Monday, September 12, 2016

The Butterflies...

Friday, the hubs left the house midday to run a few errands.
Only a few minutes after he left my phone went off, 
it was a text and I knew it was from him...

"Several larger black butterflies at the mailbox now"

He's my "wing"man of sorts...
I changed my lens, because as you know, you never have the right lens on the camera,
and outside I went.
It was about 150 degrees on Friday, the air was stifling.
As I walked down the driveway I remember thinking, 
they better still be there and they better be perfect butterflies,
not all torn and tethered.
Well they were still there, they were not torn or tethered,
but I swear my butterflies are on steroids, they never stop moving, never, not ever.
I have never seen such active butterflies, they will land on a flower,
but their wings keep moving!

I took 43 pictures and I have 2 that I can share.

Getting a "wing spread" capture would fall under the category of impossible!!

September 9, 2016


  1. gosh, just gorgeous. 2 out of 43 is just fine with me.

  2. Oh my, they certainly are beautiful. It might have been worth standing out in 150 degree heat (I think it was hotter). You've got a great wing man there.

  3. Hello, Debbie. Awesome shots of the Swallowtail. I love the last shot, just beautiful. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  4. Ha Ha!!!:))) I know what you mean, but the two you share are so beautiful. Your hubby is such a top man!

  5. Well done Debbie! I really appreciate the effort you made to capture these beauties!

  6. Oh, so beautiful, Debbie! I'm glad hubs noticed them and let you know. :)


  7. Schöne Bilder vom Schmetterling.


  8. Debbie, they are beautiful, and bless your wingman's heart for letting you know they were there. xo.

  9. The two you shared are fantastic.I know how hard it is to get the spread wing pictures.

  10. Gorgeous colors! Love the texture on the wings! Really nice!

  11. Oh my goodness Debbie those are beautiful!! Wow such colors! Maybe they are on starbucks and too much caffiene! Ha ha ha lol

    1. or tapping in to the humming bird food, they seriously never stop fluttering their wings!!!!

  12. Blue Swallowtails! Love them. I saw one butterfly this year. A Yellow Swallowtail and I did get a photo--not as nice as yours, but at least.............................

  13. WOW WOW WOW....they are beautiful....and WOW 150 degrees!!! (HEHE)

  14. I think that is so cute that your "wing man" spotted them for you. Lovely photos Debbie! Such vivid colors.
    I bet you are ready for snow to fly. We don't get snow and I know I am ready for snow to fly. :) Have a great week!

  15. Oh, these are beyond magnificent. You are a professional photographer in my eyes. Thank you for these shots! I am so happy you have such a fantastic wing man. Blessings and hugs! 💕😊

  16. STUNNING Debbie well worth walking in the heat!

  17. GROAN! Wingman!!! Actually, my hubby, too! :-)

  18. Butterflies can be quite difficult subjects! "Butterflies on steroids" - that makes me laugh! So glad you managed to capture these shots. They are beautifu!

  19. Oh but Debbie those two pictures are superb -- perfect ... absolute perfection. Wonderful butterflies. Thank your wingman too! (And I'm glad to know that others besides me have overactive butterflies . it's a miracle when I get decent pictures of them.)

    Be careful in that heat!!

  20. They are beautiful photo's ...

    All the best Jan

  21. You've done better than I have this summer as I've yet to get a picture of a butterfly. This one sure has pretty colors/markings.