Friday, March 31, 2023

A Lovely Drive

On a fun "Sunday drive" on Thursday we spotted this gorgeous red Chevrolet.
If you didn't know, I have a thing for red trucks,
if it's a chevy, I am over the moon!

This old VW was on the lot as well...a real vintage van, surfboard on top.

This was on our television that night, how funny!!

- so who wants to go for a drive in one of these with me -

Thursday, March 30, 2023

Ranunculus In Spring

We visited Delicious Orchard on Sunday.
I usually share pictures of the inside, the incredible food, donuts, bread, 
bakery items, cheese, produce...all the things your favorite farmers market would sell.
Today, as we went in, a huge display of ranunculus surrounded us.
I decided to share pictures of those instead, plus, the place was packed.

These spring flowering plants need to have their bulbs planted in the fall 
with your daffodils and tulips so they sprout up strong in the spring.
Ranunculus means little frog, there are about 300 species,
and they make a great flower for a cutting flower garden.

After shopping, it was warm enough outside to sit and have some food.
Delicious Orchard has an outdoor grill and lots of picnic tables, 
this was our first "picnic" outdoors this season!

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Monmouth Jet Center

 The business park we own is right next door to 
It is a small airport, on Sunday, we stopped to pick up our mail...

when this jet flew overhead as it was coming in to land.
The jet was so close, it almost felt like you could reach up and touch it.
I have never experienced being underneath a plane and being so close to it, it was wild.

Years ago, when we first bought our business park,
these little planes were the primary users of the airport.
The airport changed hands, and now bigger jets are landing here all the time.
We don't see too many of the smaller planes.

After refueling, and reloading new passengers and luggage, it turned around...

and took off again.

Another large jet taxing above and we were excited to see it take off as well.

Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi use this airport all the time, 
I was hoping to see one of them but no such luck!

- to most people the sky is the limit, to those who love aviation, the sky is home -

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Sunday At The Inlet

On Sunday's we often drive to the inlet.
We enjoy a car picnic of fresh made donuts and frozen coffee drinks...
you may have read about it before.
When it gets a little warmer, there are plenty of tables at the inlet and we will be able to eat outside.
This Sunday was a pretty day, 
full sun, blue skies and the temperature was warm, maybe 55 degrees.

Someone's family hung this pretty wreath on this special bench which faces the inlet.
These benches are paid for by families of loved ones and they have beautiful plaques on them,
memorializing the family member.

And how lucky were we...

to see these diver's going into the water...

there were a total of 5.

Final prep...

into the water he goes.

The Norma K III went by.
This is the boat I boarded and took pictures of while chatting with the crew, they were painting it.
It looks like new!
You can read about that adventure here.

I'm not really sure what the diver's do or are diving for, next time I am going to ask!

Monday, March 27, 2023

Needing Inspiration...

Whenever I need inspiration, I scroll through Pinterest to get my creative juices flowing.
I don't always make the things I pin,
I just pin the things that I like and pick images that make me feel good and happy.

I have not made this but I watched a video of Molly Yeh making it and it is next on deck. 

I am definitely going to make this.
I made something similar a few weeks ago
and it was a huge hit.
This recipe boasts 20 minutes, 1 pan...
we should be able to do it in 40.

~ watch the video ~

If you have a gigantor sweet tooth these s'mores cups will be perfect for you.
Made them once and did not sleep for a week, they are that sweet.

This cluttered look is not really me, but there is something about it that made me happy!

Look at this cute porch for dining al fresco.

Sweet desk,
neat and tidy, more my style.

I love this entryway and room...

and this pretty, uncluttered counter top.
I have cleaned mine up since getting my new sink,
and it looks great.

This would be perfect to replace a gift bag.
It would look great holding some bath products,
yummy treats,
seeds for the garden, a few knitted washcloths and soap,
the ideas are endless!

These tees would be awesome for summer,
when your winter sweaters have to be stored away.

But for now, I can still wrap a scarf around my neck,
and enjoy a cup of hot tea.

Sunday, March 26, 2023

Friday, March 24, 2023

Peddler's Village

Is a quaint, one of a kind historic shopping village, filled with more than 60 shops.
The village shops are made up of trendy fashions, accessories, home goods from local artists, art work, gifts, restaurants and exceptional lodging.
This charming village is nestled in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, about 1.5 hours from home.

I am not much of a shopper, we came to see the "Peeps" in the barn,
but we walked around just a little, the shops selling "snack food" products are our favorites.
We sampled some popcorn and purchased a small sack of white cheddar popcorn,
we snacked on it while we walked.
That was fun until it wasn't, I got a piece stuck under my tongue...
that was pretty uncomfortable until it came out.
I knew there was a reason why I don't eat popcorn.
There is a Beef Jerky store that sells amazing peanut brittle that the hubs loves.
He snagged a can of that and we were on our way.

Being a weekday, the village was quite empty.
If you visit on the weekend the shopping area is very busy.

The Water Wheel

The Village Shops

Look to the left, at the top of the green building...

it's a bird house, on all my trips here, I have never noticed that before.

This is a great day trip, we visit several times a year for the different themed events.

ps...there were cupcakes, truffles and fudge, I almost forgot...they are gone of course.