Sunday, August 28, 2011

Seeking Shelter!!

I think it is windier now then it was last night!!

This adorable blue jay was seeking shelter from the elements!!
He sat perched in the hydrangea bushes
under my office window for about 15 minutes!!

Linking up with Nancy at A Rural Journal

Your Sunday Best

Please stop by to view all the amazing photographs.

Bye Bye Irene...You Won't Be Missed!!

Lot's of rain and a little wind!!
We never lost power!!
For us, her bark was bigger then her bite!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Good Night Irene!!!!

Not much to report so far. We are getting a little of this.......

So far, so good!!!!

We were actually out for a bit today.
I very sweet 89 year old friend of mine fell, and is in the hospital.
I was able to keep her company for a few hours, help her with her lunch,
and she shared some amazing stories with me. Get well soon Eleanor....
you are truly one of the sweetest people I know!!!!

My son Mike will be here soon, I can't wait to see him!!!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

It Was A Bright.......




Sunshiny Day!!

It's A Beautiful Day!!!!!!

I am not so sure about tomorrow!!!!!!

Chuck went to get our generator and bring it home,
I sure hope we don't need it!!!

I made a huge pot of chili and put together taco's with all the fixings!!
I have a beautiful pot roast for Sunday that I cook on the stove top....
which will work even if we loose power!!!

We are ready!!!!

Let's hope the weathermen are wrong again....
and that all we say is "Goodnight Irene" 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Is Anyone Wondering About Iris?!?!

Tuesday, we went back to visit our Alpaca friends at the Edel haus farm. You can read all about our prior visits, here and here!! I have thought so much about Iris and if she was "with child"!!!

Meet Iris........
she is not pregnant but she was cuter.....

and friendlier then ever!!!!

Iris and company.........

Snow White!!!!!!

Them there are kissin' lips....
I could have stayed all day, they are just soooooo cute!!!!!

Preparing For Irene!!!!

Yesterday Chuck and I spent the day preparing for Irene. You may be asking, how exactly did we prepare for this storm.......well, we took pictures of the preparations to share with you here.......

First, we floated here.......for most of the day!!!

After our exhausting day in the pool, we came here.......

Moonstruck, in Asbury Park

for an amazing (last) supper!!!!!

Strip Steak for me........

Surf and Turf for Chuck
The food was delicious!!!!

A Cheesecake Tart that we shared, it was heavenly!!!!

We had an outdoor table, on the third floor.....

and this was the view.......

a second view from our table.
Is this place not amazing!!!!!

After dinner we went for a walk here.......

We really wanted an ice cream, but we just could not do it....
after that huge meal and cheesecake!!!

No fireworks tonight due to the high wind (tears)
but we did not need them, we had a blast anyway!!!!!

That's how WE prepared for Irene!! If you need help or have any questions,
leave me a comment and I will try to help!!  (hahaha)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Come Ride With Me!!!!

Back in April of this year, I blogged about my love for biking here. 
That entry only received one lovely comment from TexWisGirl.
It continues to be one of my favorite pass times and the hubs loves it also.
With the cooler temperatures yesterday,

the hubs and I...

were able to get out on the bikes...

and ride the trails at Allaire State Park!

This bike path is wonderful, there are so many on and off ramps,
you can do as much or as little as you like!
We don't go too far and when I need a rest, we stop and do silly stuff...

strike a pose, please don't miss that pointed toe,
the cheerleader still lives within me!

Chuck plays along, isn't he a sport!

This was Chucks idea, one of the many reasons I adore him so much!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Baby Sparrow...

thinking about taking the plunge.....

and doing her best Marilyn Monroe impression!!!!!

a star is born!!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Barn Charm #7

A small open barn in Howell, New Jersey

A rest area 2 horses use while grazing in the field. 

They came right out to greet me!!!!!

Gorgeous right!!!!

I am so excited to be linking once again to Trisha's Barn Charm

Thanks Trisha

Please follow the link above to view all the amazing, charming barns!!!!

oooooohhhhh deer!!!!

I spotted 2 gorgeous deer the other night on our way home from food shopping. Chuck spun the car around so I could get a closer look. I have never seen deer in this spot before and they actually let me get pretty close. I feel a little like the "deer whisper". I always walk slowly toward them and whisper sweet nothings, thinking somehow they will "connect" with me and not run off. It mostly works!!!!

At first they walked toward me,
almost as if they were trying to hear what I was saying!!

They moved closer together......

Then I got this shot and my heart skipped a beat!!!!!

One of my amazing blogger friends Tammy at Tammys Photography Spot has a similar picture of 2 white deer. It has always been my single most favorite picture of all time.

I will confess that I really liked the old, rundown, abandon chicken coop in the background!!

These pictures are straight out of the camera, I used the 200 mm zoom, no cropping, I was very surprised how close they let me get!!!