Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Diaper Cake

You have not really lived till you've made one of these, a diaper cake!!!!! My niece is having a baby and her shower was today, so I can finally share what I've been up to!!!! Everyone is helping out and one of my many "projects" was to make a diaper cake. Simple enough you say right. All I can say is "baking" a cake is a lot more fun then rolling 90 diapers. I do however love the results!!!! So, here we go.....

the finished diaper cake!!!!!!

items required to make a diaper cake......

90 rolled diapers......



I think it is lovely!!!!!!!!!!!

I made a lot more stuff that I will share in another post!!!!!!!


  1. And she will be very grateful to have those! :)

  2. THAT is one very useful and calorie free cake:)))
    Love it!