Tuesday, April 23, 2024

More Favorites...

I hope you read yesterday's post, if not it is easy to find but I will leave you a link right here.
I thought of another really special moment in my life, 
the first time I held my great nieces and the day I watched them cheer in a competition for the first time.
They wear the same colors I wore 
and cheer for the same team I did as a young girl and young adult, it's so special.
I thought of another movie I love - Before We Go, it's a good one.

Now let's go with a few more favorites...all of these pictures are mine.

Favorite Flower...

Lilacs - my favorite flower since childhood.
Hydrangeas - another favorite since childhood.
Hyacinth - oh the fragrance. 
Tulip - because it signals spring is near.
Anemone - it has a gorgeous shape and color.

Favorite Season...

Fall - the weather is most predictable and the season the most beautiful.
Spring - not predictable and almost as beautiful fall.
Winter - I love snow.
Summer - I don't enjoy the heat.

Favorite Bird...

Goldfinch - the males are gorgeous.
Great Blue Heron
Red Bellied Woodpeckers
Bald Eagle
Red Winged Blackbirds

Favorite Activity...

Knitting - it has become an obsession.
Needle Punching - more new to me in the last few years, I really enjoy it.
Needle Point - I have done my entire adult life.
Photography - I am not pro, I just enjoy taking pictures.
Embroidery - A craft I have enjoyed my entire life, even as a kid.
Scrapbooking - it has taken a back seat now.

Favorite Sport... 

Football - hands down my favorite sport.
Soccer - I loved it when my boys played, fast paced, still 2nd to football.
Baseball - it's ok, if there is nothing else to watch, I enjoy being at a game.

Favorite Team...

 The Chiefs - there is no other.
The Yankees - just because.

Now come on and share some favorites!


Latane Barton said...

I love all your favorites but those lilacs... those were just the best.

Sandi said...

Beautiful lilacs!

acorn hollow said...

you have a wonderful list of favorites.
I have favorites too. Some are my favorites for now and may not be later.
It is interesting to think about.

Breathtaking said...

Hi Debbie:=)
Your photography is professional Debbie. I always enjoy your wildlife captures because they reveal the smallest detail. The lilac is so in focus I feel I could reach out and touch it. It's a favourite of mine too. My favourite sport to watch is tennis, I find it thrilling, and used to play in a semi professional way when I was a young women.My favourite pastime is bird watching, taking photos, and pastel paintings,....small ones as I tire easily. I like Spring and Summer best as I don't like the cold and it doesn't like me. I like vanilla ice cream and chocolate cake, and I love dogs.
All the best Debbie

Rian said...

Debbie, my favorite scent is the scent given off by the Night Blooming cereus when it blooms. It is magical... even the cats would gather round.

Lowcarb team member said...

Those lilacs are lovely.
My two favourite seasons are Spring and Autumn.
My favourite bird is the European Robin, I enjoy seeing them in the garden.

Happy midweek wishes.

All the best Jan

Ariel said...

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Conniecrafter said...

Our Lilacs are blooming outside the window I am at right now, the wind is blowing them around pretty hard right now.
My Favorite Season is Fall too, my least Winter, so you would think spring would be my favorite.
I would say you are a pro at photography, your pictures are always wonderful :)