Saturday, November 5, 2011

Alpaca Joy

We spent the better part of today in Logan Township, New Jersey at
The New Jersey Alpaca Classic Show

We saw about 300 of these,

gorgeous Alpaca...

up close and very personal.

Soft, cute and cuddly!!

I met my blogging friend Andee at the show.
Her parents have an Alpaca Farm not too far from my home.
I have done a little trespassing there,
but they have two fences so it's a little harder to get as close as I would like!!

My friends John and Audrey from Edel haus farm were there also.
I had the best time ever!!

My son Scott called me during the show,
I answered but I blew him off just a little...(sorry Scott)

I returned his call as soon as I got back in the car.
He said ever so sweetly..."Any Restraining Orders??"

Boy...does he know his mom!!


  1. Ohmigosh, more CUTENESS overload! They are such beautiful and gentle looking creatures - so soft and fuzzy - it makes me want to hug them!!!

    What a wonderful place to meet up with friends (furry ones and not-so-furry ones!) - it sounds like you had a wonderful time! And no restraining orders is a GOOD thing!

  2. the first (and third) alpaca is just incredibly beautiful! love the color changes in the wool and the eyeliner. :)

  3. The alpacas are just adorable. They look a lot like llamas to me. Do they shear them and make yarn?

  4. Oh my gosh they look so soft and cute I just want to hug em!


  5. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm belated but I wanted to congratulate you re: a previous alpaca post, about your photos being used in a greater venue than blogging! The great thing about me moving back East later this month is that I can go to some of these places you so highly recommend (and who knows, we may just bunk into each other there)! Your son Scott is so funny ;) When I lived in Maine I went to a llama farm one time, pulled the owner on the side, and said, "I'm doing inner child work" (this was around 1995). He nodded w/ complete understanding and let me alone with them for over an hour, just talking to them, feeding them hay, petting them <3

  6. They are just the cutest. I love their little faces - makes you want to hug them. Are they huggable?
    Sounds like you had a great time. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

  7. They are adorable! Looks like they have permanent smiles on their faces. Funny about your son.

  8. You have, once again, captured these lovely creatures perfectly. I love their long lashes, sweet smiles and I just want to hug them!

  9. restraining order! HAHAHAHA!! These are sweet shots ~ it's a wonder they haven't made a cartoon character from these guys/gals. They have such endearing faces!

  10. Loved these! Yes, it brought back memories of this spring when I spent about 2 hours in the fields with these fantastic creatures to take photos of them up close and personal. I had the chance to go back this fall, but we had other plans and couldn't go...dang!!! LOL

  11. Hi Debbie...They are soooo cute...Surprising sometimes the people you run into at these events...did you gain some permission to go one the land without staying behind!!

  12. ROFLMBO! Any restraining orders! That's too funny!!! =)

    They have such cuuute faces... are they as nice as they look, cuz they look like you could cuddle up next to em!!! So cute! =)

  13. I have only viewed alpacas from afar, so I especially enjoyed looking at your wonderful close-up images. They are fabulous! Such beautiful, gentle-looking faces. Those eyelashes ... to die for! I can see why you are hooked on alpacas. Terrific post!

  14. Yes Scott the authorities have been notified and her license plate number has been stored in the data base :)Joking! Debbie it was so great to meet you.

    And to anyone else that would like to get up close to the alpacas at Arrow Acres Farm (in Wall) the farm will be open to the public the first three Fridays and Saturdays in December. So you can get upclose to the alpacas and see all the wonderful things made with their fiber. It is a great place for all your holiday shopping. You can always call or email if you want to stop by the farm we are happy to give tours (just call to make sure someone will be there).

    Thanks again Debbie!!! It was great meeting you.

  15. Oh, those eyes! And hey -- I bought some alpaca yarn today to knit with. I can't wait to get it! :)

  16. We have friends who raise alpacas. I think they are so precious and look a little like aliens. I pretty partial to llamas as well.