Saturday, March 5, 2011

Maiden Voyage!!!!!

Well not really voyage, more like spin. Maiden spin on the 2 wheels today and it was amazing.......

Chuck......Allaire Bike Path!!!!

me....I am actually moving in this shot!!!!!

the only one of us together.....
I am just not sure who set this up, but it is a nice shot of the red jeep!!!

very nutritious hot dogs and fries......
sooooo good, I am not sure why!!!!

my sweetie.......

we did not see any deer BUT we did enjoy seeing these.......

and did I mention this!!!!!!


  1. Hi there! Came over from LauraX's spot to say hello. You pulled me in with the shot of the nuthatch. I do love birdies... :)

  2. soooo nice to see you and excited that you joined. if you are a bird fan, check out the "My Feathered Friends" tab at the top of my blog. i took all the pictures, it's just a hobby, but i think many of them are lovely. thanks again for stopping by!!!! xo