Thursday, March 17, 2011

Let's Go Fly A Kite!!!!

I am not sure why, but lately, I have been dying to fly a kite. When Chuck and I were dating we would often fly kites and I have some pretty amazing memories from then. I also think that as I am getting closer to the "finish line", I want to feel young. I don't want to be young, just feel young. So last night I picked out a kite and today we headed to the beach in Spring Lake to let her fly!!!!

the butterfly....up close!!!!

getting ready......

Chuck had to help!!!!!

for St. Patrick's Day!!!!!


she's up pretty high here......

soooooo fun!!!!!

my feet, in the water
it felt amazing!!!!!

Chuck and I......

So let's actually start at the beginning. The first stop of the day was The Spring Lake Pizzeria for some fried zucchini sticks. Next stop, The Scone Pony for cupcakes and cookies. The cupcakes are delish, the cookies even better. When I wasn't looking (I was actually taking pictures of ALL the goodies) Chuck bought a huge. chocolate fudge cookie. I never saw it until we got in the car. He starts eating it and says "do you want a piece".....I reply "no". He says "are you sure"...again, it's no. So we kick that around for a while (it's a big cookie) and I finally cave in and take a bite. Best change of heart, EVER!!! Kinda like a cookie, with brownie like deliciousness, best cookie I have ever eaten. We rode the bikes all the way around the lake in Spring Lake, all before heading to the beach to fly the kite. We had dinner at Spano's....I had the Shrimp Scampi..................

Shrimp Scampi
with a lil missing....
I got sooo excited, I started eating before I took the picture!!!!

Chicken Murphy
this is an action shot as well
Chuck had already enjoyed a few mouthfuls!!!!
I ate "most" of the potatoes out of it!!!
We rolled home and plopped on the couch!!!! Soon after we remember those cupcakes from The Scone Pony....they were delish. We actually went back for more cookies, but they were sold out!!!! They were closing up shop and insisted I take this.....
Jelly Donut muffin!!!!
It was NOT because I was sulking!!!!
and by the way.....

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