Saturday, September 29, 2018

Saturday Critters ~ 250 ~

At the beginning of the summer, I purchased a new feeder for the Goldfinches.
In the past, I have always seen Goldfinches in the yard, 
but not in huge numbers.
This feeder was a home run so to speak, 
as the number of Goldfinches I see now has increased tremendously.
In fact, 
there is never a time when I look outside that I don't see them.

This is a "Winter" male.
Bright yellow during the Summer, he loses that bright yellow color and his black cap in Winter.

The females look pretty much the same year round.

Male on the left and female on the right.



The Male Goldfinches are much prettier during the summer,
and although it is not winter yet, it seems the males have already changed "clothes"!

I have been neglecting my birds...
meaning I have not been photographing and playing with them.
I always keep the feeders and bird bath clean and filled.
During Winter, I have more free time to take pictures.

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  1. They are very cutes Debbie. So beautiful photos 👌
    I wish you a good weekend.

  2. Hello, cute captures of the Goldfinches. They do look like they have changed into their winter clothes. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your day and weekend. PS, thanks for the comment on my post.

  3. Could you show a photo of the feeder? It seems my Gold Finch population has decreased. Maybe I need a new feeder.

  4. Very nice pictures Debbie. I love finches.

  5. Both these Gold Finches are pretty. Gorgeous photos, Debbie.

  6. Lovely pictures of the Goldfinches. I was complaining earlier that I hadn’t seen a Goldfinch around for quite a while.

  7. These are spectacular photos of the Godlfinches. I find it amazing that the males change colors in the winter. I find nature so interestng. Heavenly Father diffidently has a plan for his creations. The colors of the male both in summer and winter is beautiful. Of course, I love that the female gets to stay the same marvelous colors.
    I do love how you tenderly care for those birds.
    Blessings and hugs!

  8. Lovely to see the Goldfinches …
    Enjoy your weekend.

    All the best Jan

  9. Awwwww thank you Debbie for your compliment, not so sure I have a "flair" for anything remotely "fashionable", ha ha LOL---but I do love fun accessories like my scarves and pocketbooks etc. I love colorful bright cheap jewelry and my philosophy is to "just have FUN WITH IT!" lol I'm not big on matching or anything, ha ha I love these sweet pictures of your birds today, they are so so cute and as always, you got some amazing shots. I can go back time and time again and always spot something new I hadn't noticed before, like a sparkle in their eye or a pattern on their feathers or the way their little claws grasp onto the branches. Hope your weekend is coming along nicely and yes isn't biking so fun!!?? Do you have a bike or are going to get one? I used to love to ride and we did pretty often, then one day........I was out riding with our oldest granddaughter about ten years ago and down I went. It hurt so bad and jolted me so much I just never could enjoy it ever again. They say if you fall off a bike or a horse to immediately get back on or you never will, or something like that----so I DID..... but I never really got over the fear I guess.

  10. Gorgeous each and everyone of them.

  11. I remember the gorgeous colors of the finches in Illinois. Again, I must tell you, your photos are awesome.

  12. They are beautiful in winter, too. Nice shots!

  13. Oh my aren't they just beautiful, I had a few earlier but have not seen them in quite some time. I am afraid because I have caught a hawk getting into our pine trees out back where we have a lot of birds, the other day I had to go out there and scare him away, the poor little birds were terrified.

  14. These are gorgeous! I love the pine backgrounds!

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