Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Cyclamen

My Cyclamen is in full bloom......9 beautiful pink flowers with more coming.....

It always make me smile to see pretty flowers in the middle of winter. I received this plant from Chuck's mother 3 - 4 years ago. It always puts on it's best show in the middle of winter!!! 

Today, I am preparing for a very special lunch date tomorrow. This will probably be it for today, there will be tons of pictures tomorrow.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'm in love with my Ipod

Over the last few weeks, I fell in love with my Ipod. I bought a beautiful purple cover for it, I loaded 650 pictures and a bunch of songs on to it. Best of all....I just know how to use it!!!!

I changed the wallpaper to match the beautiful cover......

this is a big deal.....
650 pictures, all appropriately named!!!!

the pretty purple cover!!!!

I almost forgot to mention that this was a gift from Chuck on our 32rd wedding anniversary in June.

Friday, January 28, 2011

It's Snowing Again!!!!!!

I can't "say" it again....Chuck suggested we go for a walk and surprised me with this.....

I thought we were each going to just write our names in the snow....Chuck made the heart while I was trying to catch a snowflake on my tounge not looking cute is that!!!!!

Busy, Busy Day

I did a ton of stuff today and I am super exhausted. The best thing I did today will be the subject of today's post. I made another Gooey Butter Cake......

these are most of the ingredients....
I forgot the vanilla but only in the picture....

this is the "base"
1 yellow cake mix, 1 egg & one stick of melted butter....
It's a Paula Deen recipe so there's lot's of the good stuff....butter!!!!
Chuck actually pressed all the buttery goodness into the baking dish and made it look like this!!!
Very Nice!!!!!!

the filling looks like this.......
8 oz of soften cream cheese, 2 eggs, 1 teaspoon of vanilla, 1 stick of melted butter
and a 16 ounce box of confectioners sugar

pour the filling into the base,
and it's ready for the oven...
350 degrees for 40 minutes.....

when it comes out of the oven it looks like this....

after about 5 minutes it "falls" and looks like this!!!!

gooey goodness!!!!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Yummy Pot Roast

We ate the leftover pot roast today.....the one we made on Sunday. It is better the second time.....

Another Snow Day!!!!

It snowed again today.....really......the title of this post, just another copy & paste. I think the pictures are awesome....

it's a winter wonderland......

coating every branch of every tree.....

look how cute the hubs looks with his snow blower.....
it almost looks like he is having fun!!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snowey Day!!!!

I just had to add this picture tonight since I made the effort to load today's pictures....I want to make the most of them. Here is another picture of our new thermometer.....

The sun is not out and the sky is not blue, it's a snow day!!! As you can see, the snow is piling a top of our new thermometer. I actually think this looks pretty!!!! I hope this one survives as it is much nicer then the last one which was torn from the house by the weight of accumulating snow!!!!

It's Snowing Again!!!!!!

I did not have to type the title of this post....I just copied and pasted, because so far this winter, it has snowed a lot!!!! First we had snow today, then it was pourin' ice, then it was pouring rain and now I'm not really sure what it's doing. To know that would require a walk to the window....putting on the outside lights and mostly just getting out of this very warm spot at my computer, I don't feel like doing that. So let's just say that some sort of liquid is coming from the clouds and leave it at that. I am not going to report what the weatherman just said, he is absoluetly clueless and every prediction is different.....really!!!

I have no idea what I did today but I know I was busy all day!!!! I ban myself from facebook because I have a problem with that......I am going to look into facebook's anonymous. I will do that tomorrow. I loaded a bunch of pictures on to my ipod, 650, to be exact. It took hours to figure out how to do it and about 10 seconds to actually do it, it is super simple!!!!!

Most of my beautiful tiger lilies have passed, but a few are still alive and brightening up my "space". No one says room any more, have you noticed that. They are not rooms, they are "spaces"!!!!

Here's what they look like today, the tiger lilies........I think it has been 15 days but I will have to check and post an update. I am not doing that now because it would also require getting up and I am very comfortable right where I am!!

Whoooops, I took the pictures but did not load them. Now I have to get up!!!!

Finally.....the picture....

ooohhhh and I checked while I was up....
I bought these 15 days ago,
5 are looking lovely!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Love Michaels!!!!

I just love Michael's and AC Moore. A few days ago we drove down to Cracker Barrel. What could be better then a restaurant combined with a store? I love this place, in Hamilton Township about a 1/2 hour from home. After Cracker Barrel we went to Michael's, right next door. Hold on to your hats people, I got the buy of the century...

Christmas Namecard/Placecards Holders, $ 1.33 for 4
I just about wet my pants!

close up...this was .33 cents!

Snow Namecards/Placecards Holders $ 1.33 for 4

Can you see the snow inside...
and my pretty finger nails! 

Cupcake placecard holders,

can you handle this??
These were $ 6.99 for 4 but of course I had a 40% off coupon
after the coupon....$ 4.19 for 4
$ 1.04 each...worth every penny!

These match my cupcake plates from Christmas Tree Shop....
I will post a picture of those tomorrow!

I had an appointment with my neurologist today....that went well. My reward was a trip to P.F. Changs, it was not awesome. We should have eaten at Cheesecake Factory!!

