Sunday, September 30, 2018

Calgo Garden

Last weekend we attended an Art Show at
Calgo Gardens
one of the most beautiful garden centers in this area.

This bench is in the parking lot, it has been there for years and it always catches my eye.
It is baseball themed "Bench Warmers"!

Included with the Art Show was a scarecrow contest, 
I voted for this one, #3, it didn't win.

The hubs voted for the one on the right, it didn't win either.
I did not even take a picture of the winner...of course at the time, 
I did not know it was going to win!

This sign details all of the events.

This is "The Barn", you can barely make out the sign unless you look for it in the picture.
We spent a couple of hours here, then went to Cheesecake Factory for lunch.
I love weekend days like this, full of good fun, good food, and beautiful blue skies.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Saturday Critters ~ 250 ~

At the beginning of the summer, I purchased a new feeder for the Goldfinches.
In the past, I have always seen Goldfinches in the yard, 
but not in huge numbers.
This feeder was a home run so to speak, 
as the number of Goldfinches I see now has increased tremendously.
In fact, 
there is never a time when I look outside that I don't see them.

This is a "Winter" male.
Bright yellow during the Summer, he loses that bright yellow color and his black cap in Winter.

The females look pretty much the same year round.

Male on the left and female on the right.



The Male Goldfinches are much prettier during the summer,
and although it is not winter yet, it seems the males have already changed "clothes"!

I have been neglecting my birds...
meaning I have not been photographing and playing with them.
I always keep the feeders and bird bath clean and filled.
During Winter, I have more free time to take pictures.

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Friday, September 28, 2018

Happy Friday

Happy Friday
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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Horse Drawn Carriage At The Mohonk Mountain House

Another huge treat for me at The Mohank Mountain House
was the horse drawn carriage ride on day 2.

Mule Horses led the way up Humpty Dumpty Road.
Who named that?

And to think this was the only thing between us and a hump and a dump down that mountain.

We were up high 1,434 feet above sea level....

the view was spectacular!!

The Skycap Tower off in the distance...

You are able to climb the mountain and then the tower.
And as much as I would have enjoyed the view,
I would not have been able to do either.

You can see the red roofs of The Mountain House off in the distance.

This ride was about 60 minutes, our guide and the view were magnificent.

This was a wonderful get-a-way, if you are ever looking for a quiet, nature filled trip,
The Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, New York

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Yarn Along

I am almost done with my
Donnie Hat
and things are shaping up nicely.

And...I finely made it to Chelsea Yarns for the white yarn I needed to finish my
Chevron Baby Blanket
so I have been working on that as well.
I finished the white block, I am working on green, 
then I will finish it off with the dark gray that I started with.

I've had a good knitting week and a great week overall.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The Mohonk Mountain House - Part 2

Riding up to the Mohonk House was so exciting. 
We have never been to this resort and we did not know what to expect. 
The road leading in was "steep", long and ears started to pop,
 and I got pretty excited. 
The view was magical, mystical...

We arrived early to check in but our room was ready,
that's always a great way to start a vacation.

- the next few pictures are of the room -

- it was so quaint and unique -

- it had a fireplace -

- it was tiny cozy and no t.v. -

The hotel featured a movie each night, current movies and we watched one 
"15:17 To Paris"
A 2018 movie, a true story, and I really enjoyed it.

We went horseback riding on day 1,

you know how "they" say when 
you fall off your horse you should get back on,
I agree with that...I did and I had an amazing ride.

My horse was Andes, the hubs rode Remy...
Remy and Andes are boyfriend and so to speak.

Our guides name was Sophi, she was so nice...
The other guides name was Sarah, she was behind us...
both girls were so kind and helpful,
both naturals on a horse.
And did you notice the purple boots? 
The stable required closed toed shoes, I'm like closed toed shoes, 
what are those, I don't have any...
but then I remembered my pretty, purple snow boots...and they became riding boots!

The view from the trail was breathtaking, I think?
I dropped my glasses during the fall so my vision was "off" "a little blurry"!
Sophia sent a text to the stable - the glasses were found - all's well that ends well!

Now don't tell anyone I fell off the horse,
let's just keep that between us!!

Monday, September 24, 2018

The Mohonk Gardens

The gardens and flowers at the Mohonk House were beautiful!

More on our adventure tomorrow!