The Nest

This will be a house tour of sorts,
be kind...the house is "dated"
no comments about the "plastic drapes"!!

This is it, come on inside!!

Entry, with a look back at the front door.

Another view of the entry,

 Let's go upstairs...

Guest Bedroom, one of my favorite rooms in the house.

Another view, it's open and uncluttered! 

Guest Bathroom

Looking back!

Bathroom wall across from the mirror.

The sink, it was love at first sight.

2nd Bedroom, no kids, we use it for storage.

I love to be organized and I am obsessed with labels!

Master Bedroom and Bath

The sleeping part, I love the sloped ceilings!

Master Bath

Upstairs den, like a loft, open to the downstairs.

Another view of the upstairs den.

Family Room, downstairs, this room is really large.
The backyard deck wraps around this room.

Family Room Fireplace

Family Room, other views

Another view of the family room,
looking into the kitchen.



Greenhouse, Dining Nook in the Kitchen

Living Room...the stone fireplace goes right thru to the upstairs!!
From this view, you can see the front door.

Another view of the living room,
mirrored wall in the back, a little dated right.
It was popular when we built the house in 1984.

Dinning Room/Office/Craft Room
this is where all the "magic" happens!!
Multi purpose room for working, crafting, scrapbooking and blogging!!

Craft Supplies

Home Office

Downstairs Half Bath

Our pool with a view of the Manasquan River
The best part of our home!!


Nancy J said...

I hopped to you from The Furry Gnome. Beautiful rooms, what a view from your pool. Lovely in every way and not dated at all.

Unknown said...


Sally said...

Such a wonderful home, Debbie. I love it! Xoxo

Kat said...

What a beautiful home!

Beside a babbling brook... said...

May 18, 2017...

So glad I asked about your house photos... Because I had not noticed this Link!

You have a marvelous home! Wow!!! And yes, that pool with a view, is amazing.

Thank you for the tour!!!!

Gentle hugs, Luna Crone

Sally said...

After seeing Luna's comment, I had to come back again for another tour.
Debbie, you and Chuck have made such a beautiful home together. I love
that you label things; maybe I should start doing that. LOL


Ashley said...

simply beautiful.

Turn The Page said...

omgoodness...what a lovely home! We are doing some renovating, and boy did I get a good glimpse of what I would like! Thank you for opening up your doors! There's no place like HOME! Aloha!

krishna said...

Lovely house! I love the little bear den on upstairs, that is so cute!

Please visit:

Wise Hearted said...

I love the living room, all those lovely windows.

Lizzie Buck said...

Did you break into this home, Debbie!