Friday, March 11, 2011

Infusion Friday

Every fourth Friday the hubs and I make our way to CentraState Hopsital so I can receive my Tysabri infusion to treat my remitting/relapsing MS. Today was my Friday!!! Diagnosed in March of 2003, Tysabri is the 4th medication I have taken to treat my multiple sclerosis. Prior to this drug, all other treatments required self injecting the medication, everywhere from once per day to 3 or 4 times per week. Although these drugs had side effects, I was fairly diligent in taking them and had a positive attitude towards treating the disease. These drugs all failed me for one reason or another and were mostly ineffective. Tysabri has had an extremely positive effect on my MS and my well being in general. Administered in the hospital, because of drug reaction risks, today, I received my 41st infusion. Surrounded by amazing nurses, staff and doctors, I have actually started to enjoy my time in the infusion suite. I usually bake cupcakes for everyone but today I decided to bring cupcakes that my niece baked. I forgot my camera so I brought 2 home so I could share pictures here. She made one dozen chocolate and one dozen vanilla. She did an amazing job.......


surprise inside..........

If you have any cupcake needs, please keep her in mind. You can link to her amazing website here..... Cupcakes For Everyone

I won't be disappointed!!!!!!

After posting this I remembered that I had blogged about our new infusion suite. In can you missed that post way back when, you can read about it and view pictures here


  1. I'm glad that the infusion treatments are working well for you! I can only imagine how frustrating and painful the prior trials must have been... The cupcakes looks so cute!

  2. i'm so sorry to learn that your prior infusion treatments failed. but i'm glad that it's now working out for you! :-) and it is really so sweet of you to bring cupcakes for the hospital staff. i am a future doctor so i really appreciate patients who express gratitude by giving such pastries! such patients make us feel fulfilled and worth all the hardwork! take care and God bless! :-)

  3. i am doing really well, very grateful for the help and treatments available to me!!! the cupcakes were amazing....i always bring something, usually cupcakes to express my appreciation to the wonderful staff & other patients that i infuse with. everyone really enjoys them!!! xo