Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Opening Day.......Part Two!!!!

There is sooooo much beauty all around me, I am overwhelmed with excitement by a simple walk in the garden. I want to capture everything, as if, without the picture it did not happen. A quick trip in to the yard, turns in to hours....and just "one more shot!!!!" My feathered friends have taken a back seat, although I think they are thrilled to be eating undisturbed.

So here we are, Opening Day.....Part two, wait till you see what has "opened" since yesterday!!!!

The Pink Dogwood

I love the pink against the blue sky!!!!

The White Dogwood!!!

perfectly imperfect!!!!

The Lilac's are here!!!!
My favorite since childhood!!!!



tulip......the hubs planted about 300 new bulbs this past fall!!!!


I have taken 400 pictures in the last few days, in my gardens alone.
I am mildly obsessed!!!!!

We visited Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania yesterday,
it was breathtaking. We took lots of pictures....they are coming next!!!!


TexWisGirl said...

ha ha! now you need a few 'rainy' days so you can sit inside and process and sort thru all those photos! :) i know how that gets to be too much!!!

those are beautiful. the dogwood blooms are favorites of mine (since i've never seen them!) and the lilacs remind me of Wisconsin. :)

LBB said...

SO BEAUTIFUL!! I can almost smell the very favorite as well :)

Ruth Hiebert said...

Thanks for the walk through your yard.Isn't photography great,allowing us to enjoy each flower and bird more than once,first by seeing them and then through the pictures.

Linda said...

Beautiful macro, love the colors!