Tuesday, March 21, 2023

The Reservoir

 Our small town has a lovely Reservoir...with a 1.7 mile walking path around it.
Only 5 minutes from home,
the hubs enjoys walking it, I have been using my Zinger to go around with him.
It was warm here Friday, St. Patrick's Day, the walk was so enjoyable.
The town has added some pretty gazebos, benches, chairs and bird houses.
There are also some beautiful gardens filled with flowers all around the reservoir.
The walkways are clean and monitored with cameras.

This land was once a sandpit and a dumping ground for people's unwanted trash.
The town purchased it, and made it what it is today.
Such an awesome addition to our town, so many people use it every day.

Pretty daffodils and the bird feeders are always full!


Male Bufflehead Duck, 
in New Jersey only during the winter, he is a small colorful diving duck.
The clouds came out and his color faded, such a shame, it is a beautiful duck.

This Cormorant got lucky on it's fishing expedition.
That's the perfect chunky little fish.

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Monday, March 20, 2023

A Day At The Farm...

for knitting in the Coop.
I always enjoy my time on the farm, knitting with my talented fiber friends.
There were 7 of us on Saturday for Dee's birthday.
Dee, mother to Liz and Leanne is quite crafty, crocheting, weaving, gourd making... 
and she just added knitting to her resume. 

After an afternoon of knitting, eating, storytelling and lots of laughs, 
it was time to take a walk outside and say hi to the alpaca,
I knew they were missing me.
It was a bright beautiful day, the sky could not have been any bluer and the temperature was perfect.

Now honestly, I ask you, could they be any cuter?

- this is my happy place -

Saturday, March 18, 2023

Saturday Critters #483

Every spring, the sparrows return to my favorite birdhouse and build their nest.
They are busy gathering twigs, feathers and leaves to create the perfect home for laying the eggs.
They build a perfectly shaped nest and the design appears flawless.
I took these pictures yesterday, although they are similar to the ones I take every spring.

The man of the house starts with feathers.

They stop often to stand guard and have a good look around.

Keeping an eye out for predators. 

The hubs bought me this birdhouse many years ago for my birthday,
I adore everything about it!

This is the card that came with the birdhouse.

As you can see and read, it contained so much information about the artist.
All of the materials used to build the birdhouse were special, recycled, making this one of a kind.
Having all of these details, really enhances the special quality of this home for birds. 

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Friday, March 17, 2023

Happy St. Patricks Day From The Jersey Shore

 Howe Street Beach is decorated for this "just fun" holiday!

And one shore restaurant had this adorable display!

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Thursday, March 16, 2023

New Ramblings

Everything Chopped Salad
This is my "kind of new" favorite salad.
It comes from Home Chef, all of the contents are in one bag and I have been enjoying it for a while.
The bag holds 2 portions, the hubs and I share it...
Chopped salad, everything ranch dressing, everything but the bagel seasoning, and tiny bagel croutons.
The only thing I added are the crunchy onions.

While we were without a sink, we went out for this yummy food at 
Sweet potato roll, shrimp tempura and chicken lettuce wraps,
it was delicious!

My orchid is busting out with flowers now, bringing the total to, I can't count that high. lol

Has anyone tried these 

This small envelope holds enough sheets to wash 60 loads of laundry.
They can be cut if you wash a half or quarter load which is convenient when you are doing laundry 
for just two people.
I have been using them, they work great, they are good for the environment,
and there is no big plastic jug filling up the landfill.

The new sink is in and done and it looks amazing, I am so happy with it.

We got snow on Tuesday, a big "Nor'easter"

This is what it looked like all day and not one flake stuck to the grass or road!
It was so pretty to look at but what a disappointment that we did not get more or any accumulation.

On a very somber note, whales continue to wash ashore here in New Jersey,