Friday, September 30, 2016

Celebrating the Familiar...

That's what artist Seward Johnson said about his Sculpture Exhibit...
"I am celebrating the life habits that keep us in good health, 
both physically and mentally.
These moments, when we take the time to slow down and appreciate them, are treasures."

The following 14 sculptures are on display in downtown
Historical Spring Lake
one of my very favorite sea shore towns.
So pick up a map, in any one of the cute shops and we will wander around 
being sure not to miss any!

#1 No, Mommy, That One

#2 Holding Out

#3 God Bless America

#4 Oops

#5 Times Up

#6 Contact

#7 Attic Trophy

#8 Holier Than Thou

#9 Monet, Our Visiting Artist

#10 Things To Do

#11 Sightseeing

#12 Far Out

We missed #13...Hot Weather

#14 Out Of Sight

The floral display in Downtown

The exhibit started on September 17th and runs through January 2, 2017
We were in the area on September 25th and just happen to stumble upon it!!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Good Fences ~ Edition 132 ~

As I mentioned yesterday, this past weekend was... 

National Alpaca Farm Days

The hubs and I went on Sunday for a few hours and we I had a blast.
The family does an amazing job preparing the farm for this very special event,
and it is evident all around you that everyone enjoys it!

The fun starts right as you approach the farm!!

Under the tent...

there are free apples, snacks and shade...they also have free water and hot dogs with the works.

Lot's of beautiful hand made items are displayed.

And of course there are the stars of the event...The Alpaca.

This is baby Marlyse born just 2 days earlier.

These shelters, maybe 7 or 8, are all around the farm.

Getting a drink from the sprinkler.

Here I am with Dee, enjoying one of the Alpaca up close and personal.
And for the record, the little blonde girl, I did NOT push her hard to get her out of my way, 

I love this truck!

The blurred fence...

There are fences everywhere but it is hard to take note of them 
with these sweet faces all around you. 
Aren't they just the most beautiful animals?
This is indeed my happy place!

Sharing today's fence images with my good friend

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Yarn Along...

I have been busy knitting.
It's a wonderful hobby to have because you can do it almost anywhere 
and it's a nice companion for those long car rides.

I am still working on my Guernsey Wrap

It is currently 46 inches, almost 4 feet long, I passed the halfway point a while ago!!

"My" Alpaca Farm had Farm Days this past weekend...
we went on Sunday and it was so much fun.
It's not really my farm, it is the farm I visit and the place where I learned to knit,
Arrow Acres Farm

Their yarn was on sale, *score* so I loaded up.
Ya''s important to support the local peeps.

I purchased 6 skiens in total, all Alpaca Yarn,

I love the farms new labels that give you the name of the Alpaca the yarn came from,
along with a picture!!

More about Farm Days tomorrow!!

I am joining Ginny at Small Things 
Yarn Along

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Cape May...

Last night at the beach...

September 26, 2016

Monday, September 26, 2016

More from Canada...

You may know that we were in Canada...
* hehehe *
I don't know how anybody could not know, 
as there sure has been a lot of chatter about it here on the blog.
Vacations are great, 
they provide for some amazing blog material.
There were a few random things we did, 
outside of gazing and drooling over the falls.

We went to see this show, it was very good.
The music was excellent, 
the costumes were very colorful and I knew "most" of the songs.
I'm not sure if that is a good thing?

The Aero Car...

travels a top the Whirlpool Rapids,
considered to be the wildest and most dangerous rapids in the world!

We went zip lining, yep, you read that right...
and if you think I was scared, think again,

one glance at this picture and you can see how excited I am!
Here I am, all hooked up and ready to go...
and not quite a flattering picture but I care not...
it was exhilarating, one of the fun-est things I have ever done!! 

We rode the Niagara Sky Wheel...

this was the breathtaking view of the falls from that ride at 175 feet.

We attended a magic show, 
Wild Magic, staring Greg Frewin
no pictures were allowed but trust me it was amazing.
If you ever have the opportunity to see one of his shows, go...
you will not be disappointed.

This is the gorgeous light fixture in the lobby of the hotel.

And there were fireworks, that we could see from our hotel room at 
The Embassy Suites
There is noting quite as fun as watching fireworks, in bed, in your p.j.'s.

I am home and I am exhausted, but in the best way possible!!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

What I am Crushin' On...

I have a new found crush on a few things around here that I thought I would share with you guys...

My new IPad Pro

with this crazy expensive Apple cover.  
It's super thin, magnetic and I really love it.
Even tho, in my humble opinion, it was way too expensive at 80 buck-a-roos!! 

Specifically this Blueberry Scone with homemade 
Blueberry Jam
which was the favor from my nephew's wedding that I attended recently!!

Playing Games with son Mike...

Scattergories and Uno, 
two of my favorites. 
If you have never played Scattergories you must give it a try.

Two dinners that the hubs made for me...

The last of the tomatoes from the garden...

 which happen to be very good to us this year.

And last but certainly not least...

My new purple Vera Bradley Flip Flops, aren't they beautiful?!?!