Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chick - A - Deeeeee

Black-Capped Beauty!!!!

I love this picture and all the beautiful buds on the tree!!!!
It lifts me up and gives me hope!!!!!

The Cutie Pie who Feeds the Birds!!!!!

Boy the birds sure are keeping us busy. And when I say us.....I mean Chuck. He is the handsome guy who keeps the feeders clean and full!!!!!! These days......that's a full time job, one he loves having!!! So here he is, hard at work......... 

Chuck filling the suet........
and as soon as he does, this happens.......

Downey Woodpecker

Red Bellied Woodpecker

and this guy appears.......

he still thinks we fill these feeders for him!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Looking For Inspiration!!!!!

I always grab the camera as I fly out the door. When we are out and about, I am always on the look out for "blog material" something that moves or inspires me. It's usually a bird, a flower or the landscape. A pretty pond, lake or river. I need to capture it all in print, so I never forget it. Yesterday we went out for a sandwich and to pick up a few things at the food store. Big day out......right. On our way home we passed a farm that we always pass on that route. I always turn to look at it, I always close my eyes to invision all the secrets this old barn holds. The farm is home for an assortment of farm animals, the usual suspects, but yesterday for the first time I spotted these guys.........

Two Black Vultures

We passed without enough time to get a picture so I made the hubs go back. He didn't really want to but he never gives me a hard time, so he turned around. I told him I see Turkey Vultures (red heads) all the time but I have never seen these. I have a "nose" for these things, good thing I trust my instincts. My trusty resource book tells me these guys are a rare find in my area, New Jersey. "The Black Vulture can be found all year round in the south but is rarely seen in the north. It has legal protection under the 1918 Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Size 25 inches with a wingspan of 59 inches." Even though they aren't "pretty", they are grand in size and were quite a sight to behold.

one on top of the in flight......

on the roof of the barn.......

there is just something about this barn.......
old and mysterious,
the untold stories it must hold!!!!!

Good thing we didn't pick up ice cream
definitely would have melted!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."

Don't Play with Me!!!!!

I love White-Breasted Nuthatches. They seem friendly, they take their time eating and it seems they love to "strike a pose". I never have trouble getting great pictures of them....

like this one taken a few weeks ago!!!!!

But today was a different story. This little guy has been playing with me all morning. He won't leave and he won't pose.....I thought you might enjoy the sequence of pictures I took as he "played with me"!!!

I'm here....right behind the suet!!!!

I can do does this work for you
you better be quick!!!!!

and how about this.....

or the beauty of my back.....
do you like this!!!!!

So I'm done playing for today. Even though he thinks he won, I won....I actually ended up loving the shots. And just in case you did not known, nuthatches are the only birds that can climb headfirst down tree trunks. I knew that.....I did not have to look it up!!!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

10 Things You Might Not Know About Me!!!!!

1.   I am a nurse.
2.   I got married when I was 19 and have been married for 32 years.
3.   I have lived in the town where I was born for my entire life.
4.   I don't really like to cook, but I love to bake.
5.   I am addicted to scrapbooking.
6.   I am cranky when I am hungry....really cranky!!!!
7.   I am a little silly!!!!
8.   I can't drive BUT I really want to!!!!!
9.   I overdo everything.
10. I adore my two grown sons and my hubs!!!!!

and it's really hard for me to hit publish post without including a picture of something!!!!!

that's better......there I am
with the hubs!!!!!
now I'm happy!!!!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Looking Up.......

I have noticed recently, that I don't look "up" enough. My gait has become slowed  over the past few years, I have been forced to slow down and therefore I see more, I notice more, I look "up" more. It started because as I needed to stop, I wanted it to appear to others like I had stopped for a reason, that I was looking at something. The truth is I was resting and in doing that I realized that I was missing a lot. There is so much beauty all around us, that we often miss, we often overlook. Today, as you are out and about, look "up", it's a beautiful work of art!!!!!

Sooooo incredibly beautiful, all for free!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Daffodils from the Garden

Somehow "home grown" daffodils seem "prettier" and "smell better" then the ones I purchase. I am not really sure why. These are Gorgeous, with a capital G. I wish they came from my garden, but they didn't, they came from my neighbors garden. When I came home from shopping with mom and sis today, Helen was out and about and cut me this beautiful handful of daffodils from her garden. I am so glad she did as I have been eyeing them up. I have also had thoughts of sneaking out at midnight to cut some myself. Shameful I know, but in all honesty, it is the truth. I will have daffodils soon in my garden and I can't wait till mine bloom so I can share some with my wonderful neighbor. So, let's get to the pictures......

and the single bloom....takes my breath away!!!!

Thank you so much Helen, brought me joy!!!!  

Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!!!!!

