Saturday, April 30, 2011

Edel haus farm

Today turned out to be a pretty amazing day!! Some of you may remember a recent confession of mine, my desire to live on a farm. If you missed that entry, you can read all the details about that here.  

As we were out and about today...bikes in tow, heading for the trails I spotted this...


When I spotted them, I had not a clue what they were but I did know I was going back to get a closer look. A picture was a must!! Chuck, without hesitation, spun the car around and back we went. As we approached the farm, they started to run toward the barn and out of picture range. I was devastated. The "keepers" of the farm were out and about. As Chuck saw the tears start to flow, he said "I'll drive you up....and we'll ask if you can get a picture!! My heart skipped a beat and with unparalleled excitement, up the driveway we went. 

There we met John and Audrey, two of the friendliest farmers I have ever had the pleasure of meeting!! They were so excited to greet and have us, they stopped everything they were doing to answer all our questions and let us meet their babies. Audrey left for a moment and came back with food so I could do this...

feed this sweet Alpaca.

We learned they had just returned from a show, that these animals are quite friendly and have the sweetest faces you have ever seen. They look a little like llamas but are a bit smaller. They are bred specifically for their fiber which is used for making knitted and woven items, similar to wool. These items include blankets, sweaters, hats, gloves and scarves. These beauties are getting a "hair cut" shearing on May 13th, John and Audrey invited us back to see it, how sweet is that!!

These two were in the show and had to be separated from the others!!

I did not do a head count BUT there were lots!!

this one LOVED posing for pictures!!
and how cute is that face??

So, one big huge thank you to John and Audrey at...

Edel haus farm in Wall New Jersey
you really made my day!!
There is a p.s. to this story but it is too much for one day, I will add it tomorrow.
Something Audrey told us, something awesome...stay tuned!!!!

ps...I took all these pictures with my new Nikon...
I love it!!!!!! 

 hop on over and check it out!!

I am a "Nikon".....

A few days ago I bought a new camera, in case you missed the news, you can view pictures and the details here. Since that day, I have done 2 things: play with my new "toy" and brush my teeth, in that order!!! So how is that working out for you, you might ask......I would reply, (after brushing of course) "not the greatest, but I am still smiling". I have noticed a few similarities in "Myself" and my "Nikon"........

1. We can't focus easily.......
2. We don't know what we are trying to focus on.......
3. We are in and out and here and there.....
4. We run out of power pretty quickly.......
5. We are both a little "bulky"!!!!!!  
6. We don't "adjust" too easily......

and last but not least.......we are both a lot of work. So there you have it!!!! I actually started this post last night and feel a bit better this morning. Things are not really that bad.....well they are BUT I am a die hard optimist so I think I am falling in love with my Nikon, it's just not going to be easy.

I had a wonderful email conversation this morning with a kindred spirit. Someone I have never met who inspires me and recognized my blog before anyone else even knew I was here. Thank you Laura, you are a very kind soul. I can't close without also mentioning texwis who is my virtual momma blogger. She has taken me under her wing and also inspired me to no end. Thank you ladies, how lucky am I?!?! Pretty darn lucky. Now I must go brush my teeth......there is fur growing there!!!!!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Longwood.....The Blooms!!!

The single blooms at Longwood steal the show for me!!!!!

Easter Lily........

Calla Lily.....





Gerber Daisy



Fringed Tulip.......

Clivia Miniata

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Longwood Gardens!!!!

On Tuesday, we visited Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pa. If you have never been, it is absolutely a must see. It was a gorgeous day, a few much needed clouds, 85 degrees, the weather could not have been better!!

Chuck and I......
I love the white dogwood in the background!!!

Can you say "tulips"?!?!

This is a great tree for a picture!!!!!

Stopping for a much needed rest......
I used a scooter, so Chuck had quite the challenge keeping up with me for a change!!!

This waterfall is next to The Chimes Tower.

beautiful waterfall!!!!!

Beautiful, Chimes Tower, built in 1929.

They have lot's of benches along all the walking paths!!!

We just had the best day ever.....everything was perfect. We converted our day admission tickets to season passes. Now for one year, we can enjoy the gardens in every season. That was a great decision!!! Tomorrow I will share all the single bloom, up close shots we took!!! All of these pictures were taken with my old Cannon, point and shoot.

Yesterday, I Bought This.........

Nikon D3100 Digital SLR 14.2 mp
Sooooooo super, duper excited!!!
It only took 30 minutes to get the strap on....wwwwhhhhaaatttttt
I took 2 pictures with the lens cap on........
but I am very optimistic!!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Opening Day.......Part Two!!!!

There is sooooo much beauty all around me, I am overwhelmed with excitement by a simple walk in the garden. I want to capture everything, as if, without the picture it did not happen. A quick trip in to the yard, turns in to hours....and just "one more shot!!!!" My feathered friends have taken a back seat, although I think they are thrilled to be eating undisturbed.

So here we are, Opening Day.....Part two, wait till you see what has "opened" since yesterday!!!!

The Pink Dogwood

I love the pink against the blue sky!!!!

The White Dogwood!!!

perfectly imperfect!!!!

The Lilac's are here!!!!
My favorite since childhood!!!!



tulip......the hubs planted about 300 new bulbs this past fall!!!!


I have taken 400 pictures in the last few days, in my gardens alone.
I am mildly obsessed!!!!!

We visited Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania yesterday,
it was breathtaking. We took lots of pictures....they are coming next!!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Want To Live on a Farm......

really, I do. I love where I live acre, on a river, on a culdesac. Very cute little neighborhood, but recently I have been dreaming of a farm. Perhaps it is all the blogs I have been reading, all the farm animals and wildlife I have been viewing. I have always been in love with nature, lately I have been longing to live somewhere,

like this. 
With lot's of these,

and maybe some of these.

and I loved these Blue Slate Turkeys
(I did have to "google" that!)

These goats were adorable
and clearly hungry!

A couple of these,

and some of these...



and definitely one of these!!!!!!

Hop on over to Tricia's Barn Charm here to see some amazing barns!!!!