Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Love Michaels!!!!

I just love Michael's and AC Moore. A few days ago we drove down to Cracker Barrel. What could be better then a restaurant combined with a store? I love this place, in Hamilton Township about a 1/2 hour from home. After Cracker Barrel we went to Michael's, right next door. Hold on to your hats people, I got the buy of the century...

Christmas Namecard/Placecards Holders, $ 1.33 for 4
I just about wet my pants!

close up...this was .33 cents!

Snow Namecards/Placecards Holders $ 1.33 for 4

Can you see the snow inside...
and my pretty finger nails! 

Cupcake placecard holders,

can you handle this??
These were $ 6.99 for 4 but of course I had a 40% off coupon
after the coupon....$ 4.19 for 4
$ 1.04 each...worth every penny!

These match my cupcake plates from Christmas Tree Shop....
I will post a picture of those tomorrow!

I had an appointment with my neurologist today....that went well. My reward was a trip to P.F. Changs, it was not awesome. We should have eaten at Cheesecake Factory!!

On a seperate note I just want to mention that I have posted here 30 times so far this month. That is 1.2 times per day, somehow I passed my goal of one post per day...that's pretty sweet!!


  1. I am SOOOOOO jealous!! Love the cupcake ones, Mary Kate is a cupcake fanatic. But love, love, love the Christmas ones! I would have wet my pants. lol

    I can't shop around stores like I used to, my legs don't hold up. :( Maybe once I get my powerchair...

  2. Marie, I am really sorry to hear that. MS robs us of soooo much. I can walk but can not drive because of seizures. I pass on lunch dates because I am embarrassed to admit that I can not drive. Chuck takes me everywhere and always helps me pick things out. He actually found the cupcakes ones.....I wish you had a Chuck, you deserve one!!!