Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Sunday Drive ~ Part II

Last Sunday, you may remember, we went for a drive.
You don't "need" a destination...
and in these here parts,
you will always find something wonderful!

We did the tree search thing, that I shared with you here.

We also went to the Scone Pony because...
it is the best bakery on the planet earth.
They do not allow pictures, use your imagination...

well, it's better than that...
* smile *

Next we stumbled upon these vintage fire trucks...

 beautiful, right?

We drove home on the back roads, so we could pass one
of my favorite Alpaca Farms.
This is "edelhaus farm".
It is here that I had my first encounter with Alpaca's. 

 They always notice me when I come could be because I talk to them.

 I always tell them how beautiful they are.

John and his wife were not home, so this was a quick, roadside visit., it was enough!!

See, a ride in the car = a beautiful day, and it doesn't cost a thing!!


  1. Hello Debbie, the collection of fire trucks is cool. Great series.. And I just love the cute alpacas.. They have beautiful faces...I would have to stop and see them too. Awesome photos...Have a happy Sunday!

  2. such a cute herd! love the old firetrucks!

  3. Wow! Just a gal with a fun-loving hubby and a camera! I do love getting to tag along on all your adventures!! And you got quite the chuckle out of me as I was imagining the bakery!

  4. What fun with the vintage firetrucks and in this day and age of foodselfies I am surprised the bakery manages to dissuade cellphone snaps.

    Didn't get back to your post yesterday (I don't think) to remark on the scene at the birdbath - I've been there once too often with my kids - oh my!

  5. That's the best kind of ride --- no destination, but fun along the way. I wonder why you can't take photos inside that store. Great pix of the trucks and alpacas.

  6. I wonder why the bakery doesn't allow pictures. The fire trucks yes a beauty, the paint & chrome. Alpaca farm looks like heaven for alpacas, gorgeous place.

  7. The peeps at the bakery think you are trying to copy their products. I get that a little but of course that's not my intent!

    1. On the other hand, since they're not giving out recipes, I think it would be good advertisement. Oh well, what do I know? :)

    2. I think it's more about people copying the way they decorate the cakes and cupcakes. Perhaps someone using the images for no sincere purposes. I'm not really sure, I always ask first and they said no. I just let it go!!

  8. Sounds like such a wonderful day, Debbie!
    I just love those alpacas! :-)

  9. Oh yes, love the old fire trucks. You do indeed always find something to photograph. :)

  10. Cars are Debbie jewels, precious. and very simpaticas flames;))

  11. I love "Sunday" drives. I don't care what day of the week we go. You found some nice things on yours.

  12. Taking a ride on a nice day is "the best"!...:)JP

  13. Love that red truck! - and alpacas are pretty much one of the most adorable creatures on earth! I talk to them, too.

  14. I love a Sunday afternoon ride. Amazing vintage firetrucks, and those alpacas were a treat!

  15. I love a country drive! Those Alpacas are just gorgeous!

  16. Those firetrucks are great. Alpacas would be fun around here. A few farmers sometimes keep a small amount of animals like this, but they're not usually there.

  17. The Alpacas looks so soft and they have lovely colors also.
    I like the old fire-wagon ... nostalgica :)

  18. When growing up my parents loved to take Sunday Drives. We haven't done one for a while; perhaps soon. I loved the firetrucks; great pictures. I like the vintage era. The Alpacas are such beautiful animals; this is quite the farm.

  19. What a lovely enjoyable Sunday drive, it brings back my childhood memories!