imagination...

well, it's better than that...
* smile *

Next we stumbled upon these vintage fire trucks...

 beautiful, right?

We drove home on the back roads, so we could pass one
of my favorite Alpaca Farms.
This is "edelhaus farm".
It is here that I had my first encounter with Alpaca's. 

 They always notice me when I come could be because I talk to them.

 I always tell them how beautiful they are.

John and his wife were not home, so this was a quick, roadside visit., it was enough!!

See, a ride in the car = a beautiful day, and it doesn't cost a thing!!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Saturday Critters ~ 71 ~

Let me share with you, my favorite picture of all time...

Taken a few years ago, those "tweens" sat quietly in the bird bath
until mom arrived.
I think the look on her face is priceless!!

All you moms out there, you will "get it"!!

A few months back, I organized all my favorite bird images
into a tab on top of the blog.
If you have a minute, you can view them here.
They are all my favorites from the yard.

Sharing my lifetime favorites with,