On a seperate note I just want to mention that I have posted here 30 times so far this month. That is 1.2 times per day, somehow I passed my goal of one post per day...that's pretty sweet!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Valentine's Peeps

Valentine's peep's.....I could not resist....

I had my nails done today.....they were super long and really needed to be done. Saturday I went to Motophoto to print pictures, 785 pictures to be exact, I picked them up today. Organizing those babies is going to be a big project, I am going to do that tomorrow.  We had "linner" (lunch/dinner) at Longhorns and then took our monthly jaunt thru Costco. Chuck "ate" his way through along with half of Brick Town. Seriously, we could have skipped lunch and just filled up on the smorgasbord they were offering up!!!

We made a quick stop at Christmas Tree Shop. I never "need" anything I buy there but I just love to go and pick up all the cute, completely unnecessary items I come home with!!!! I will mention that I am absolutely certain I have enough cupcake wrappers/papers to last a lifetime!!!!! It's almost embarrassing!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Another Yummy Pot Roast

I made this today....Chuck helped, it was super yummy!!

Pot Roast
2 sweet onions, red potatoes, carrots
1 cup of apple juice, 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar
3 pound "chuck" pot roast
cooked for 3.5 hours!!

before it looked like that, it looked like this.....
the house smelled amazing!!

Discovery Cove March 2007

Today....I am remembering one of the best days of my life......

Discovery Cove
Orlando Florida
March 2007

making dreams come true......



such a happy day........

the ride of a lifetime!!!!!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fun Stuff Cupcakes

Are you kidding me, this book was written just for me.....

Peanut Butter & Milk Chocolate Cupcakes
these will be for someone special.....

Peanut Butter & Jelly Cupcakes

Maragarita Cupcakes

Cupcake Sliders

Hot Chocolate Cupcakes
do you see the little mug handle on the right
made from candy!!!!

Festive Chocolate Cupcakes

I will be making all of these...

Friday, January 21, 2011

Chuck and I.....

Just because......

Breakfast with the Girls!!!

Awesome day with my mom and sister, breakfast and shopping, we had so much fun!!!

I think the picture came out really good but when I look at my sister, I think boy, we don't look alike. I do however think I look like my mom!!!

We had breakfast at the Cozy Kitchen, it was awesome. We shopped at Kohls where I scored a shirt for $ 4.50 less my 15% off coupon. That makes the final cost of the shirt less then $ 4.00. I also found "plum" leather gloves...I don't know how much I paid....and it matters not. They were purple and had my name written all over them.

Next we went to Bath & Body works. I got 2 amazing lip glosses and refills for my air fresheners, 20% off my total order, of course. Why don't they just skip the coupon and charge 20% less for everything. I guess if they did, it might not feel as good.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Valentines & Flowers

I will definetly be making these.....another awesome craft idea from howaboutorange!!!!

cute little hearts made from "stiffened fabric"

flowers, also made from "stiffened fabric"

Calling Cards Comeback

It seems calling cards are making a comeback. There have been several occasions recently when I needed one. I am always meeting new people who I want to share my email address or facebook account with. This "free" printable download comes from "howaboutorange", one of my favorite blogs. It your not following it, you should be, it's glorious. Jess is one of the most creative people I have "kinda" met. We exchanged emails recently and I felt so special getting some attention from such a busy girl. Thanks Jess!!!

Are they not absolutely adorable?!?!? Now I just have to cut the sheet up into business sized cards and slip them into my purse. I think a paper trimmer would work best and lucky for me I have one!!!


Another Beautiful Day!!!!

It's another beautiful day, the sun is out and the sky is blue. The calm before the storm.....maybe!!!!!

The "weathermen", who seem to know zero about the weather are predicting 2 - 4 inches of snow tomorrow. Crap....that means I better get busy outside today, it seems certain I will be spending tomorrow doing crafts.....that's not so bad!!!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Valentine Tree

I bought more ornaments for the Valentine Tree today, I know, there is something wrong with me!!! Seriously!! You will rarely find me at the mall, AC Moore or Michael's are a different story. They are my two favorite, I went to both.....(smile)!!!!!

On a seperate note, Chuck and I drove past our first home today. Chuck built it, we lived there for about five years and it is the home I brought both my newborn babies home to. We created great memories in that home and we left alot of ourselves there. It's a duplex now and it looked very different. I planted a tree for each of my boys in the front side yard, they are gone and that was sad. Otherwise it felt kinda good to see it and see that people have improved upon it and taken good care of it. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tiger Lilies

I bought these Tiger Lilies 7 days ago at Stop N Shop, best 3 bucks I ever spent. They are still gorgeous!!!

I should probably add how I got hooked on these babies. Last year during a stay at The Hotel Hershey we were leaving our room and walked straight into a room service cart parked out in the hallway. These exact flowers, in the vase pictured were sitting right on that cart. The food was gone but the flowers caught my eye...I thought, I just must have those. Much to Chucks' disapproval, I picked them up, vase and all and marched them right back to my room. I cannot describe the joy in words. As we left later that day, I carefully packed and secured them in the car and much to my surprise, they looked perfect when we arrived home!!!! I will also add that they lasted at least 5 days once we got home....sweet!! So that's how I got hooked on pink and white tiger lilies, every time I look at these I remember that amazing trip, 4th of July 2010!!!