Friday, August 31, 2018

Waiting For Fireworks...

I read on Facebook that Manasquan was having fireworks 
on Thursday night last week and we decided to go.
It was still light when we arrived at the Point Pleasant Inlet,
where we would be able to view the Manasquan fireworks.

The inlet is an exciting place for us, 
it's where we went on our first date, where we sat and talked for hours.
Tonight we watched all the fishing and party boats head out to sea...
we don't have as much to talk about since we have been married for 40 years.
Still, it was a beautiful night and we enjoyed everything about the evening 
and the anticipation of fireworks.

That's a fish on the end of his line, he caught several while we were there.

Well...long story, even longer, 
if you would like to see fireworks, or attend any fun summer event,
you'd better check Facebook or the internet yourself 
to be sure that I have given you the right date.
We waited until dark and beyond
and you guessed it, there were no fireworks.
Lucky for us though,
Point Pleasant was having fireworks that same night so we switched locations
and watched them from the car, in the parking lot.

I am no longer in charge of making the plans and I could not be happier!!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

We Have Butterflies!!

It happened...

3 have emerged...

On August 29th,
I awoke to the hubs gently stating "we have butterflies"!
I wrote on Facebook that I awoke to him "yelling" "we have butterflies",
he didn't like the yelling part, he says it's not true...
- you be the judge -

We were both pretty darn excited...
the next step is to let their wing dry for at least 1 hour.
We did not know what time they emerged from chrysalis, so we decided to leave them for 1 hour, 
just to be safe.
During that hour, another 1 emerged, now we had 3.
I left them another full hour because they all look the same and I did not know who emerged last.

Releasing them was a beautiful moment...
- kind of -
but they didn't really want to go, kinda' like kids these days, they just hung on.
First they hung on to me and then to the milkweed.

After I thought about it...why would they...
I cleaned their cage twice a day,
provided fun branches for them to climb on 
and brought them food at least 4 times per day, 
no wonder they didn't want to leave!
After leaving them outdoors on the milkweed,
I checked on them frequently, and one at a time, they "flew the coop"!

You can read the beginning of their journey here
and the last update I wrote here, which is a bit of a summary.
I have 22 21 left, this is surely much more exciting then cleaning up their poop,
although I am still doing that!

I'm pretty sure I have all black swallowtails, but I am still hopeful for 1 
Yellow Easter Tiger Swallowtail I typed this post this morning, another butterfly emerged!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Yarn Along

Sunday, I invited my knitting girlfriends over for an afternoon of fun.
Lunch, swimming, corn hole in the pool and knitting, 
- in that order -
What can I say, we love to eat...almost as much as we love to knit!

I feel like I have known these girls for decades.
Who knew, Leanne, the girl that taught me to knit, would become such a good friend.
That experience of learning to knit, 
Arrow Acres Farm, and this family, are a big part of my life now.

Several friends from the group were missing, but we still had a super fun time.

Most of the action took place here...
if you need a game for your pool, the corn hole floating in the pool is awesome,
and it just happens to be on sale right now.

Leanne on the right, her sister Liz on the left.
Liz crochets and spins fiber into yarn.

This is their mom Dee.
 Dee and her husband Don own the Alpaca Farm where I learned to knit.

Robin was in my first knitting class and she is an amazing knitter.
Her talents far surpass mine, she knits as well as Leanne.

I worked on my leaves, 
you can see one on the table.
I was having trouble and Leanne got me back on track.

Learning to knit...
one of the best things I have ever done.

Monday, August 27, 2018

The Silver Spotted Skipper

Silver-spotted Skipper

on the new butterfly bush that the hubs planted, it is doing well.

There are more than 3,000 kinds of Skippers.
They are distinguished from true butterflies by the antennae, 
which are further apart at the base and end in pointed, curved clubs.

These are my "go to" books and leaflets, when I want to identify or read about a moth or butterfly.

Not quite a butterfly, not quite a moth...if you ever watch a skipper,
you will know how it got it's name!

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Saturday Critters ~ 245 ~

Mystic Aquarium

I have so many mixed emotions about zoos and aquariums.
The opportunity to see animals up close, 
that I would probably never have the opportunity to see, draws me in.
As I view each of the animals I wonder if they are happy.
I can see they are well fed and loved by their keepers.
But are they really happy?
Especially these 2 Beluga Whales, swimming around in this small pool.

There is a nice Aviary where you can feed and easily photograph the pretty birds.

"The mission of Mystic Aquarium is to inspire people 
to care for and protect our ocean planet through conservation, education and research".

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Friday, August 24, 2018

The Watch Hill Lighthouse

Keeping a watchful eye over the beautiful coastal village of Watch Hill,
The Watch Hill Lighthouse is located at the most southwestern point of Rhode Island.
The Watch Tower opened in 1745 and the Lighthouse opened in 1801.
As with most lighthouses, it has an interesting history,
if you are a history buff, you can read about it here.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Why We Love Watch Hill, Rhode Island

The skies are so blue, 
the beaches are spectacular and the umbrellas are always so colorful.
It is a family friendly beach community.
Everyone you meet is a local and they all have the best tans.
Everyone walks around barefoot or is riding a bike.
They all have the best tips on where to eat.

And they have the cutest little shops - Coco & Lala for the adult girls...

And Coco & Lala for the little ones.

Are they not the cutest shops you have ever seen?

The Sweet Shop

Watch Hill is home to The Flying Horse Carousel.
A historic carousel, built around 1876, where the riders catch rings as it spins.
The carousel has a very interesting history,
if you are interested, you can read about it here.

Not your typical carousel, as the horses are suspended in air,
and appear to be flying as the carousel spins.