My mom's birthday is on Tuesday but she and I had our special, alone celebration together today. The day started with "footacures", that's what Chuck calls them, I call them "heaven on earth". I love going for pedicures with Mom because she is a little "off balanced" and that makes it super fun. She usually has trouble getting into "the chair", always slides getting out of "the chair" and has been known to "step'" on other newly pedicured feet. There is also a story about her purse wiping out an entire table of pedicure products, we can never go back to that salon, not ever. Today she needed instructions from EVERYONE in the salon as to the proper way to get seated. Don't even get me started on picking out you have a few hours. And I'm also not going to mention that her polish somehow ended up on my toes, nope, not going to mention that. 

my gift for mom........

Mom and I........

love my Mom.......

happy feet.......

When we were done we got in the car and were disscussing where to go for lunch. My mom said "do you want to go and pick up your sister for lunch??" Well of course, I would love that, I replied, BUT she lives 8 hours from here, don't you think that's a little far?? But, to my surprise my sister was here, in town, at my moms, 5 minutes away!!! So we went and picked her up and went out for a fabulous lunch. We had so much fun, so many laughs!!!!! What a surprise. It was so awesome to see her!!!!!

the three of us.......

my mom and my sister Kathy!!!!
Love you girls!!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Beauty of Spring!!!!

I have been noticing that Spring comes, even as Winter refuses to leave. You can't stop Spring, it pushes through the earth with all it's beauty, grace and color, it appears like magic.

The Crocus, it's their time and they come, like clockwork
often sharing the garden with snow!!!

And the white hyacinth, replacing the snow, replacing Winter.

I am amazed at the beauty and detail of a tiny single bloom!!!

I received 4 comments on my post yesterday. That is the first time EVER and I am so grateful that you took the time to read my words and enjoy my pictures. Each of your blogs have inspired me!!! I did receive 3 comments once before, my 2 sons and my husband who have really helped and supported my love for preserving my life and memories through pictures. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Two Wonderful Pictures

I would like to share two wonderful pictures that were somehow overlooked on previous posts. Each has it's own separate story, time and place. Each picture at the time it was taken, brought me extreme joy with the thought of sharing them here. It's raining today and although I am not bored I have been inspired by so many blogs that I have visited and read throughout the day.

This picture was taken on March 18th
during our visit to Cape May.
A beautiful fish in the koi pond at Congress Hall.
What I love most about this picture is the reflection the tree casts on the water.
I do, of course, love the "pop"of orange!!!

This picture was taken on March 17th
on the beach at Spring Lake.
It's a Skate Egg Case
Also called Mermaid's Purse or Devil's Purse
It was moving so I did not pick it up,
but it fascinated me, so I took a glad I did!!!!
I was able to identify it with the Shell Guide I purchased!!!!

Another Gooey Butter Cake!!!!

Last night the hubs and I made Paula Deen Gooey Butter Cake together. We are getting better at working in the kitchen together which is really nice. When he helps, everything goes twice as fast. I have posted this recipe a few, many times in the past, but we really love it sooooo I am doing it one more time. I tend to use my tried and true recipes because often when I try new recipes, I am disappointed and then wish I had gone with one we already know we love. FOLLOW!!

I love a picture of all the wonderful ingredients.....
you will use both sticks of butter
and a whole box of confectioners sugar.....
sweet tooth IS required!!

Chuck's crust/base...

my filling...


gooey goodness!!
If you are interested in the recipe you can find it here:  Gooey Butter Cake
this is super simple and oh so delicious!!!!

Happy Baking!!

Treasures of the Sea!!!!

I grew up on the Jersey Shore where I spent most of my summer day's on the beaches in Seaside. I have been collecting sea glass since I was a child. I always found it more fasinating then shells and although I did pick up a shell or two growing up, my main obsession was sea glass. First things first, let me show you what I am talking about........


and this.

These 2 pictures equal the contents of that large glass bowl
that's a lot of sea glass,
all from my "growing up" years.
I found every single piece!

This dish which holds some of my favorite pieces.

I am still so facinated by the glass and because I have been going to the beach a lot lately,
of course I had to purchase this,

a book devoted to sea glass
isn't it beautiful!

On all my recent trips to the beach, Chuck and I search for hours for glass and are finding next to nothing. With recycling in the forefront of everyone's minds these days and so much awareness about trying to keep our oceans clean, perhaps we really are doing a better job at taking care of our earth. So, my eye has turned ever so slightly to shells...

Atlantic Slipper Shell
With it's concave shape and little seat inside
it's also known as the Boat Shell.

Fallen Angel Wing
Delicate and Collectible
A Rare Treasure

Blood Ark
Considered a Good Find, I love the fossil like impression in it.
Chuck found the piece of sea glass, it was definately the "find of the day.

Eastern Oyster's
Common Shell I found facinating
the one on the end left has purple in it!

Another common shell, found in a rainbow of colors
often at the shore line.

A little shell bowl I found in Cape May
filled with common shells, all found on the beaches in Spring Lake.

And of course....I did pick up a guide,

I was unable to find a book that worked,
this guide was exactly what I was looking for!
Did you think I just knew all of the above?