Sunday, April 17, 2011

Getting Ready For Spring!!!!!

Yesterday, we scheduled all the errands around our need to stop at our favorite store, "Wild Bird Seeds & Such", to pick up supplies for our feathered friends. I LOVE this store, many most of my favorite birthday presents have come from this store. A walk through the door, a sweet hello, one look around and you realize you have entered nirvana. The same woman is always there, the same kind voice and her wealth of knowledge, she shares it all. To the soft sounds of all my favorite birds, she helped us with our seed and suet selections. She told Chuck he needs to empty and wash the goldfinch feeder, now I am certain it will be done. We hang on her every word, her years of experience as she shares it with us. She mentioned these are here.......

The Hummingbirds!!!!
I captured this beautiful female June 8, 2010

and this one
captured August 4, 2010

We Chuck needs to prepare his "special" blend, wash and fill our hummingbird feeder and get it into position. I will charge the camera!!!!!

This entry needs a p.s........the special blend for the hummingbirds is cooling in the frig and..........

Chuck is cleaning the goldfinch feeder......
that lovely lady in the bird shop has special powers!!!!
Please note that he used a broom, with a sponge taped to the handle,
vinegar and water......he followed her instructions exactly!!!!
Although I must say the broom with the sponge was his idea!!!
Now what else can I have her tell him to do (smile)!!!!!


A well earned nap in the rocker!!!!!!!


  1. These special Nature stores are a treat for me,when I get to go to one.

  2. yup, ours have been here for a week now. sipping their sugar from 3 strategically placed feeders. :)

  3. Oh I can't wait to see the hummingbirds arrive!

  4. I'm so excited for humming bird to get here! I only have one feeder for them right now. I may have to add some more :) What a great photo you catpured of them!