Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Male Downy Woodpecker.....

filling up!!!!!!

I could not pick a favorite,
so I will torture you with all of them!!!!!

Showing me the carrot top!!!!

Hey getting this???

I can't hold on forever.......

Hey....make yourself useful and get me a napkin!!!

He sits and poses, for ever and ever!!!!

These are straight out of the camera, no cropping or editing!!!


  1. torture away! you know i almost never post just one photo of a subject. so i like seeing all of his little head tilts and positions.

  2. Good shots. As a photographer,when a bird is willing to sit I am willing to shoot.

  3. We never tire of your pictures! Keep them coming....please!

  4. They are all so wonder you could not make a choice. I am the same way when it comes to Lorelei.

  5. Beautiful!!! looks like a little baby birdie to me!? don't know why but it just does....

    Great shots and thank you for your very sweet comment on my withdrawal post!


  6. Great photos! It makes the investment in bird seed and feeders all worthwhile doesn't it.

  7. Never a torture! Love seeing them all!

  8. My woodpeckers have disappeared for the summer. This little guy is gorgeous. Great shots, Debbie. :)

  9. You've convinced me that the pecking isn't necessary -- they just do it for attention. But they don't need to. Woodpeckers are adorable.

  10. Ok, I'll confess. I barely even noticed birds until I started reading your blog. Well, I noticed the bright blue one...and know what a robin looks like...but this is amazing! He's adorable! The head tilt one is my favorite. And the way you write about them they all seem to have personalities! Just really makes me smile!

  11. Brilliant! If that's torture... bring it on ;-)

    So beaut to see a Woodpecker - he's gorgeous too.
    Love your narration as well :D)