Monday, April 11, 2011

Opening Day!!!!!!

Everything opened up nicely today.....I will share just a few of the zillions of pictures I took......

pretty pink tulips....with very short stems!!!!!

these purple tulips are gorgeous but again have very short stems!!!!
Good thing I have these little vases which are perfect for displaying in a group!!!
Target, of course!!!!

more daffodils from yesterday......

I put out shelled sunflower seeds for the birds this morning but you know who thinks they are for him.....

best fed squirrel in New Jersey!!!!!

We are going to "fly a kite" today at Sandy Hook.....It's going to be an awesome day, I can feel it!!!!


  1. i do love those tiny little bud vases. just perfect.

    LOVE your cheeky little squirrel! who could resist that sweet face!

  2. Oh I love these pictures.There are so pretty.