Friday, April 1, 2011

Never Leave Home Without Your Clippers......

and a bottle of water. I always carry those items in my car, you know, for random wild flower sitings. Yesterday, we were out and about doing the very important "errands". Gloomy skies, pouring rain, but the eyes are still on the lookout for "blog material".......inspiration!!!!! As we were driving through the Lakewood Industrial Park, I spot a field of YELLOW!!!!!! The building of an old bulb company "For Sale"!!! Are you kidding me, an empty building, now for sale with 1000's of daffodils in full bloom. We could not turn the car around fast enough!!! So how excited am I.......

pretty darn excited......
I scored 4 full vases of these babies......

and this!!!!!!
I love this old soda bottle, filled with seven long stemed daffodils!!!!
My home is filled with the color and scent of Spring!!!!!!


  1. You are so cute! I can only imagine how beautiful it was though with all those years and years of reseeding - or rebulbing I guess.

  2. Kathleen BrowningApril 1, 2011 at 8:06 PM

    Loved the dafodils! I had dafodils and crocus and iris in my home in NY. I dont really see this in Florida. I loved dafodils and tulips but my favorite was iris, which majestically grew back every year. When I moved to Florida, I was most surprised by poinsetta, which grows here yearround. Also, tropical plants which were unfamiliar to me - I have several orchids, etc. Everything seems to grow here, my friend told me you could stick an old broomstick in the ground and it would grow. I believe it. I had beautiful palm trees that I planted all around my pool that grew beautifully for many years, until they were destroyed by last years frost. I had to have them removed at great expense. I have now planted "knockout" roses which were recommended to me. They are native to Florida, bloom off and on all year and require no treatment as opposed to usual roses. They are in bloom now. Butterflies seem to love them.
    I have just retired as RN from ER. I still seem to be very busy -don't seem to have time for things I thought I would. You comments and blog bring me back to what I should appreciate and be thankful for on a daily basis. It helps. I have 4 children, 8 grandchildren, many issues. I will look forward to your daily blogs. Thank you

  3. thank you kathleen for you very kind words!! i am a retired LPN and i miss it very much. both of my sons are grown and living on their own. i have lot's of time and a very happy spirit. i think life should be lovely and luckily for me, it is!!! come back soon...i have lot's of fun stuff coming!!!