Tuesday, April 30, 2024

At The Inlet

There were no ducks, loons, herons, geese or cormorants at the inlet on this day.
There were a few gulls and plenty of majestic clouds, they were in fact breathtaking.
This first picture looked like a painting to me, everything about it.

We sat in the car and enjoyed a snack and the view.

The commercial fishing boats were docked, I think most of them go out at night.

Afterward, we went to our favorite sandwich shop, The Beanery for sandwiches 
and although I know it is way past Easter this tree was sitting right outside,
decorated for Easter.
I just had to share pictures.

I wonder what they will do for summer, maybe shells and sand dollars...
I can't wait to see!

Monday, April 29, 2024

Take Me Out To The Ballgame...

 Our knitting friend Debbie, from Each Stitch Counts
put together a fun baseball event for us knitters and crocheters - Knit & Pitch.
We went to a minor league baseball game and "knit or crocheted" dishcloths while we watched the game.
Part of the money derived from ticket sales was donated to Debbie's organization.

provides handmade dish cloths and dish soap to food pantries to distribute with food to those in need.

This is Buster the mascot.

Leanne in front, me then Liz.

This guy actually hit the ball.

I think we lost but I'm not sure.
I don't love watching baseball on t.v. but I really enjoy a game like this.
It was so fun and as you probably know, 
they have a lot of different games and events that go on during the game.
They even throw hot dogs to the crowd toward the end of the game.

Many thanks to Debbie, we had a great time, and I hope to knit many more dishcloths at home.

Sunday, April 28, 2024

Saturday, April 27, 2024

Saturday Critters #541

 The weather turned cold yesterday but prior to that it has been really beautiful here.
Cloudless skies and warm temperatures.
We dedicated several days to getting out in the car and a few walks here and there.
I have had some random critter sightings that were my favorites.

This turtle was huge...bigger than I have ever seen out in nature.
The hubs saw it's head from quite a distance away and said "that's not a turtle, is it"?
I saw it and replied, "I think it is", sped up on my zingerchair and sure enough, it was.

I saw this Heron at the Silver Lake, it was far off in the distance, 
I had to really zoom in to get this picture.

I saw this Great Blue Heron hiding in the grasses at the same lake, a lake I need to visit more often.
This was my favorite picture of the day.
I spooked it and it flew off...

But much to my surprise, after I spooked it...I was able to capture 3 flight images, which I never get...

I was thrilled!

That evening the sunset was so pretty!

Sharing today's images with Eileen at 
Viewing Nature With Eileen 
for Saturday Critters

Friday, April 26, 2024

Spring Lake...

As we drove around Spring Lake looking at the trees that are in bloom,
I could not help but take a few pictures of the lake itself.
So many of the pretty trees I shared yesterday are scattered around the lake, 
you can see them in these pictures.
There is a sidewalk around the entire lake, and plenty of benches to sit and relax on. 

We have taken pictures in the past, here by this unusual tree.

Our resident Osprey is back, 2 reside here, the other is probably out fishing!!

Look at those talons...if you are a fish, you would not have a chance!

Thursday, April 25, 2024

Spring Trees...

 Yesterday, we decided to take a ride through our town and around Spring Lake.
The ride was exclusively dedicated to seeing and photographing the amazing trees that bloom in spring.

This was the only Tulip Magnolia I saw.

Plum Tree

Red Bud

Japanese Flowering Cherry

Eastern Redbud

Plum Trees

Plum Tree

Juneberry Tree

Japanese Flowering Cherry

Japanese Flowering Crabapple

Japanese Flowering Cherry

"Well- loved" and so beautiful...o
ur area is so full of color

We also saw some gorgeous tulip displays...

The grasses are green and the tulips oh so lovely!

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

More Favorites...

I hope you read yesterday's post, if not it is easy to find but I will leave you a link right here.
I thought of another really special moment in my life, 
the first time I held my great nieces and the day I watched them cheer in a competition for the first time.
They wear the same colors I wore 
and cheer for the same team I did as a young girl and young adult, it's so special.
I thought of another movie I love - Before We Go, it's a good one.

Now let's go with a few more favorites...all of these pictures are mine.

Favorite Flower...

Lilacs - my favorite flower since childhood.
Hydrangeas - another favorite since childhood.
Hyacinth - oh the fragrance. 
Tulip - because it signals spring is near.
Anemone - it has a gorgeous shape and color.

Favorite Season...

Fall - the weather is most predictable and the season the most beautiful.
Spring - not predictable and almost as beautiful fall.
Winter - I love snow.
Summer - I don't enjoy the heat.

Favorite Bird...

Goldfinch - the males are gorgeous.
Great Blue Heron
Red Bellied Woodpeckers
Bald Eagle
Red Winged Blackbirds

Favorite Activity...

Knitting - it has become an obsession.
Needle Punching - more new to me in the last few years, I really enjoy it.
Needle Point - I have done my entire adult life.
Photography - I am not pro, I just enjoy taking pictures.
Embroidery - A craft I have enjoyed my entire life, even as a kid.
Scrapbooking - it has taken a back seat now.

Favorite Sport... 

Football - hands down my favorite sport.
Soccer - I loved it when my boys played, fast paced, still 2nd to football.
Baseball - it's ok, if there is nothing else to watch, I enjoy being at a game.

Favorite Team...

 The Chiefs - there is no other.
The Yankees - just because.

Now come on and share some favorites!