Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Riding The Rails

There is something so comforting about the sound of a train whistle.

And the gathering of people coming home or going to visit loved ones!!

It's been a long time since the Pine Creek Rail Road did that.

There is a lot of history all around the railyard...

memories of days gone by.

This is another part of Allaire State Park,

if you follow my blog you know we visit here often.

It was a gorgeous day on November 28, 2011
no need for a jacket, it was 70 degrees outside. 

Today we walked around the rails, everything was quiet.

There was no need to decide which way to go.

We rode these on this perfect day!!

Do you love my new basket??...for the camera!!
My bike is purple, of course. Is there any other color in that crayola box??

 My basket, it's a beauty!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Chick - A - Deeeeee

Sometimes I feel like the luckiest girl on earth,
wasting spending my afternoons with these beautiful birds!!

Please stop by to view all the amazing photographs of our feathered friends!!

Guess Who's Expecting...

no not me you silly people,
it's Iris!!
If you follow my blog you know the story,
if not, click here to read all the dirty details!! 

Females can usually start to bred when they are fourteen months of age.
Males usually begin breeding when they are two years old.

Pregnancy usually lasts 11 to 12 months.
Alpacas produce one cria per year, very rarely twins.
Newborn Alpaca babies "Cria" weigh 9 - 23 pounds.
Crias usually stand within one hour and nurse within four hours.
Babies are weaned at six months.

John and Audrey said she will probably not look pregnant,
right up until the day she gives birth!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Barn Charm #19

New Hope, Pa.

I LOVED this wagon out front!!

Sharing with Tricia's Barn Charm

Thanks Tricia

Please follow the link above to view all the amazing, charming barns from around the world.

Palace Carousel

One of the most magnificent carousels in the country,
this turn of the century gem is sitting on the boardwalk in
Asbury Park, New Jersey.

This was a huge attraction back in the day, it stands empty now!!
All the wonderful history and fun facts about the rise and fall of the  
Casino Carousel can be found here.

Bruce Springsteen  "The Boss" played here in December of 2010. 
He also shot a video here.
I snapped this photograph as we were leaving the area on
Thanksgiving night.


Both of these amazing women have helped me, supported me and inspired me beyond words!!

Please stop by and check out their beautiful blogs,
they are two very special blogging friends!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

I Did It!!

After day's of planning...with attention to every single detail,
preparing, slicing and dicing
and making sure everything was was!!

It was perfect, because my boys were home!!

We were all together at the table, just the four of us!!
It was an amazing day. 

We talked, we laughed, we remembered the old days,
all the same memories we discuss each time we are together!!

Appetizers...always my favorite part!!

I did not get any pictures of got a little crazy.

I stuck to the menu,
and dinner was delicious!!

I did however get pictures of desert!!

Homemade Apple Crisp, it was yummy!!

Pumpkin Pie, the only thing I did not make!!

We celebrated Chucks birthday, we are finally, officially the same age!!

I had a video made for him, of our Hot Air Balloon Ride,
the video is amazing!!

It was a very special day for me...I will remember every detail forever!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Chuck

Pier Village Christmas Tree

Happy Birthday to the most wonderful man on the planet!!

If you live to be 100, I hope I live to be 100,
minus one day,
so I never have to live without you!!
Winnie the Pooh!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday Fences #2

Two extremely friendly bulls also reside behind that same fence!!

They sure were happy to see me!!

I could "feel" their breath, I was that close!!
Chuck stayed in the get-a-way car, he misses out on all the fun stuff!!

Today I am sharing with Friday Fence's & Clytie at Random Hearts

A close look at the first and second pictures,
will reveal two perfect hearts!!

These photo's were taken September 21, 2011.
If I don't take one more picture till the day I die,
I will still have enough photo's to share with you, every day, until then.

I hope you have an awesome day, Debbie

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Today I Am Thankful...

for all my wonderful blogging friends,

who have lifted me up and brought me so much joy!!

You have changed my life...and today,
I am so incredibly thankful for that!!

And also one huge thank you to this male house finch,
who sat and kept me company for about 15 minutes!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Chasing a Goose

I just love the soft light on his face...

I think these are so beautiful, I'm not sure why!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Boat-Tailed Grackle

or Brown Headed Cowbird??
Either way, I thought this one was just too cute...

posing for pictures!!

Please stop by to view all the amazing photographs of our feathered friends!!

Thanksgiving In Allaire...

Chuck and I spent one last day at Allaire on Sunday.
We have visited Allaire the past three consecutive Sundays.
It's a wonderful place to spend a fall day.
Today they were celebrating Thanksgiving in the 1800's.
I'm going to show you parts of Allaire you have not seen yet!!

The Bakery built in 1835, was open...

so we had one of these...yummo!!

They were roasting a Duck,

and preparing a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner!!

At The Manager's House they were cooking a turkey,
this is the oldest structure on the property, 18th Century.

The Carpenter Shop , 1835

Inside the Carpenter Shop

The Hubs

Carriage House and Gardener's Quarters, 1833

The Blast Furnace, 1832

The General Store, 1835
Remains a General Store today!!

Blacksmith Shop, 1836

The Row House Building, 1833

Foreman's Cottage, 1827

The Church, 1832

I picked up these at the General Store, for the
Thanksgiving Tree!!

The Historic Village at Allaire, what a wonderful place!!